Bag of Randomness

  • The weather the past two day in DFW has just been extraordinary, and it made for an even better TX-OU weekend.
  • I feel sorry for all those DART passengers that were not able to make it to the game on time, especially those that didn’t get there until after halftime.  It’s a darn shame that DART advertises their benefits and tells everyone to get to the stations early, which all of these passengers did, only to get screwed because they couldn’t handle the capacity.
  • Part of my heart goes out to Sam Bradford for getting injured twice this year.  Part of my heart thinks he’s an idiot for not going to the NFL when he had the chance.  Sometimes instead of following your heart, you have to use common sense and think what’s not only best for you, but for your family.  And I still think he looks like a fake Tiger Woods.
  • Bob Stoops had a Bill Belichick kind of game plan.  It appears he approached the game by trying to take away the opposing teams most valuable player (other than QB of course), and that person was Jordan Shipley.  If Bradford didn’t get hurt, I think OU would have pulled out a win.
  • I don’t understand why the TX-OU game was moved to the last weekend of the State Fair of Texas – that was a stupid move.
  • Every year I have taken a picture with the Texas dance team they have won the game after OU.  I may have to make this an annual event.
  • Ten years ago yesterday would have been my 10 year anniversary at Fidelity Investments, which was my first real job out of college.
  • I think most men are pretty attached to their wallets, and buying a new one is a major challenge.  I’ve been searching for a new one for about a year and finally found one that has everything I’m looking for at Target of all places.  Usually places like TJ Max, Marshalls, or Ross are good places to buy wallets, as well as belts and the like.
  • I like the bi-fold wallet as opposed to the tri-fold or money clip.  I also don’t carry pictures in my wallet, and I doubt many men in the future will do such a thing – it’s just much easier to have pics on your phone to show off to everyone.
  • It’s fun watching an NFL game when it’s snowing.
  • I also noticed that some of the NFL cheerleaders are dressing up in Halloween gear – that’s a good thing.
  • There’s a lot of planes in the air at one time.
  • The Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror usually airs the week after Halloween, which I always thought was weird, but it actually aired yesterday.
  • I saw footage of Tony Romo at Eastern Illinois University where they retired his jersey.  That doofus was wearing a t-shirt and had his baseball cap on backwards.  I would think that if you are going to a ceremony where they are honoring you, you can at least look presentable.
  • My friend and Christian author Margaret Feinberg has written another book, it’s called Scouting the Divine and there’s even a DVD study.  Here’s a description:
    A woman living a modern life. A Bible full of ancient truths. Join critically acclaimed author Margaret Feinberg as she invites readers on the spiritual adventure of a lifetime. In her quest to better understand what God wants to communicate through the Bible, Feinberg explores the symbols and metaphors within the stories. To discover these deeper meanings, she spends time with a shepherdess in Oregon, walks the fields with a farmer in Nebraska, explore a vineyard of California, and talks with a veteran beekeeper in Colorado. Along the way, she gains deeper insight about how scripture applies to life today and discovers answers to puzzling questions. Do sheep really know their shepherd’s voice? How often does a grapevine need to be pruned? What does it mean for a land to be described as overflowing with honey?
  • This haircut graph is so true.
  • Someone reminded me over the weekend that earlier this year I predicted that Garth Brooks would come out of retirement.
  • 15 Manly Smells
  • Medical folks on the physical death of Jesus Christ
  • Bono’s latest op-ed for the NY Times
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2 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. dan says:

    I thought the exact same thing about Romo. Watching him being honored by his alma mater while wearing a T-shirt and that stupid ball cap turned backward made me wonder if the guy is ever going to get serious about being the leader of an NFL team.

  2. Gracie says:

    Bono's Op-ed was excellent. Thanks for the link.

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