Cheetos Lip Balm

It’s made by New York, NY based Lotta Luv LLC.

Actually, Lotta Luv makes all kinds of co-branded lip balm products such as A&W Root Beer lip balm, Hostess Twinkie lip balm, or their Jelly Belly lip balms.

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3 Responses to Cheetos Lip Balm

  1. lauren romeo says:

    i want to buy this stuff! i cant find it any where but i see it all over. i am verry interested. can someone please help me find 4 of them so i can make a purches! i love cheetos and i need chap stick!

  2. Diana says:

    I think that they sell them at target. I don’t know about that cheetos balm but I had a cherry berry smoothie one and i loved it. Sometimes you accidently taste your gloss but that one tasted good!

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