I’ll start this Monday morning by simply saying, thanks.

I’m not one for really being in the spotlight, it make me feel a tad uncomfortable. But knowing wifeGeeding put a lot of time and effort into this ‘surprise’ party, it meant a lot to me that you attended. I know parties in which a bunch of strangers get together is an invitation to awkwardness at times, but all of you warmed my heart for sacrificing your time. Other than the awkwardness and me calling Kelly, Allison, I thought it went well.

Some nice highlights:
– Jimi letting Oreo lick him to death.
– Cornflakes.
– Everyone getting to see my mom. She is short, so you may have missed her.
– My mother-in-law stopping by before the party.
– Seeing the cake almost melt.

Here are some pics if you are interested:

Happy Monday.

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