A message to my buddy Gabe

Happy Birthday
and welcome to the
Three Decade Club.
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5 Responses to A message to my buddy Gabe

  1. Gabe says:

    Oh, man, now this is just sweet! I haven’t had any V8 in ages; the doc won’t let me have red juices because it’s hard to tell them apart from blood in the former tonsil area. Sheesh.

    Thanks, amigo. You are without a doubt the best.

    Love you, dude. (With standard disclaimer re: most Christian, heterosexual way possible.)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Is everyone you know turning 30? I’m due to turn 30 in March, any advice for someone leaving their 20’s behind forever?

  3. I guess I just keep in touch with my friends that were in my gradelevel, so that is why everyone I know is turning 30.

    As for advice, I got a whole bag of nothing . . . go figure. 😉

    You feel no different than you did when you were 29. I know there is something to be said of living three whole decades, so I guess if anything just reflect and reminisce on the good memories and challenges you have conquered. Then head into the rest of your life knowing that life can actually be pretty darn good. You get out of it what you put into it.

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  5. Turning 30 is weird to me, because it’s the one age I can remember my parents turning! Turning 30 comes early next year for me, and my 27 year old wife just won’t let it go!

    BTW -High School Class of 1994 Rocks! Doing More in 94!

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