More Bag of Randomness about Katrina

  • Yesterday one of those stereotypical very strong right winged Baptist folk came over to talk to me. He mentioned that he and his wife was talking the previous night about New Orleans. They said that all the destruction and flooding is probably a message from God, being that New Orleans is “sin city.” I wanted to comment back, but didn’t. How sad to have a frame of mind like that.
  • Someone else mentioned to me that he wasn’t surprised by seeing that almost all the looting and survivors were blacks. I justed sighed and didn’t comment back.
  • Personally, I think it is taking longer than it should to help a lot of the victims. I feel like I’m going from sad to mad. The perception of their organization skills to me is pathetic.
  • I’m hearing a lot from the national news about the victims of the hurricane are being bussed to Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas. Houston and SA seem really far away from New Orleans. Mapquest tells me that a trip from NO to Dallas is just under eight hours, as with NO to Houston. I wonder if any victims are being bussed to other nearby cities or states? But after looking at the map, I guess there really isn’t anywhere else to go.
  • I hear, and this may just be a rumor, that Houston is lobbying to get the Sugar Bowl. I know business must go on, but this sounded a bit callus.
  • I think I’ll be rooting for the Saints all this NFL season.
  • I think I’m really blessed and shouldn’t take it for granted.
  • I once heard someone talk about mission work. He said if you don’t go, then give. I want to apply that to the relief effort, if there is any relief effort.

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