Tempting picture of the day

Since bag reader ‘DayByDay’ thinks I’m evil for teasing a link to click on to see a tempting/gross/ugly pic, I think I’ll start with a new segment call Tempting Picture of The Day.

Today’s picure is what happens when you run too fast and your leg gives way. It was given to me by bag read Darrik way back when.

You can view the pic here

Tempting, isn’t it. Muwahahahahaha.

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2 Responses to Tempting picture of the day

  1. This makes me never want to run again 😉

  2. yep you are pure evil!!!
    You have “stepped” out of line.
    You have now “ran” past the gross point.
    That picture makes me want to “hurdle”.
    I better “dash” to the trash can.
    You are sure to “walk” on people toes with that one.
    I think I’ll “sprint” out of here now.

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