A nice weekend it was . . .

I can basically sum up this weekend in two words, rest and football.

This was one of those weekends that I truely didn’t have any agendy, no chores to finish, just stimply kick back.

We’ll start off with college football. Now, I’m not really a college football fan, but this season is sucking me in.

Saturday had a great game between Notre Dame and Michigan. ND hasn’t been a good time for about a decade, and things are just more interesting when they are in the mix. They walked into Michigan and actually won, and that isn’t an easy place to win. 2-0 on the year, and both those games were on the road.

Later that night was the #2 ranked University of Texas at the #4 ranked The Ohio State University. These are my two favorite football teams, they are playing against each other for the first time, and it was hard to pick a team to root for – although I think I was more of a UT fan this time around. Regardless of who had the higher score at the end, this game was probably one of the best I’ve watched and had the same feel of a bowl game. The Ohio State University receiver #4 Santonio Holmes is going to be a stud, the guy has some exceptional hands. UT won the match, and Vince Young is one heck of a player. Not only was the game great, but I actually had some great friends come over to watch the game which made the experience even better. The only downer of the evening was that the game wasn’t in HD.

During the game, wifeGeeding’s best friend came over and showed off her new car. It is SWEET, a hard top Mercedes black convertable that has 380 horse power. I was salivating just looking at this thing.

And then it was Sunday. We went to the early church service and then my mind was focused on the NFL. This was my first year having the NFL Ticket, and this year you can watch all the games in HD. The NFL Ticket has gotten better, it has one channel that changes everytime a team enters the red zone and another channel that shows all games at one time – not to mention every game in HD. Pure greatness. The best part was my beloved Cowboys winning. Such a great game, and a needed confidence builder to start the season. Our free agency signing could be paying off.

The only bad part regarding football this weekend was my fantasy football team. I should have just had dogGeeding making my picks for me. Why the heck did I think Daunte Culpepper could flourish without Randy Moss? Why the heck did Larry Johnson have to score that touchdown beside Priest Holmes? How the heck did San Francisco score all those points on the Rams defence? Hopefuly I haven’t dug myself into too deep of a hole to start the season.

I’ll end with this college football thought from Jimi:

– TCU beat OU, which means TCU is better than OU.
– SMU beat TCU, which means SMU is better than OU and TCU.
– Baylor has beaten SMU, which means Baylor is better football team than SMU, TCU, and OU.

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