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If you like videos of astronauts doing all sorts of stuff in space

I found a sight for you. Link

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Lost A-Team Mashup

I thought this video was pretty creative.

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A Price is Right Marriage Proposal

Talk about LUCKY. Right when he spins the wheel, he proposes . . . then he actually hits the dollar! Wowzers.  On top of that, he wins the Showcase Showdown. Watch it here.

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World Trade Center Commemorative Coin

I just don’t know what to think about this kind of stuff. It’s truly unique, created using two distinct struck pieces. First, the base is struck with gleaming buildings on a frosted background. Then the inset of the Twin Towers … Continue reading

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Transformers Movie Stuff

Found some leaked pictures here that might interest you. Note sure how I feel about Optimus Prime having flames.  He’s no flamer.

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What happens when you are bored on a sub.

The men of the Navy make a silly video.

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Family faces eviction for noisy night prayers

BERLIN – A seven-member family faces eviction from an east Berlin apartment tower after neighbors complained about loud prayer sessions that keep the whole building awake at night, a German newspaper said on Thursday. “I really don’t want to disturb … Continue reading

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Brenda Warner Then and Now

I would say it’s an improvement. I had to find a current picture of her because this article had these little snippits: if you haven’t seen Mrs. Warner lately, you might be in for somewhat of a shock. Gone is … Continue reading


More Lost news

Spoiler Warning!  The usually tight-lipped producers offered a slew of spoilers: There’ll be three new cast members, including a love interest for Jack; Kate will have a romantic encounter in the first six episodes; and Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick) and … Continue reading

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A collection of funny bumper stickers



Google Talk is here

Google Talk is a downloadable Windows application that enables users to quickly and easily talk or send instant messages to their friends for free. Calls are made through your computer using the latest voice technology; all you need is an … Continue reading

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How not to release a leopard in the wild

Watch the video here.

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