End of Year Baggy Awards

Persons of the Year
George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton

Similar to an SNL skit, what does a U.S. president do when he is in over his head? He calls on former presidents. The elder Bush is up there in age, and Clinton hasn’t been in the best of health, yet both put the past and differences aside and used their time and status to help with not only the asian tsunami but also the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. Bravo, men, bravo.

Best Game of the Year
USC vs Notre Dame

The winner would have been my beloved University of Texas Longhorns playing The Ohio State Buckeyes, but then came along the USC – Notre Dame game. It’s hard to beat the atmosphere at South Bend combined with the green jerseys and what was at stake for USC holding on to the number one spot and knowing the Irish’s knack for breaking great winning streaks. Not only did the lead change multiple times in the final quarter, but it when down to the last play of the game.

Biggerst FUBR
FEMA and Mike Brown

He did a heck of a job alright.

Biggest Death of the Year
Pope John Paul II

This was a tough one. Petter Jennings and Johnny Carson were folks people welcomed into their homes for about three decads and Rosa Parks changed history, but considering this Pope was someone that made it through Poland and the Nazis and then later saw communism fall as well as die with grace – just amazing.

Best Book I Read This Year aka The Only Book I Read This Year
Blue Like Jazz

Yes, I finally did finish it. Even though the cover is purple and not blue (which totally threw me off), I can’t believe how much I actually enjoyed reading this book. I truely felt it help me grow closer to Christ. What I liked best was that it showed me that there are people who follow Christ and don’t quite fit the mold. It helped me not only gain a greater appreciation of Christ, but of everyday people as well. Take a chance and read it. It is an ‘easy read’ as author Don Miller makes it a ‘fast read’ and it is only a little over 2oo pages.

Most Over-Rated Band of the Year
The Black Eyed Peas
They win for two reasons.
1. Their music isn’t really all that great and pretty generic.
2. Fergie isn’t all that good looking as others claim she may be.

Biggest Catch of the Year
A Catfish from Thailand

Most Annoying Person of the Year
Tom Cruise probably a close second, but at least he is entertaining. Paris Hilton somehow makes the news for doing nothing, and that just annoys me. But wasted talent and having Drew Rosenhause speak for you really annoys me.

Best Television Death of the Year
Shannon – Lost
Attractive, yes, but she was a tad bit annoying and I didn’t think her character was developing. I’m actually kinda happy she died. Addition by subtraction.

Television Show of the Year
The Office
All the reality shows kind lost their zing. Lost was good, but it’s hard to surpass the first season. The Office just delivered everytime and it probably the only show where I get that “I just can’t wait until it comes on” feeling. It does remind me of several folks at my work, but overall the show is just creative and hilarious.

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2 Responses to End of Year Baggy Awards

  1. Trinity13 says:

    I didn’t get to see the USC vs ND game, but I get to see ND play against my beloved Buckeyes in a few short days! Go Ohio State!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree with most of your choices. Amen on the Black Eyed Pea Brains. I hate them so much. I’d like to punch Fergie in her baby maker. WORD on the Office. Best show on t.v. I HEART, yes heart 🙂 it so much! Next week, Scrubs returns. Boo-yaa


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