FEMA Humor/Stupidity

A while back, Jon Stewart made fun of this graphic which is found on the FEMA website under the section “What We Do.”

“This chart, clearly depicting the agencies responsibilities in the event of a disaster….It begins with a response to a disaster, leads to recovery, mitigation, risk reduction, prevention, preparedness…(dramatic pause) and ends up BACK IN DISASTER! In truth, FEMA did exactly what they said they were going to do.” — Jon Stewart

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One Response to FEMA Humor/Stupidity

  1. Gabe says:

    Have you seen that series of pictures, called terrorism readiness or something, back from the 2001 era? Shows these pictures of how to act in an emergency, but these people rewrote the captions. I remember one in particular, something like, “If you’re exposed to radiation and have become a mutant, be sure to close the window. Nobody wants to see that shit.” Good times.

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