Instant Messaging Fun

Sometimes I have some interesting IM sessions with my friends. Here is one that may entertain you:

Friend hey keith
Geeding… hello my friend
Friend I just got back from Boston
Friend worst trip ever
Geeding… i’m sorry to hear that
Friend got on a plane at 3pm
Friend and didn’t land until 10pm
Friend it was crazy
Geeding… doesent’ sound fun at all
Geeding… but i guess that is why you make the big bucks
Friend we even had an unruley passenger on the plane
Friend who almost got the cr@p beat out of him
Geeding… WOW
Geeding… and sweet!
Friend he was sitting in the row behind me
Geeding… and you were the one that had to restrain him i bet. if not then say you did and entertain me
Friend okay, I did
Geeding… AWESOME!
Friend and put him in a jiu-jitsu choke-hold
Geeding… freaking a!
Geeding… did you hit him with a folding chair?
Friend no, there weren’t any nearby
Geeding… did you put him in a sleeper hold
Friend I did open up one of the overhead cabins and let the luggage fall on him
Friend yeah, a basic sleeper. Out in three seconds.
Geeding… that was after the iron claw, right?
Friend Yes, and then I followed it up w/ a sweeping crane kick to the ribs

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