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  • The Ebola patient that died in Dallas yesterday didn’t seem to have one decent picture of him.  It makes me wonder if I’m in such a newsworthy event what kind of picture the media would dig up and attach to the story, or that my family would be willing to provide.
  • I wonder if the family of the now deceased Ebola patient will sue, considering the hospital first sent him home even after he admitted to being in Africa recently.
  • I went to the dentist yesterday for a teeth cleaning, which makes me not want to eat anything for the whole day because I don’t want to dirty up my teeth.  It’s kind of like when you wash your car and do all you can to try to keep it clean.
  • I tend to think the dentist asking what prescriptions you’re taking and your past surgery history is a bit overkill for a cleaning.
  • DaughterGeeding asked me again why we don’t call a toothbrush a teethbrush since we aren’t cleaning just one tooth.
  • I timed WifeGeeding in the mile.  She use to run cross country and before kids ran in a half marathon, but currently she just does boot camp twice a week.  I thought she’d make it in under eight minutes, but I was a little off as she clocked in at 8:13.
  • George Stephanopoulos is stronger than I thought.
  • I had no idea ‘Meet The Press’ has fallen to third place, gosh I do miss Tim Russert and would have loved to see how he would have interviewed Sarah Palin and the Tea Party – NBC considered Jon Stewart for ‘Meet the Press’ – Best line from that article, and anyone that was watched his show would agree “Though not a traditional journalist, Stewart can be a devastatingly effective interrogator.”  I’m happy with where’s he’s at.  He’s smart and savvy, but overall likes making people laugh and doesn’t want to be taken seriously.
  • Stop the madness – Fracking company teams up with Susan G. Komen, introduces pink drill bits “for the cure”
  • When I was in school I was told the metric system would overtake America – Arizona highway signs in metric units may change
  • Man openly carrying new gun in Oregon robbed by armed man
  • Google Strapped A Street View Camera To A Camel’s Back In The Middle Of A Desert, And The Video Is Gorgeous
  • This 29-year-old woman is terminally ill and has moved to Oregon to take advantage of their “death with dignity” law.  So come the first of November, she’ll take some pills to end her life.  Having seen my father get to the point of no return and then drastically suffer for another two months, I’m all for this.  Heck, we are more humane to our dogs than our fellow humans when it comes to suffering and the end of life.  I wouldn’t say my support of this means  I don’t respect the sanctity of life, if anything, I think this embraces it by making it more dignified, and I only support it when you get to a point of no return and lack functionality.
  • The ideal ratio between CEO and unskilled worker pay would be 4.6:1. In the United States, it’s a staggering 351:1. – The crazy amount that CEO’s get paid makes me think that trickle-down economics doesn’t work because you really can’t factor in greed at the top, which keeps earnings from trickling down, and if it doesn’t trickle down, then the purchasing power of lower and middle class families is diminished.
  • Whoever the Democratic nominee is in 2016, I can see Leon Panetta on the ballot as the VP.
  • Today’s dose of ‘MURICA!.
  • I had no idea Britain has separate hot and cold taps on their sinks, something that irks me when I see them in the U.S., but here’s (YouTube) the reason why.
  • The University of Texas at Dallas may be a commuter school with a bunch of engineering majors, but it ranks at number six best ROI of all US Colleges/Universities.
  • Texas’ SAT math scores hit a 22-year low
  • Chicago Bulls season ticket holders got to take a picture next to the Jordan and Pippen banners.
  • Doc Rivers is the head coach of the LA Clippers.  Last night he took his team to the LA Kings championship ring ceremony.  I like his style.
  • 30+ Disneyland Hacks That Will Make Your Trip a True Fairy Tale
  • Here’s the link to the ’30 for 30′ short on the Herschel Walker trade:
    • It’s funny how much Jimmy Johnson makes it a point that he was in charge of the roster and trades.  It’s also crazy how much Tex Schram and the rest of the league underestimated Johnson’s intelligence, so many thought he was just naive.
    • Johnson tries to be complimentary of Tom Landry by calling him great and then saying his roster was so bad his Miami team would have given them a good battle.
    • Other than the old farmer/veterinarian on ‘The Walking Dead’ I don’t think I can name another Herschel.
    • I believe Washington had a bigger trade deal than what Dallas got for Walker, but it goes to show how great Jimmy and his staff was at spotting talent.
    • Jerry sounds so much different, voice and accent.
    • In five years the Cowboys traded 51 times, more than all other teams combined.
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5 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. J.J. Bugs says:

    I love that photo. Great advice.

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  3. Chip Beef says:

    "I wonder if the family of the now deceased Ebola patient will sue, considering the hospital first sent him home even after he admitted to being in Africa recently."

    Beyond the fact that he entered the country after making a false statement, the DMN had a few interesting statistics: !) an estimate of Duncan's care is $200K 2) Duncan's care will be recorded as a loss for the hospital 3) Last year Presbyterian recorded $86 million in uncompensated care, of which $51 million was charity care 4) Hospitals recover losses by "cost shifting", a hidden surcharge in the bills of the insured 5) According to The Texas Medical Assn, "the cost to care for the uninsured adds $2786 a year to the cost of a family health insurance policy".

  4. art vandalay says:

    I see the same problem with "trickle down" economics. The trickle down is totally at the whim of the executives. The less the trickle down, the higher the profits. Executive pay is set each year by the Board of Directors, who use the bottom line in determining CEO pay and bonuses. Cutting costs is a way to boost the share price of the company's stock. Executives are routinely paid in part with stock and stock options. I don't see any incentive to voluntarily agreeing to increase employee bay and benefits. Additionally, many board members are CEOs of other corporations. Boosting CEO pay at one company is a way board members can set a higher standard for CEOs at other corporations.

  5. RPM says:

    Other than the old farmer/veterinarian on ‘The Walking Dead’ I don’t think I can name another Herschel…

    Herschel Bernardi (a 70's regular and the star of Arnie) says "oy vey!" He also had Sue Ane Langdon as his co star… score!

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