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Out of all the local news channels, I think I watch our NBC affiliate the least.  But I recently discovered through D Magazine that many of their anchors and reporters keep their own blog.  On thing that caught my attention was Mike Snyder’s post on trying to lose a pound a day for 66 days.  Heck, I remember watching him as a child and it’s amazing how he has ballooned up over the years.

From his blog I decided to see what his peers were blogging about.

Jane McGarry thinks Laura Bush should run for president in 2012.

Melissa Newton has a hard time finding a place to pee.


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4 Responses to KXAS Channel 5 Blogs

  1. Jake says:

    Here's the bikini wax post, the Ticket listeners have made a lot of funny comments.


  2. John says:

    Janes discussion on her blog about bikini waxes had to be the strangest.

  3. bpat says:

    Don’t you think a pound a day for 66 days is an unrealistic goal?? That would require a burning 3500 calories a day more than one takes in. Probably an unhealthy goal as well.

  4. dan says:

    Jane’s Laura Bush posting didn’t resonate as well as her bikini waxing discussion

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