A full-sized authentic stuffed horse on eBay

The last I checked, there were no bids.

View the auction here.

Here is the description:
This is a full-sized, authentic stuffed horse. Real animal hair, hooves, mane, tail. Stuffed in a very unusual position. Measures approximately 60″ x 36″ x 75″ Free standing, doesn’t need pedestal. Old style taxidermy, not done anymore. Highly unusual prop for stage or theatre, wonderful gift for horse-lover, conversation piece for living room, unique and rare. Chestnut color, black mane and tail. Front right leg is missing, approximately 3″. Some tears in skin – approximately 5-10, no longer than 1″. Two tears in back, approx. 8″. More pictures on request. Contact seller for shipping fees.

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One Response to A full-sized authentic stuffed horse on eBay

  1. Horsetrainer says:

    That is sick !!! Horse lovers would not want something like this. It is horrible.I am a horse lover showed it to some of my horsey friend and they were sicked by it. The horse looks so sad.
    Ebay sucks for allowing the sale of this in America!! Horses are friends not trophys.

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