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Tough Call

I always wondered what would happen if I had to rush to the hospital to see a loved one before he or she passes only to be followed by a cop.  Would I stop and explain the situation?  Would I … Continue reading

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Greggo’s Top 20 Burgers in the Metroplex

Greggo, or Greg ‘The Hammer’ Williams, formerly of Sports Radio 1310 The Ticket and now current local ESPN radio personality recently did a burger rating that you can find here. Quick thoughts: I totally agree with his assessment that Kincaid’s … Continue reading

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Books and Music That Make You Dumb

This person took each college’s most frequent “favorite books” that was reported on Facebook, compared them with each  college’s average SAT/ACT scores, and then ranked the books from dumbest to smartest.  You the link below to view the entire chart, … Continue reading

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The Progressive Quiz

I’m pretty progressive. Take the 40 question quiz here.

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Vintage DHARMA ads

More here

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Christians call foul on baseball’s Opening Day; it’s on Good Friday

Bill Ferris hasn’t always been in church from noon to 3 p.m. on Good Friday, but he’s always found a quiet place for reflection, and he’s refrained from eating meat on the most somber day in the Christian calendar. It’ll … Continue reading

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Feed The Fish

Just click anywhere in the blue area to drop some fish food . . .

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Prosthetic Legs Through the Years

With five pairs of legs, I feel 10 feet tall! The boy, 7, who doesn’t let a double amputation hold him back

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