Interesting Squirrel


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3 Responses to Interesting Squirrel

  1. My husband loves to feed the squarrels. He even has one that will sit on his lap and let him pet her.

    However I never saw one look like this.

  2. Lucy Stern says:

    Wow. Where did that snow come from. I want some.

  3. Anonymous says:

    What a beautiful squirrel. I feed the little creatures too.
    One of the squirrels lost his/her partner last year and subsequently wanted to move into our apartment. Kept trying to open the doorknob and come in. It was the first and only one that ever tried to communicate with me and make me understand her plight. As soon as it gets cold the squirrels reappear and now this problem child seems to have a friend again? It came up to the balcony with another one. Probably to show me her new partner.
    An animal lover

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