Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, February 19, 2019

  • I like to think I stay well-informed of current events and significant matters related to my state and family’s well-being, but I never heard of the Texas Department of Insurance until last night’s ‘CBS Evening News‘ – “The Texas Department of Insurance sets up mediations between insurance companies and out-of-network hospitals to resolve surprise medical bills.”
  • WifeGeeding is reading the 2014 New York Times #1 bestseller The One & Only, a novel by Emily Giffin. The book is fiction but includes a lot of Dallas references, but none more notable to me than something TICKET related:
  • Texas insurance surprise bill CBS news
  • Non-Spoiler True Detective tidbits:
    • This Vanity Fair article states eagle-eyed viewers would have caught a glimpse of the actor who played the shadowy billionaire owner of Hoyt Foods.
    • This other Vanity Fair article compares the fictional chicken tycoon and with his the real-life inspiration, Tyson Foods C.E.O. Don Tyson, also of Arkansas.
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Bag of Randomness for Monday, February 18, 2019

  • BoyGeeding turned seven-years-old on Saturday and had a Minecraft themed birthday party that WifeGeeding put together in the most imaginative and excellent of ways. Since a lot of the party occurred in our backyard, I was required to do yard work for the first time this year to spruce things up.
  • The popular toy with BoyGeeding and friends are Beyblade Burst top spinners. They use a plastic strand with alligator teeth to get them spinning in a plastic tub, the last one to stop spinning wins. Spinning tops seem like such an antiquated toy, but it’s neat to see how toy companies have made them cool again.
  • DaughterGeeding has a brave soul and I hope she doesn’t lose it. She and a friend entered their school’s talent show by writing their own rap song and performing it. It was an afterschool event and I’d say there were close to three hundred people in attendance when you include parents. She didn’t seem to be nervous. It cracked me up she asked for my sunglasses before we got out of the car.
  • That talent show was held inside a gymnasium. Sitting on bleachers for about two hours will test your back. It wasn’t easy but it gave me an idea of what additional muscles I need to strengthen.
  • Most people call today’s federal holiday as “Presidents Day”, but the official designation of the federal holiday observed on the third Monday of February is, and always has been, “Washington’s Birthday”. So, with Washington in mind, I thought I’d share this shower thought from Reddit – Due to coin flips, George Washington still makes decisions to this day.
  • – Sen. Angela Paxton files bill that would allow her husband, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, to issue exemptions from securities regulations
  • Florida – Inmate saves baby from locked SUV using his car theft skills
  • Not too long ago I mentioned Wade Phillips wearing his father’s old jacket. I guess old jackets are the new thing because Steph Curry recently pulled it off. I’m certain I had the same jacket. I wonder if he and his father had matching sets and his father kept his, or if he had it specially made.

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Bag of Randomness for Friday, February 15, 2019

  • I suppose the people of the Middle Ages once referred to another period of time as the Middle Ages.
  • Dallas Y’all is most popular choice for XFL Dallas franchise (so far)
  • – . . .  every single photo on the site has been created by using a special kind of artificial intelligence algorithm called generative adversarial networks (GANs). Every time the site is refreshed, a shockingly realistic — but totally fake —picture of a person’s face appears. – Full Article
  • – Amazon Will Pay a Whopping $0 in Federal Taxes on $11.2 Billion Profits
  • Strands of History is a company which makes cool looking stuff from the original Golden Gate Bridge vertical suspender ropes. I was impressed with this table.
  • I wish I was aware of TCM’s 31 Days of Oscar when it started at the first of the month, I would have watched a lot of movies I’ve always wanted to watch but never got around to.
    • It’s time for another installment of TCM’s annual tradition of 31 Days of Oscar, where we celebrate Oscar season through a series of films that have been either nominated or awarded the esteemed ranking of “best” in its respective category.
    • Hitchcock’s Lifeboat will be on tonight. I remember watching in some sort of history of cinematic film class in college. The film is unique in that Hitchcock staged the whole film on a single lifeboat, as a number of shipwreck survivors try to stay alive. Because of the setting, many wondered how Hitchcock would make his cameo. Well, he did it by appearing on a newspaper which was on the boat.
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Bag of Randomness for Thursday, February 14, 2019

  • That’s BoyGeeding about to get two cavities filled while watching some sort of Lego cartoon on a television mounted on the ceiling.
  • The downstairs heating unit at GeedingManor died. Luckily, the defective part was covered by the manufacturer’s 10-year warranty which will expire this August. All I had to pay was a $59 labor charge, I was told the parts would have cost over $1,500.
  • The “Opportunity” rover on Mars appears to be dead. Its mission and landing were amazing and straight out of science fiction, sending back data for 15 years when it was only expected to do so for 90 days. In all, it traveled 28 miles on the Martian surface. To put into perspective how much time has passed and how much we’ve advanced in technology, when it landed on January 25, 2004, Facebook would not be created until a month later and YouTube would not get its first video upload for more than a year.
  • ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’ was used as a Netflix data mining experiment to help their algorithm “better recommend tailored content to individual viewers”
  • Push to include contractor back pay in funding deal hits GOP roadblockI had hoped my fellow federal contractors would receive some back pay from the government shutdown but that doesn’t appear to work out. Maybe a compromise could be worked out, that they at least get a quarter or half of the pay they missed out on.
  • Can’t fool this 94-year-old-man, but it helps to have connections – Telephone scam artist picked the wrong target — former FBI and CIA director William Webster
  • Trump spent $50K on golf simulator for White House
    • I have zero problems with this and it will be a perk future presidents will use, and it’s reported he paid for it himself. However, it does remind me of a bit of golf-related presidential trivia about the floor of the Oval Office.
      • The original floor was made of cork. However, Dwight Eisenhower was an avid golfer and destroyed the floor with his golf spikes. Lyndon Johnson had the cork floor covered in the mid-1960s with wood-grain linoleum.
      • And a bit more on Ike and those golf spikes – He frequently carried a club in the Oval Office, taking swings while dictating to his secretary. Many afternoons, he would grab his wedge, 8-iron and putter and retreat to the South Lawn for some practice. “I remember that he would be sitting at his desk when the last visitor went out the door.” said David Eisenhower, the president’s nephew. “He would slowly put on his golf cleats and his cap, take off his coat and wander into the backyard to putt.”Eisenhower’s successor, John F. Kennedy, was astonished to find many spike marks in the floor of the Oval Office, leading from the desk to the double doors that opened to the green.
  • Dallas, Washington, D.C. Top List of American Cities Plagued the Most by Mosquitoes
  • I’m not sure I ever had a good experience at a Taco Cabana.
  • The former Apple lawyer who was supposed to keep employees from insider trading has been charged with insider trading
  • The Los Angeles Times decided to do a french fry power ranking. There are bad french fries, but I don’t think there’s an ultimate fry. Some days I want them crispy, other days saltier, and on others, I may want them thin or thick. I was surprised the West Coast paper rated In-N-Out fries so low. They certainly aren’t the best, but you can request them “well-done” which makes them a bit better.
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And I thought DFW had a bunch of McMansions

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Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, February 12, 2019

  • “Bono” the Havanese has won the toy group at the Westminster Dog Show. The Havanese is the national dog of Cuba and the breed has never won Best In Show but gets a chance to tonight at Madison Square Garden. DogGeedingII is a Havanese and was a gift from DaughterGeeding’s godmother. I can’t help but root for Bono tonight.
  • Like everyone else, we watched the documentary Abbducted in Plain Sight airing on Netflix and our jaws dropped at everything like everyone else. After a third of the way in you can’t believe you hit peak craziness only to find there’s much more to go.
  • “At some point in every story, I wanted my reader to think, ‘I didn’t know that.’ If I accomplished that, I succeeded as a writer that day.”
    • That’s from Rick Gosselin’s last column as a regular columnist for the Dallas Morning News. That about sums what I try to do with this blog.
  • Things I did not know about Joe Namath (from yesterday’s Peter King article):
    • He threw 47 more interceptions than touchdowns.
    • He Namath was the first man ever to throw for 4,000 yards in a season—he did it in 1967, in a 14-game season, and no quarterback did it again till after the league moved to a 16-game season 11 years later.
  • Red Cashion is dead. NFL fans of the Nineties should easily remember the NFL referee for his charismatic first down calls. He seemed to ref a lot of Cowboys games and was so popular John Madden had him do voice work for his video game.
  • The Houston Chronicle and The San Antonio Express-News are running a three-piece investigation series on sexual misconduct in the Southern Baptist churches, examining federal and state court databases, prison records and official documents from more than 20 states and by searching sex offender registries nationwide. The last past comes out today.
  • Marina Amaral is a digital colorist living in Brazil. She restores and colorizes black and white photographs and a good follow on Twitter. This photo she does of Abraham Lincoln is a bit haunting and too lifelike.

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Bag of Randomness for Monday, February 11, 2019

  • I may have stated this before, but, anytime I hear someone say, “Here we are . . .” I start to sing in my head, ” . . . face to face, a couple of Silver Spoons.
  • WifeGeeding has a friend who recently gave birth to twins, one vaginally and one by cesarean. Recovery for just one type of delivery is hard enough. Heck, mothering just one child after birth is hard enough.
  • I was surprised to see professional football on CBS Saturday night, and it was actually entertaining. It was one of the inaugural games for the new AAF – Alliance of American Football. This was nowhere on my radar, though I have heard of the XFL making a comeback. For a sport I keep hearing is dangerous and on the decline in terms of participants in youth leagues (at least to ‘HBO Real Sports’), it sure does seem widely popular.
  • This AAF might have a chance at succeeding.
    • It knows its place and doesn’t want to take down the NFL. The league allows its players to accept call-ups to the NFL and vice versa.
    • It beat the XFL to market and will have games not only broadcast after the NFL season on CBS, but games will also be televised on the NFL Network.
    • With the exception of the Salt Lake City team, all ten teams are located in the southern part of the U.S.
    • Franchises get dibs on players who went to colleges nearby.
    • There are no extra points, teams have to go for two after a touchdown.
    • There are no kickoffs. Teams start possession on their own 25-yard line. Onside kicks are replaced by one fourth-and-12 play on the team’s own 28-yard line.
    • Overtime is similar to the college game except each team gets the ball on the 10-yard line and aren’t allowed to kick field goals.
    • The officiating crew includes a ninth referee who sits in the booth and constantly reviews game action. That ref has the power to make calls or overturn penalties and the audience gets to listen in on the decision making.

  • According to former sports reporter Darren Rovell, the top paid strength coaches in college are:
    1. Chris Doyle, Iowa, $725K
    2. Micky Marotti, Ohio State, $675K
    3. Craig Fitzgerald, Tennessee, $625K
    4. Joey Batson, Clemson, $600K
    5. Scott Cochran, Alabama, $585K
  • Retired Texas Rangers great Micheal Young went on a playful Twitter rant about his dislike for the Kevin Costner flick For Love of the Game. He also let it be known his hotel alias was “Micheal Corleone”.
  • ‘CBS Sunday Morning’ had a segment on loneliness and one man who decided on his own not to speak to another human for 17-years, though he said he had about four slipups during that time. For instance, he stated he bumped into someone at the grocery store and said, “Excuse me.” I remember the late, great Larry Hagman used to do something similar, not speaking a word for one day, either weekly or monthly. The story also stated that those who are most engaged in social media tend to be the most lonely.
    • That person who went 17-years not speaking also had this to say:
      • “I climbed a mountain, and at this bottom of this mountain I was lonely. And on the way up, I found that, ‘No, you’re not lonely. You’re just alone.’ It just turned into solitude. And solitude was something that you craved, you wanted, you looked for.”
        • I used to speak about and encourage solitude to my closest friends. I’d support my reasoning stating that even Superman had a Fortress of Solitude, and despite all his powers, he too needed to get away from it all, unplug, and get to know himself. But then I’d follow that up with scripture – Psalm 46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God.”
  • The Dallas Stars are doing a cool thing which I don’t think gets enough publicity. They had a two-game road trip and the players brought along their mothers so they can experience a bit of what life is like as a professional hockey player. They had a similar event with their fathers before.
  • The upcoming Captain Marvel movie will be released in March and in a great bit of marketing, the film’s website looks like it’s from the Nineties, the time period in which the film takes place.
  • Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota announced her presidential bid to an outdoor crowd in Minneapolis. Here’s a picture of her at the start and end of her speech.
  • This looks mighty peaceful. Just looking at it I can hear the skates scrape the ice and feel the cold wind hit my face with that feeling I’m about to take flight.


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Bag of Randomness for Friday, February, 8, 2019

  • In the image above, I love the defiant use of Comic Sans. “It’s a bold strategy Cotton. Let’s see if it pays off for him.”
  • sent me an email stating my ethnicity estimate has updated from the DNA test I sent them in October 2017. I’m exactly half-Asia, but still not sure if it’s the left or right half. I’m now less Irish, but I still love U2. And, I’m still not as German as Prussian as I thought I’d be, a long while ago I heard that’s where us Geeding folk originated.
    • We have better tools for telling regions apart, especially closely related regions like Ireland and Great Britain. We also have 16,000 reference samples now instead of 3,000, which helps screen out less-likely regions.

    • Even though that above image shows the percentage change, here’s the original results.
  • While watching the State of the Union the other night, I wondered when the carpet in the House Chamber was last replaced, which was back in 2014. The article provided an interesting tidbit of how bad the carpet and chamber smelled when chewing tobacco was popular and spittoons were plentiful.
    • As the House of Representatives blog recalls, the condition of the carpets became so gross as a result that Charles Dickens called the House “the headquarters of tobacco-tinctured saliva”…and an 1895 report on the sanitary conditions of the Capitol complained about the spittoons that “would not be tolerated in the barroom of a mining camp.” The report also characterized ventilation on the House floor as “the straining of air through shafts coated with carpet lint, and charged with the vilest of vile matter from the throats and lungs of over 400 people”, a condition the author, George Washington Shell, said posed a real problem. As he noted, “the danger to the life of those who breathe that air can not be overestimated”.
  • The madness in Virginia politics and old yearbook photos won’t stop. It’s amazing how long all of it has taken to surface, but image what politicians of the future will have to battle with all their social media history. Maybe the mountains of data teens willingly post will be too much to search through, but then again, AI will probably narrow that down right fast. But then again, perhaps deep fakes and created content will be indistinguishable from anything authentic.
  • I guess we’ll be seeing bluebonnets in about a month, maybe I’ll plan a road trip to the Hill Country.
  • Smart kid

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Bag of Randomness for Thursday, February 7, 2019

  • I’ve never wanted a mug so much in my life.
  • My favorite cereal is Cap’n Crunch’s Peanut Butter Crunch. However, it was recalled back in November due to a potential presence of salmonella. I haven’t been able to find it on shelves since and I’m going through withdrawals. The company did answer my tweet asking for an ETA, but they didn’t provide an ETA. In the meanwhile, I’ve supplemented my cereal intake with Honey Combs and Golden Grahams.
  • I’ve only had milk with my cereal once in my life. It happened a Saturday morning during a ‘Super Friends’ commercial break in which I saw some kid do it, it may have been Mikey. I simply have never been a fan of milk, even as a child. I thought it was weird drinking any bodily fluids, but my taste buds reasoned ice cream was perfectly fine.
  • I never thought about it before, but it appears a lot of folks use Easy-Off oven cleaner to remove paint, decals, window tint, and other stuff.
  • Is it unmasculine to sit with one foot tucked under the other leg? I do this often and probably causes poor spinal alignment. Usually, it’s the right foot tucked under the left thigh. This all came about after looking up Cal Ripken Jr. stats and landing on November 2009 post on a quilting message board.
  • For you readers out of state, a lot of us Texans have been running our air conditioning units this week.
  • Those Virginia state Democrats need to get this S together. Sheesh.
  • I’ve really enjoyed watching the ESPN ’30 for 30′ on Deion Sanders, but still haven’t finished it. It’s always neat to look back on things with double the life experience and realize how my initial perceptions were mostly emotionally based and how I tried to discount his feat of playing two professional games in two different sports in a 24-hour period. So far, the coolest thing, which I never put together, was the time he was a Yankee and they played against the Royals and Bo Jackson. Both combined for four home runs. Bo hit three out of the park. Deion scored on an inside-the-park-homerun, which was almost stopped by a diving Bo Jackson who separated his left shoulder on the play. That’s so neat, how those two two-sport athletes were connected on such an amazing play.
  • With former Dallas Cowboys assistant coach Wade Wilson passing away last week and this Deion Sanders ’30 for 30′, I’m reminded of a piece of advice Wilson gave Chan Gaily, at least I think it was Gaily. I can’t recall the player, he could have been on the roster or someone the team was thinking about getting, but the Cowboys were considering having him play both offense and defense, but Wilson said it wasn’t until Deion started to play receiver more often that the toe problems and injury started. At the time, I thought it was pretty insightful of Wilson.
  • I also forgot how good Deion was in that 92 World Series. He had a team-high eight hits with 15 at-bats, a Series-high .533 batting average, and five steals on five attempts.
  • In case you were wondering who was that girl in the NFL 100 Super Bowl commercial,  it was Sam Gordon, a viral-video football star of a few years back.
    • As a 9-year-old, she throttled the competition in an almost all-boys tackle league, scoring 35 touchdowns, amassing almost 2,000 rushing yards on 232 carries and, just to round out her game, making 65 tackles. She’s since worked with her father to help create an all-girls tackle league. At last year’s Super Bowl, she won the NFL’s first “Game Changer” award, honoring people who seek to move football forward.
  • Cookie Monster did a Reddit Ask Me Anything yesterday to promote a chance to eat cookies with him and Oscar the Grouch in an effort to raise money for charity. I donated in hopes of winning, it’s always been a dream to interact with Muppets. I thought this was his most creative and funny answer to a question.
  • The main child actors of ‘The Wonder Years’ had a reunion yesterday. I always got a kick out of that urban legend that the child actor who played “Paul” grew up to be Maryiln Manson.
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Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, February, 6, 2019

  • Shepherd’s pie is back in season at Costco. However, it no longer comes in a rectangle container but in an actual pie container and with real pie crust.
  • The only two pies I’ve ever eaten is shepherd’s and chocolate. I’ve never been fond of fruit, and as such, never been tempted to try apple, cherry, blueberry or any related pie. I’m not a fan of sweet potatoes or pumpkins, so I have no reason to try those pies. I do like pecans, but the look and smell of pecan pie is unappealing to me. At this stage of life, I have no desire to try them or add another item to an already unhealthy diet.
  • To answer your Book of Mormon questions – if you are easily offended, don’t even consider going. I have a high tolerance for this sort of stuff and it entertains me. The play is clever and inventive, anything crude or vulgar is done for more than simple shock value. It’s not for everyone, and it was funny seeing a small number of septuagenarians and octogenarians. They either had no idea what they were getting themselves into or very chill.
  • I read that President Trump spent five hours rehearsing and editing his speech. He’s well known for not doing a lot of preparatory work, and he considers it one of his strengths, so I’m not sure if I’m surprised by that number.
  • I saw Buzz Aldrin was at the State of the Union last night, it looked he wore his necktie short to compensate for the president’s typical long ties.
  • I can’t find it a GIF or video of it right now, but there was a real ‘House of Cards’ moment when the camera feed showed the back of the president who then turned around and looked at the camera with a head nod. Well, he was actually looking at VP Pence, but it was just like a scene with the president breaking the fourth wall.
  • In case you didn’t know, last night’s designated survivor was Energy Secretary and former Gov of Texas, Rick Perry.
  • The timing of this photograph cracked me up.
  • President Trump has a drinking problem.
  • Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) is brought a custodian who works in the Russell Senate Office building to the State of the Union address Tuesday night as his guest.
  • My old DVR used to tell me when a show or movie was originally aired or released, which I miss. My new DVR will tell me if a show or movie is airing for the first time but not that other piece of fun detail. First world problem, yo.
  • 3d map of crime incidents in Dallas in 2018 
  • Janie’s House – Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler opens home for abused women in TN
  • I enjoy listening to “The Takeout”, a podcast hosted by CBS News Chief White House Correspondent Major Garrett. It’s mostly casual political talk recorded over a meal at a Washington, D.C. restaurant. Recently, his guest was Dr. Barry Black, Chaplain of the U.S. Senate, and I thought it was worth a link. Whether or not you believe such a position is warranted, I think he’s an interesting and accomplished man:
    • He’s the first African American and the first Seventh-day Adventist to hold the office.
    • He served for over 27 years in the United States Navy Chaplain Corps, rising to the rank of rear admiral (upper half) and ending his career as the chief of chaplains of the United States Navy.
    • He earned three separate Master of Arts degrees in divinity, counseling, and management. Black also holds two earned doctorates: a Doctorate of Ministry and a Ph.D. in psychology.
    • He attended a lot of schools – He is an alumnus of Oakwood University, Andrews University, North Carolina Central University, Eastern Baptist Seminary, now known as Palmer Theological Seminary, Salve Regina University, and the United States International University, now known as Alliant International University.
    • Black is a vegetarian. He has said, “that is not something that is a test of fellowship in my church. I’m a vegetarian because I grew up that way and I believe it’s a – it’s a rather healthy lifestyle.”
  • Deadspin has a new article on Baylor – How Baylor Happened. I didn’t read it and have no idea if there is any new information, but the article does look lengthy so I’m guessing there’s something new. Maybe it’s because their former head football coach and major league asshole is interviewing for a new job to bring him back into college football. I think the former Baylor AD left for Liberty, I’m sure they’ll take him without blinking.
  • As soon as they turn 18, members of North Carolina’s Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians become eligible to receive a check that can reach into the six figures. – What do you do when you’re young and suddenly flush with cash?
  • Cosmopolitan has an article about author Joshua Harris and his old book I Kissed Dating Goodbye, standard reading for any evangelical youth or college kid in the late Nineties, as I was one of the many.
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Bag of Randomness for Monday, February 4, 2019

  • I have no problem calling Bill Belichick the greatest coach of all time, he coached through several eras and adapted and conquered. However, I can’t say Tom Brady is the greatest QB of all time. I will concede he is the greatest QB of his era, and it’s not at fault for that. His era of football restricts defense and protects the quarterback, he’s never had to endure the punishment like a Steve Young or John Elway. It’s a different game, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.
  • That Super Bowl halftime show was as disappointing as I expected. In all seriousness, I predict next year’s Super Bowl halftime show will be a WWE event.
  • WifeGeeding and I watched “The Book of Mormon” a few nights ago.
    • That was the loosest or most relaxed or carefree theater crowd I’ve ever seen.
    • As a product of inter-racial marriage, I tend to notice inter-racial couples, and I’ve never seen so many in one place before.
    • As we left the venue, real Mormons were outside handing out materials about their church.
    • The Music Hall at Fair Park is going through a renovation, and it’s about time, it’s sadly outdated and stuffy and depressing inside, it’s one of the least Dallas-like venues out there.
  • Not too long ago, I taught BoyGeeding a “trick” when adding eights and nines (take
    two/one less that number and put a one in front of it). His teacher informed us he wanted to share it with his class and asked to go to the board and demonstrated it, and in doing so, was “very professional” about it.
  • BoyGeeding’s seventh birthday is two weeks away. A few weeks ago, WifeGeeding asked BoyGeeding about planning a party, just to get an idea of what he wanted, but didn’t make any solid plans. He must have been pretty excited about it. The next day, he made invitations and handed them out to his classmates. At the top of the invitations, he wrote, “What it is: invitation birthday party” and at the bottom, WifeGeeding’s phone number. That evening, WifeGeeding received several texts from parents about the “unofficial invite”.
  • When I was a kid in the Eighties, I thought commercial airliners would look different and cooler on the outside.
  • For the first time in history, the U.S. Navy conducted a flyover using all female pilots on Saturday to honor of Capt. Rosemary Mariner, a retired Navy pilot who died last week.
  • Bob Parker, the president of the National Peanut Board, has a grandson who has allergic to peanuts.
  • Usain Bolt casually ties the NFL scouting combine’s 40-yard dash record in sweatpants
    • At the 2019 Super Bowl Experience on Saturday, Bolt unofficially tied the NFL scouting combine’s 40-yard dash record with a 4.22 rumble.
    • What makes things even more wild is that Bolt appeared to slow up at the end, in part because he was going to run into a padded barrier.
  • “You never know who you are until you encounter what you are not.”
  • The Wall Street Journal Bud Light made the ultimate sacrifice in its “Game of Thrones” Super Bowl ad: Inside one of the boldest marketing tie-ins ever orchestrated
  • Undoubtedly, the best part of the Super Bowl halftime show.

  • I like this GIF of the current North Star, Polaris. I say current because back in the year 3000 B.C., the North Star was a star was Thuban (also known as Alpha Draconis), and in about 13,000 years from now, Vega will be the North Star.
  • Wade Phillips, again, wearing the jacket and hat to honor his father, Bum.

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Bag of Randomness for Thursday, January 31, 2019

  • This picture is from BoyGeeding and DaughterGeeding’s baptism. I get a kick out of how WifeGeeding and DaughterGeeding will purse their lips when they are a bit nervous, like they were when all eyes were on us standing in front of the church congregation. In case you are wondering, I was up there as well, I cropped myself out so you could better see what I’m referencing. Other pics of the baptism if y’all are interested – Pic1, Pic2, Pic3, Pic4, Pic5
  • Often times in television and film, medical doctors will consult with their patients sitting behind a desk in an office setting, not an exam room. Does this ever happen in real life?
  • BaD Radio interviewed Bill Romanowski yesterday. Going into it, all I could think was how much I despised the guy, but dang it, in the middle of it he won me over. He’s not the same person he was when he was younger. None of us are. I often find myself at fault for judging people based on how they acted decades ago. To quote another great athlete, “I guess what I’m trying to say, is that if I can change, and you can change, everybody can change!”
  • Patrick Stewart teases return of Jean-Luc Picard, says new ‘Star Trek’ series ‘is a 10-hour movie’
  • Two of my favorite foods – brisket and chicken-fried steak. However, I don’t think I’d like chicken fried brisket.
    • Some argue that brisket is sacred, but a Garland smokehouse is shaking things up. Behold Intrinsic Smokehouse’s “chicken fried brisket,” aka a thick slice of oak-smoked brisket (three quarters of a pound to be exact) that’s then breaded in craft beer-infused batter. It’s a thing of beauty, and it’s served alongside fluffy mashed potatoes and smothered burnt end white gravy.
  • Trump Met Heidi Cruz for World Bank Job But Passed on Her, Sources Say
  • La Joya ISD is helping to fund a waterpark The school district spent about $20 million on a Sports and Learning Complex, which includes a planetarium, tennis courts, an indoor pool and a water park — complete with slides, splash pads and a “lazy river.”
    • In my lifetime, I predict a school district will build a football stadium with a lazy river circling it.
  • I love this sort of stuff and I hope you find it more interesting and entertaining than you suspect – Saturday Night Live’s cue card supervisor, Wally Feresten, gives a behind-the-scenes look at an integral and iconic part of the show’s production.
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