Time to empty out the mail bag

– Are you aware your archiving does not work?
Yup, I’m just too lazy to fix it. If there is a demand to see my older posts, I’ll work on it, but for now I’ll just let it be.

– How were you able to get some video of the U2 concert?
– Those were some really nice pictures of the U2 concert. What kind of camera do you have?
I own a Sony DSC-H1 digital camera. It has a feature where I can record some limited video. It also has a 12X optical zoom, so that I one reason why I think the pics turned out so well.

– How did you get those U2 tickets? I tried but they were sold out in less than a minute.
I have a very good friend named Jimi that just gave them to me. Yes, I owe him big. If you are a single female Christian that is super hot and loves to laugh, I can probably hook you up because I’m sure you are his type.

– How did you and wifeGeeding meet?
We met at a Dallas Mavericks game. She was a Mav’s dancer and I had floor seats. After an aggresive dance step her glass eye came out and slid across the floor right in front of me. I picked it up, walked over to her, and said “Eye think you lost something.” Just kidding. But more or less we met at a Mavericks game when a group of us in our church singles group decided to attend.

– Did she know you were going to put that video and pictures of her popping her eye out online?
Yup, that’s reason 52,884 why she is so friggin cool.

– Boxers or briefs?
Why am I being asked?

– You mention Jon Stewart and the Daily Show a lot. Have you seen the Colbert Report?
Yes, yes I have. It too is greatness. He just gets on my nevers when he moves from the anchor desk to the guest table with his arms up in the air. Otherwise, it’s recommended viewing.

– Why do you have blogging issues about once a month. I use this website as the starting point of my day, and when hardly anthing is posted I’m disappointed?
I wish I had a good answer and I’m glad you make this website a part of your day. I don’t purposely break this thing. I think it’s more of a Blogger issue.

– Are you getting any more traffic to your website?
The most hits I have gotten on a workday in October was 2126, and the lowest was 233. There was a total of 1,120 hits back in August; 20,389 in September; and 15,772 for October.

– What was that frappr thing all about?
It’s just a way for visitors of my blog to tell me where they live and it places them on a map. I had a little over 30 visitors participate. I found it interesting that I have people outside of Texas visiting me. I also thought it was cool that I have people from Canada, the UK, South Africa, and Australia paying me a visit. If you haven’t put yourself on the map yet, feel free to sign up here.

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