Bone, Oreo, Gecko, and Football

  • Congrats to Bone for passing the 24. No, this is not a test about the TV series, but an NASD exam.
  • This is Oreo. I caught him playing with a gecko last night, or was the gecko playing with him last night? Either way, it was free quality entertainment.
  • I want to dislike Tom Brady, but I just can’t. Everything goes right for this guy and there is nothing just not to like about his attitude and work ethic, and Bone and Jimi have him on his fantasy team.
  • For all of you that have nothing to do on Saturday night and if you know the location of Geeding Manor, feel free to stop by and watch the University of Texas and The Ohio State University football game. Kickoff is about 7:00 PM. These are my two favorite college football teams, so I have mixed emotions. I guess a third favorite college football team would be Nebraska.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes, praying and guessing do pay off.


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