3 Responses to News for wifeGeeding who happens to be a Baylor Alum

  1. Gabe says:

    Yeah, we can’t have free thinking in any Baptist college. Remember, we trust our leaders to remove all traces of the outside world in private colleges–that way we’re totally shielded from the real world and therefore completely able to function in it. (?)

    And naturally, if you get one of said coffee cups, it clearly means that you agree with the gay agenda and that you actively promote it.

    No doubt Christ himself would rail against Starbucks for being so hideous and evil and hateful and wrong, huh. These so-called activist groups need to get a life. They don’t have enough to do, apparently.

  2. i thought the would be upset at the use of the word “damn”


  3. Gabe says:

    As long as you appropriately modify the spelling of any curse word, you bypass the sinning subroutine and you won’t have a black mark against you. You didn’t get the memo? 😉

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