Bag of Randomness

  • I was lucky enough to fly first class on my American Airlines flight but the experience was horrible as I has some cranky flight attendants.  I’m usually a pretty tolerant fellow for people in their profession, but these ladies had a power trip and attitude beyond acceptable.  As a matter of fact, I just got off completing a letter of complaint.  It only gave me 1500 characters for my complaint, and you better believe I used every single character.  I don’t want to get into the details of it because I don’t want to rehash the whole thing again in my mind, but at one point the flight attendant raised her voice at me, stated I didn’t listen to the announcements, and said she may have to tell the pilot to stop the plane, oh, and that I might have caused her thousands in individual fines.  Why? Because my one carry-on was between my feet and not in the overhead bin.  Apparently if you are sitting in front of a wall, that’s called a bulkhead, and you can’t place anything on the floor.
  • When the flight attendant chastised me for not listening to the announcements, she said she stated that those of us sitting at the bulkhead need not to have items on the floor.  When I asked what’s a bulkhead, she informed me that I already knew what that was.  Friendly skies my arse.
  • OK, I guess I did go into some detail and rehashed some of that.
  • But at least the Rangers are in the World Series.  Speaking of which, it kinda stinks not being home when my home team is finally playing in the World Series.
  • It sure is weird and great all at the same time that the Rangers are the top sports news story in town during football season.  I don’t think anyone could have every imagined the Rangers topping the Cowboys in the news.
  • I went to junior high and high school with the first baseman of the Giants.  I don’t think I was close enough to him to call him a friend, but I bet it’s weird for him to play his former favorite baseball club in the World Series.
  • Interesting that both the Cowboys and Rangers are playing Giants this week.
  • I’m so confident in the Rangers I think they will sweep in three, being the first team ever to do so.  After that third game, the Giants will be so fearful they’ll just forfeit.
  • It’s nice to see Jerry finally open up the sunroof of his new stadium this year.  It does look really nice all lit up at night, especially the star on the Jerrytron.
  • Flying into Baltimore sure is pretty, seeing all the fall leaves of the trees, the color was just beautiful.
  • Odd sighting at the airport, at least I thought so, but I saw two people wearing OU, as in Oklahoma, t-shirts.  Speaking of OU, told ya they didn’t deserve that #1 ranking.
  • I see more Redskins gear than Ravens gear her in Annapolis.
  • That picture below this post was taken in a three storied Target.  No joke ladies, that Target was three stories tall.
  • Speaking of Target, an interesting article about one of their commercials.
  • It’s rather warm here.
  • The Baltimore flag is displayed a lot, which got me to thinking, other than Texas, what state has the most recognizable flag?
  • I check in for my flight using only my phone which they scanned.  That was pretty neat, going paperless.
  • As commercialized as our country is, lots of cities look pretty much the same.  And if you think about it, that’s kinda sad.
  • Why isn’t Dez Bryant returning 100% of all punts?
  • It’s great having a Slingbox, free high speed Internet access, and an HDMI cable to hook up to the hotel TV.
  • A married couple walks into an abortion clinic with a 16-week fetus with a congenital defect that has no hope for survival and passed by abortion protesters.  The husband decides to confront the protesters.  YouTube
  • Political Guerrilla Internet Tactics – you know both parties do this
  • For men looking for a new hat – link
  • Great costume for a wheel-chaired bound Star Wars fan – link
  • isn’t making money – Article
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6 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. thefamilyhart says:

    I would say that the flags of South Carolina and of Colorado are more universally recognizable than the flag of Texas. Oh, and California could be the most recognizable of all, since it says CALIFORNIA on it.

    Welcome to the East Coast, dude! I wish I could join you at the rally on Saturday. Safe travels.

  2. Jason says:

    I would say Ohio's flag might be more recognizable than some other state flags, because it is the only state flag that isn't a rectangle

  3. bpatton says:

    I just read an article that listed AA as #4 in the worst airline rating. It was in the top three for rudest flight attendants (stewardi- latin for stewardesses).

  4. Geeding says:

    Hey Sam –

    You are absolutely right, rules are rules and we have to follow them, and that's something I tried to state above. I certainly can't fault them for doing their job However, the flight attendants only noticed my bag at the last stages before takeoff, and if they were doing their job properly, they would have noticed that earlier. But if anything, even though I do admit my mistake of missing that part of the announcements , I think they could be more tactful, and that was the point I was trying to make, their lack of tactfulness. And I'm still calling BS on their answer that they can be fined thousand of dollars as individuals.

    • sam jennings says:

      The company can be fined as it's an FAA regulation. I think you are making a big to do about nothing. You made a mistake and didn't know what the bulkhead was and were embarrassed…big deal. And they normally give you several warnings before getting upset with you. Didn't you work for the competitor? Suck it up and move on.

      • Geeding says:

        Sam, I understand the company can be fined, but they told me they could be fined as individuals, which I find hard to believe.

        You're right, in the big scheme of things, it's really nothing. But this is my blog, and I felt the need to vent and share an event with my readers who weren't getting as many posts as usual because of my travels. You mentioned that they usually give several warnings before getting upset, but that's one of my points, they never gave me a warning. Yes, I missed the announcement, but they never gave me a warning.

        Yes, I did work for one of their competitors indirectly as a consultant, and I can certainly see why that competitor is so much more successful and why their customers are so loyal.

        "Suck it up and move on." Come on, Sam, do we have to be so mean? 😉

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