4 Responses to The new Supreme Court nominee has her own blog

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey BagHead, Interested in your Christian Liberal thoughts on Miers. Got any?

  2. Is it just me or does this lady have that Monica Lawinski look on her face?

  3. LOL!!!

    Now, that is FUNNY!

    My friend Bone says she looks like Palpatine from Star Wars. http://obix1.com/Off_Site/Palpatine-Saga.jpg

  4. don’t now much about her, but i do question anyone that has had a leadership position with the city of dallas.

    even though there have been judges on the supreme court without judicial experience, i prefer them to have some experience.

    i can understand any president nominating someone who is a friend. i think truman did that with his drinking buddy sam rayburn or whatever his name was. but i dont feel comfortable with the idea of him nominating someone so close to him. actually, i was surprised bush didn’t nominate Alberto Gonzalez. But maybe that is his plan: nominate a women just to make some people happy knowing she may not make it, and then nominating a minority like gonzo.

    but to answer your question about her, i really dont know what to think about her. not qualified i guess

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