Christmas Lights Decoration Here In Texas

If you don’t get this, then I consider you normal and not a redneck.

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3 Responses to Christmas Lights Decoration Here In Texas

  1. Anonymous says:

    Has something been gutted? If so, gross.


  2. Omnivore says:

    Yep, that deer’s been gutted all right. Now he’s hanging to let the blood drain out while the hunter goes out to bag another one.

    The red beneath him is just blood draining out, not the guts… they’ll be a pile of white and red and pink and brown about the size of a pillow on your bed. Of course, if the deer was gutshot there’ll be green in there, too. I once gutted one with a stomach packed full of corn. It smelled nice, somewhat like silage.

    After he shoots another one, he’ll hang that one next to this one, then skin them after hunting hours are over (why waste time skinning when you can be shooting, right?)

  3. bobbi says:

    Where did you get this? or did you make it?

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