Bless her little heart.

Long story short, I know about the surprise birthday party wifeGeeding was plotting. Gob bless her, she was trying so hard and her heart was broken when I accidentally discovered what was happening. My precious wife just started to ball and such, and don’t think I wasn’t touched by this act of love.

On top of that, someone from Sylvan called in and they asked her to work last night. She really didn’t want to work last night. She found out she was going to have to work from 4-8, and on top of that, she was going to have to work with the older kids, something she really does not enjoy – she prefers the little tikes.

So last night when she was at work, I thought I would do some plotting. We haven’t had dinner on our new dining table as of yet, so I thought I would surprise her with a nice little candle-lit dinner. I think that made her day, along with the massage I gave her.

On to another topic, Sean Ryan of the Dallas Cowboys is one of my across the street neighbors. I talked to his wife Liz yesterday and she mentioned his broken foot. Parcells is not the kind of coach that pampers the injured, he actually makes practice harder for the injured (nothing to stimulate the injury of course) so to encourage others to not to get hurt or play through the pain. Since he broke his foot, Sean has lost eight pounds.

Well, that’s it for now. Look forward to seeing some of you folk tomorrow.

Happy Friday Everyone.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You’re such a turkey for finding out! You and the Las Colinas Post Office!!


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