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Jurors open pocketbooks to help Fort Worth-area crime victim

FORT WORTH — On Friday afternoon, a Tarrant County jury sentenced an Azle woman to five years in prison and assessed a $10,000 fine for stealing a mentally impaired man’s life savings. But they didn’t stop there. Jurors decided after … Continue reading

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The Church of Oprah is being attacked

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Interesting College Field Trip

PAHRUMP, Nevada (AP) — Nicki Amouri hands her camera to a friend, throws her arm over another and smiles wide as she leans in for a shot with the monument her class came to visit. It’s a typical field trip … Continue reading

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It’s a great day in the NFL world

NEW YORK, April 13 (UPI) — Bryant Gumbel is leaving the NFL Network after two seasons of play-by-play duty on the U.S. TV operation. Gumbel resigned this weekend after numerous criticisms about on-air mistakes and his low-key play-by-play style. Link

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40 Things Ya’ll Never Hear a Redneck Say

40. Oh, I just couldn’t. Heck, she’s only sixteen. 39. I’ll take Shakespeare for 1000, Alex. 38. Duct tape won’t fix that. 37. Honey, I think we should sell the pickup and buy a family sedan. 36. Come to think … Continue reading

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Control Rooms

A gallery of some of the most impressive control rooms, including the original NASA mission control, the Beatles’ recording studio, the NORAD nuclear war room, what is left of Chernobyl reactor 4 control and control rooms for TV, traffic, subways … Continue reading

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Interesting U.S. Currency Facts

For instance: The Mint is responsible for producing military medals (such as the Silver and Bronze Stars, the Purple Heart and the Navy Cross) as well as the Congressional Medals. “In God We Trust” was first put on coins in … Continue reading

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Remember Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy?

It turns out that Jack Handy is a real person.  Here’s a current article about him, and I had no idea that he’s a Texan – born in San Antonio and educated at UTEP. Here’s his website, and here’s probably … Continue reading

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A Crazy Collection of Face Painting

Flickr Set Flickr Slideshow

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How the Presidents Stack Up

A look at U.S. presidents’ job-approval ratings. Click on the links at the left for more detail. Wall Street Journal Truman left with really low approval ratings, but history has since been kind to him regarding his decisions.  Makes me … Continue reading

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20 Things that culturally define Australia

Living in the United States is an interesting experience for someone who was born and raised in Australia. Quite often, I get asked a lot of questions about what it is like back home. The longer I live here in … Continue reading

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A lot of foam was used for a Sony ad campaign

More foamy pics here.

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