More ‘Lost’ stuff – Two Tidbits

Tidbit 1

Remember the Hanso Foundation?

If not, here is a brief refresher from Wikipedia:
The Hanso Foundation, through its funding of the Dharma Initiative, was involved in the construction of a mysterious underground bunker on the “Lost” island, designated “Station 3” and also known as “the Swan.” This facility was originally designed to be a laboratory where scientists could study the unique electromagnetic fluctuations in that sector of the island.

Anywho, the first link in the Active Projects section of the Hanso Foundation website is now active and it leads to a press release celebrating the 105th birthday of an orangutan named “Joop”, also known as “experimental subject 626” in the “Life Extension Project”.

Tidbit 2
It’s hard trying to figure out what Walt has been saying to Shannon. You can listen to a clip of what he is saying here. A video of Walt talking can be found here. From what I have been reading, he is speaking backwards, and here are some of the iterpretations that I have found:
– “They’re coming and they’re close.”
– “don’t hit the button, the button is bad”
– And my favorite, “don’t follow me or some surly latin chick will shoot you.”

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