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  • We traveled to East Texas to have Christmas with WifeGeeding’s family.  She and the kids actually went ahead of me and will be staying a few days extra, which left me driving there and back all by myself, and I loved it.  I don’t miss a daily commute, but every now and then a somewhat long roadtrip with lots of open highway is gosh darn therapeutic.
  • I ‘m not making this up, I promise – I was in Target yesterday buying some deodorant as I passed a woman who just ended a call on her phone.  She approached me and in a shy and tender kind of way asked if I could help buy her some condoms for her sixteen-year-old son.  She went on to politely ask that I not judge her, it’s just if her son was going to engage in such an activity she’d rather he’d be educated, safe, and prepared, but she had no clue on which one to buy.  I have to admit, Target did have quite a variety, and after buying feminine products for WifeGeeding recently I thought I could somewhat relate to being confused of buying stuff for the opposite sex.  It was hard to find any of those products that wasn’t special in some way.  At first she opted for the variety pack, but I thought that just might encourage more rushed experimentation than what was needed, so the most ‘normal’ once I could find was one that was of the thin variety that had some of that swimmer-killer stuff.  She was worried that the thin product was going to break, and I told her from what it looks like, that label is on just about every package so it’s probably just a marketing gimmick and I never had that problem.  She looked like she was probably once a teenage mother and was worried her son could fall into the same trap she did.
  • I wonder how many of you may be disappointed in me for helping that lady out and/or not advocating abstinence.
  • Saw a Burger King commercial last night in which they are blatantly copying the Big Mac.
  • I think this DJ likes Whataburger.
  • Leslie Stahl of ’60 Minutes’ interviewed National Security Adviser Susan Rice last night.  During the interview they walked through the White House and Stahl pointed in a direction and asked Rice if that was the direction of the Oval Office, as if she didn’t know and was a first time visitor to the mansion.  I think Stahl was playing to the camera as she was a  White House correspondent during the presidencies of Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush.
  • I saw a story of a 95-year-old woman welcoming home the remains of her husband who died as a Korean War POW.  This picture of her crying as she approached the coffin just tore me up, it was so moving, so touching, so raw.  I can no longer find the video of the segment I actually saw on television which stated she never remarried and how she kept a small shrine of him for over six decades, but here’s an article.
  • This family wedding picture cracks me up, one family definitely has a tall gene.  My parents were kind of similar, my father was over six feet tall and per my own mother’s description, she was “almost five foot tall”.
  • A local story similar to Terri Schiavo.
  • Carolina Panther Luck Kuechley may have had the defensive game of the decade with 24 tackles and an interception against the New Orleans Saints.
  • I don’t think high school players should receive any sort of championship ring, I liked it better when the team just got one trophy to display at the high school as opposed to individual costly rings.
  • One of the astronauts on the International Space Station will have to wear a 35-year-old spacesuit.  I wonder if they drew straws for who wore what.
  • I always got a kick out of Judge Harry T. Stone’s fascination with Mel Torme.
  • I wish steakhouses had such a thing as mini light saber.  It would be neat while you are cutting your meat to also give it a little extra char or even to cook it a little bit.
  • John Goodman must be in everyone’s top five “actors that make me smile” list.
  • A silly tradition I enjoy is watching the last Late Show with David Letterman before Christmas.  It starts with Jay Thomas telling an incredible story about him and the Lone Ranger, him knocking a giant meatball off a Christmas tree, and Darlene Love singing ‘Baby Please Come Home’.  I think I may like her version better than U2’s, or I like them both equally.  You can see her sing it at the bottom of this post.
  • When I worked at Lockheed Martin we used the RSA encryption key chains.  One time they got compromised and I was overnighted another one.  I mention that because there’s an article about how they have a large contract with the government but have a flawed formula.
  • The Official 2013 NFL Touchdown-Celebration Audit
  • A 16-year-old girl was spared serious, possibly fatal injuries after the glasses she was wearing deflected a bullet that struck her in the face in a drive-by shooting
  • A mother asked people on Facebook to take portions of the cremated remains of her son, who committed suicide, and take them on trips around the world to places he never got to experience and spread the ashes.  All she asked was to follow two rules,  they have to tell him his mom will always love him, and that she’s sorry. You can check out the story and some touching details here.  I know I want to be cremated, but I have no request on what’s to be done with my remains, but I think, though I’m not sure, I would be comfortable with this.
  • A man lost his wife to ovarian cancer, leaving him as a single father to four boys.  Little did he know that he was to receive a letter from her once he decided to marry again that granted three wishes.  The first wish, full for grace, was to the new love of his life.  The other to her husband and new family, and the third to the doctors, nurses, and staff that treated her.  If you have the strength to read more about this touching tale and to see a video of it all, click here.  My allergies are killing me cause I’m crying now.  Yes, that’s it, it’s the allergies.

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