Christmas Gifts For Conservatives

The George W. Bush Christmas Ornament
Only $49.95!

Looks like he’s got make-up caked on and I’m not sure what is up with the blue-dotted suit.

The Ann Coulter Talking Action Figure
Just $29.95

She actually recorded sayings just for this doll. Now Extreme Republicans can carry this little B with them wherever they go and annoy the free world even more!

If you ever wanted to send me a message that you wish to end our friendship, one of these would do the trick.

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7 Responses to Christmas Gifts For Conservatives

  1. Gabe says:

    Mr. Geeding does not hate conservatives or anyone else for that matter. He is a forward-thinking and open-minded person who will listen to all points of view. However, his not being a right-winger in no way means that he hates those who are. Since college I have witnessed most of his friends' being hard-line conservatives. For as long as I have known him, he has been in the minority, and yet he didn't forsake them because they differed from him. At times they have been quick to pounce on him for being different, however.

    And his being a Democrat does not automatically imply that he advocates abortion or stripping all mentions of Christmas for the sake of being PC.

    People run the gamut. There are pro-choice Republicans who are devout Christians, and there are pro-life Democrats who are atheists. Not everyone can be "programmed, categorized, or easily referenced."

  2. Anonymous says:

    You are an odd bird Mr. Geeding. How can you be such a religious man, always talking about Christ and church, etc., yet hate conservatives and bash the president. This is just something I have been pondering while reading the blog. It seems odd for religious folks, especially those whoe disuss it as much as you, to support the paty that supports abortion, and pushes for generic PC terms like “Holiday Tree” just to avoid using a religous term. (for the last several years, until this year the Christmas Tree in D.C. has been referred to as the Holiday Tree) I just don’t see liberals talk about Christ as much as you. Regardless of your voting habits, have a Merry Christmas!

    I love Bag of Nothing. I read it everyday. Stay Hard!

  3. Thanks for the comments, Gabe. I agree with them all.

    And regarding Mr Anonymous’ comments, I don’t hate Republicans, and I don’t recall ever posting anything in which I said anything regarding ‘hate’ and ‘Republicans.’ The last thing I want to do is portray hate. I do most certainly disagree with them on a majority of issues and enjoy pokomg fun at them.

    There are some great followers of Christ that are Democrat, such as Jimmy Carter and Billy Graham. That’s right, Billy Graham:

    Anywho, I will agree I’m an odd bird. Thanks for your comments, and many blessings to you and yours this holiday 😉 season.

  4. TeeCake says:

    Anonymous…..I can count on ONE hand….well, ONE FINGER (and I’ll pick the middle one) how many times GEORGE W. BUSH has actually said the name of JESUS CHRIST in public over the past 8 years…and that’s not counting the millions of times I’m sure he takes that name in vain in one of his megalomaniac-inspired cussing tirades. You don’t have to be a Republican to love God and live the Christian lifestyle. And being a Democrat doesn’t mean that you support the extreme leftist visions of a few of the party’s most visible members. And for the record, I’m neither a Republican nor a Democrat. The two-party system is broke…find an INDEPENDENT nominee and SUPPORT him/her in 2008.

  5. LittlePastor says:

    Don’t be so quick baggies to attach yourself to Mr. Jimmy Carter. While me might make you proud as a Democrat, he shouldn’t make anyone proud of being a Baptists! (And I’m not a Baptist, BTW.)

    And as a CHRISTIAN and a REPUBLICAN, my biggest beef is being categorized as being one way or another because of a my polictical affiliation. While Bags does bag on the Republicans quite a bit, I think the Republicans have opened themselves up to it. Can’t we all agree on that?

    And while their making a Ann Coulter doll, can’t they make a Pat Robertson doll that makes vain threats against coworkers or family members?

  6. brackula4 says:

    Maybe we could get an Al Franken doll and have the two fight to the death. Extreme zealots annoy me. On both sides. That is why I listen to The Ticket. Humor is so much more fun than deep hatred.

  7. Taking a tangent from the political talk, I remember going into the Baptist Bookstore in Abilene when I was in college. There was a John The Baptist action figure with ‘detachable head.’ I kid you not.

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