Bag of Randomness

  • For you fellow presidential history buffs, here’s an interesting chart that details events of the first 100 days of a presidents term starting with FDR.
  • So you like charts, but don’t like presidential history.  How about an interactive cereal chart?
  • Goodwill is waiting for Sarah Palin’s clothing donation.  Link
  • Speaking of which, she is sorting through her clothes.
  • This article states the following about evangelicals that caught my attention:
    • Evangelicals represent just one out of every six born again adults.
    • 7% of the national population of adults are evangelicals
    • Two-thirds of evangelicals are aligned with the GOP
    • 1 out of 5 are Democrats
    • And then there was this nugget: Most remarkably, however, was the overwhelming support registered among evangelicals for Republican candidate John McCain. In total, 88% voted for Sen. McCain, compared to just 11% for Sen. Obama. The 88% is statistically identical to the 85% of evangelicals who backed George W. Bush in 2004.
  • Spam gets 1 response per 12,500,000 emails  Link
  • I will never eat at Masa [Wikipedia] on my own dime.  Link I’m just not much of a sushi eater.
  • The concept of HugeURL cracks me up.
  • I think some of my friends don’t know me very well since some of them send me a lot of negative stuff about Democrats.  I can deal with that, and they probably just don’t know here I stand politically.  But I would think some of them would know me well enough to know I would not appreciate Obama jokes that include a black man knocking on a door and presidential assassination references.  Just tasteless.
  • I had to get some of my medical records yesterday and saw that my doctor posted something in his waiting room that listed the dangers of Obama.
  • Locally, and not just stuff that is reported on the news, I hear of a lot of fear of the Obama presidency.  Such is life in a red state I guess.  A lot of what I hear is coming from children, and I’m pretty sure I know where they are getting their information.
  • If there is a lot of fear here in North Texas over Obama, I wonder what the mood is like in the Deep South.
  • I finally finished that Newsweek article Secrets of the 2008 Campaign.  Absolutely fascinating.  You’ll learn a lot of inside stuff.  It’s like a little book.  There are seven chapters, and the chapters range from five to eight pages.
  • It turns out that the Little Shop of Horrors has five alternate endings, I can’t remember the original one.
  • Microsoft is already working on the next version of Windows, here are 10 things to look forward to.
  • Hot dog!
  • And even more hot dogs.  Link
  • Tennessee WIlliams died by bottle cap?  Link
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