Words and Numbers From The Weekend

When driving to East Texas on Saturday late morning, we saw three charter buses on their way towards Dallas on I20. We knew where they were coming from, and the hell those passengers must have been through.

The number of military convoys we saw going east on I20 on our way back to the DFW area. Maybe about 30 vehicles per convoy. This was on Labor Day, probably a whole 5 days too late if you ask me.

On how our government has handled everything in New Orleans. Since 9-11 we have been preparing for what to do for the next national tragedy, please don’t tell me this is it.

On how to accept an apology.

Not having my own clubs to play golf.

The number of times I let out an explicative on the golf course.

The number of explicatives I said inside my head while playing golf.

The cheapest gas I could find over the weekend.

The last time OU lost a home opener in Norman. Oddly enough to TCU.

What will happen to Texas A&M in the football rankings after loosing to an unranked team.

Baby on the way that will make me an uncle again, from the in-laws side of course.

The number of wireless networks I have now created.

How I feel when all of wifeGeeding’s siblings and significant others are all around me.

Peerless Price is the new receiver for the Dallas Cowboys. I think this is very good for us Cowboy fans. When I update my rosters on my XBox for online play, the ‘Boys should be much better.

Current Events
The last thing I look forward to discussing or hearing about when I get back to work on Tuesday.

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