Bag of Randomness

  • I caught a little bit of the Texas Tech and the Ken Starr Baylor Bears on television on Saturday.  The game was played at the Cotton Bowl and the stands were surprisingly empty.
  • I’ve notice that more football players, more so in college than the NFL, are no longer wearing kneepads or pants that go long enough to cover the knee.  There’s no way I could do that as a player.
  • It looked like the Cowboys were not playing Marion Barber in the first half that much so that he would be more effective in the second half, but then they just didn’t give him the ball.  I don’t mind them playing Felix Jones a lot in the first half, but you got to add Tashard Choice.
  • In case you didn’t notice, Leonard Davis was benched because of his poor performance.  That should have something to a certain person in the secondary if you asked me.
  • Why is this offense being so Marty B centric as of late?  In case the Cowboys have forgotten, they got this guy name Witten who’s a proven tight end.
  • The Cowboys secondary is notorious.  They made Vince Young look like Joe Montana wearing his Sketchers.
  • The Cowboys must think leading the in penalties is a positive thing.
  • Hey Romo, you know, you can actually throw the ball away to avoid the sack.
  • When a team has a bye week and two weeks to prepare for a home game, there’s little excuse not to perform well.
  • Why, why, why does the Cowboys PA people play “Sweet Home Alabama” at all home games.  Last I checked, we ain’t Alabama and we don’t even border that damn state.  Heck, we don’t even have anyone from our roster from Alabama.
  • I’m tired of seeing so much pink while watching an NFL game.  Yes it’s a noble cause, but this marketing machine of fighting breast cancer has gone excessive.
  • No wonder the NFL is referred to as the No Fun League after that penalty in which Witten gave the ball to a lineman to spike.
  • It was very odd watching the Rangers games this weekend and seeing it packed and full of energy.  Too bad they couldn’t pull out a win.  They were once making me a believer, but as I expected, they will disappoint me.
  • I caught a 20/20 episode covering the movie Catfish and I’m not buying that any of it is real.
  • Remember that social networking website MySpace?  Well, they got a new logo.
  • Why is Facebook so much more popular than MySpace?  I’ve never spent time on either site, but off hand they seem like the same thing.
  • To answer a question relating to an old post in which I wrote about job searching and interviewing tips, the best way to answer the “what are your weaknesses” is to only half answer it.  Basically, state something that you once had trouble with,  and then follow up saying what you did to no longer make it a weakness.
  • To answer another question, Wyatt Cenac, of The Daily Show, was born in New York but attended high school in Dallas at the Jesuit College Preparatory School – so I guess that makes him a local product.
  • I’m annoyed when hockey players are interviewed during a game, even if it is in between periods; and I don’t like it when MLB managers are interviewed during a game.  While I’m on it, I can’t stand it when NFL coaches are forced to do an interview right before going into a the locker room at the half.
  • Even though I’m not a Christine O’Donnell supporter, I’m glad she’s able to laugh at herself regarding the most recent SNL sketch.
  • WifeGeeding and I took the first steps in joining our church, it’s surprising a formal process.  I think we’ll officially become members once our pastor gets back and introduces us to the church.
  • @MensHealthMag in tying to promote their Eat This Not That book stated “Outback’s ribs have more calories than 15 Krispy Kreme doughnuts!”  For the heck of it, I decided to research this claim.  Outback’s website states that a full rack of ribs and fries is 1935.8 calories.  Krispy Kreme claims on their website that one glazed yeast doughnut is 200 calories (pdf).  So using my math skills it appears that 15 Krispy Kreme doughnuts is 3000 calories, which is 1064.2 calories less than what @MensHealthMag states.  So either @MensHealthMag is distorting facts or Krispy Kreme and/or Outback are giving false data.
  • Worst Company In America Trophy Mailed To Comcast
  • Incredible Aerial Photography
  • Fake Name Generator
  • To get to a McDonald’s in the lower 48 United States, it’s never more than 145 miles by car. And the McFarthest Spot in the US is in South Dakota
  • Not a bad idea – Savory Broccoli Cupcakes – If that’s actually cornbread, then I think it will actually taste good.
  • Baby skunks are kinda cute
  • Space Shuttle launch as seen by sky divers
  • ‘ESPN: The Magazine’ Body Issue Nearly Nude Photos
  • Life magazine, 1941: How to Tell Japs From the Chinese
  • How to practice basketball when you have sick players
  • Hey BabyGeeding, what did you think of the Cowboys and Rangers this weekend?

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2 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. MToots says:

    My sentiments exactly, BabyGeeding!!!

  2. dan says:

    I also thought the crowd for the Baylor-Texas Tech game was disappointing. Maybe it had to do with all the other games and events that were going on all over the metroplex over the weekend. Also Tech is an only-mediocre team this year. I wonder what it means for future games at Fair Park. Texas A&M and Arkansas packed Jerry-World.

    According to the Brad Sham explanation, the reason the Cowboys were penalized for celebration was because after the Witten-Columbo chest bump, Columbo fell to the ground. Columbo lost his balance and fell over, but going to the ground constitutes excessive celebration in the NFL rule book.

    I was told once to when the job interview comes to your weaknesses, you should describe a virtue as one of your weaknesses. For example, you have a habit of focusing on a task to the point you tend to become a work alcoholic. Explain all the hours you tend to put in at work can create problems for your social life.

    Interviewing coaches as they head for the locker room must take a lot of the steam and focus out of what they plan to say to their teams at halftime.

    I’ve always wondered how accurate calories ratings for food are or how they can be measured with any precision

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