Not sure if it OK to laugh at this, but I’m laughing.

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3 Responses to Not sure if it OK to laugh at this, but I’m laughing.

  1. bc says:

    Where is the LA Governor or the NO Mayor? Because they sure were not helping the poor, sick and elderly left behind in the city.

  2. Anonymous says:

    dude, you need to get a grip. someone is just trying to have a little fun with an obvious doctored photo and you are trying to protect your beloved president

    where were the LA gov and NO mayor you ask, begging the fed govt for help. hard to believe a president could just sit aside and allow such tragedy happen to so many people. besides trying to protect your president, can you just simply admit he should have initiated something earlier than what he did. it wasn’t solely his fault, but that of his administration. even if the local and state govt was a little slow (which I don’t think they were, they were busy asking/begging for help), it wouldn’t take much for him to say “hey, things look pretty rough, is there something the fed govt can do to help.” you people are a joke

  3. Anonymous says:

    it’s just a joke, take it easy.

    thanks for making me smile through this event, mr bag of nothing.

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