I can finally watch Game of Thrones with my kids

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Ohio church apologizes for video of kids spitting on, hitting pastor as part of Easter lesson

A Pataskala, Ohio, church has posted an apology video after students attending a youth gathering there put up videos of children slapping, spitting and cutting a pastor.

The incident took place Monday night at an “after school hangout” at Impact City Church, where high and middle school students spend time doing such things as listening to a short gospel message, lead pastor Justin Ross said.

Ross said in the video on the church’s Facebook page that it was meant to help students learn about Easter and the crucifixion. While at the gathering, Ross said he did not lead it. Associate pastor Jaddeus Dempsey, 37, did, he said. Dempsey sat next to Ross in the apology video.

″(Jaddeus) chose to use an illustration to explain a very important topic about the crucifixion but the illustration went too far and it was inappropriate,” Ross said.

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Bag of Randomness for Monday, April 15, 2019

  • The world is simply a better place when a 43-year-old balding half-Asian with a fused spine with a deceased military father is atop the golf world. I’m exactly like Tiger except for the golf, money, and fame. I mean, we were both married to former Swedish models and have done questionable things on Ambien. But I think my quarter-Asian kids could outsmart his quarter-Asian kids.
  • I think I looked forward to the ‘Game of Thrones’ season premiere than I have any sporting event of the past five years.
  • I’ve always hugged a pillow when going to sleep for the night.
  • Just about anytime I hear someone say “quit it,” I think I hear “Quidditch,” even though I’ve never read or seen any Harry Potter material.
  • Back in my day, guys were upset at mothers for throwing out baseball cards – Man sues parents over trashed porn collection
    • Charlie filed a police report estimating the value of his collection to be $28,940.72. The prosecutor’s office declined to file charges against his parents.
  • It’s going to be a very busy week at work, I may put this blog on the backburner.
  • Meet the People Who Still Have AOL Email AddressesIt’s not just Mike Pence and your grandma — a lot of people still use AOL and EarthLink, and pay for the privilege
    • This is amazing, it’s estimated company AOL’s parent company, Verizon. made $400 million from email and dial-up in 2018.
    • Sometimes I get made fun of for still having a Hotmail account, but it’s free and it’s the one all my contacts have. I’d rather them just have this old email address instead of me sending a mass email telling everyone I have a new email address. And, I use that one to receive to give out to companies, I don’t mind that account getting spam.
  • Charmin is selling something called the Forever Roll. It comes in either an 850-sheet roll or a 1700-sheet roll of two-ply tissue paper. It reminds me of the paper thin gigantic rolls my college dorm use to provide.
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Bag of Randomness for Thursday, April 11, 2019

  • A big thank-you to the San Antonio Spurs. That was a classy move with the way they introduced Dirk when the opposing team starting lineup was announced. Like all home teams, they announce each opposing player in the most mundane way. However, when they got to Dirk, they turned out the lights, played a tribute video, and then announced Dirk with so much fanfare you’d think he was a hometown hero. Their former nemesis was brought to tears.
  • I hope one of our local media outlets will get the backstory on how the Mavs got those NBA legends to show up for Dirk’s tribute and how they kept it so secret. When did they fly in? How and when did they get to the arena without anyone noticing? How long ago was this planned? What’s a chafing dish?
  • The upstairs toilet decided to overflow, but it wasn’t from the bowl, it was coming from the tank. The flush valve wouldn’t shut off, so the tank kept filling and water exited from the toilet handle. This was discovered when one of the kids noticed water was rapidly dripping from one of the downstairs fire alarms and the light fixture (which looks like a small fishbowl) was half full of water. The first thing I did was shut off the main power. I simply don’t mess around with electricity. After shutting off water to the toilet, I removed the fire alarm and light fixture from the ceiling and dried everything as much as possible. The drywall ceiling was a bit damp and only shows damage if you stare at it. I was puzzled with what to do to prevent mold, there was no open access area to dry the area between floors, I’d have to cut through the drywall. I think we were lucky we caught it in time that there wasn’t enough water to really soak or flood the house.
  • This is one of the better articles you’ll ever read about AI. It delves into the difference between AI and automation and how it represents more of a marketing term than a technical one.
  • Incredible Video Offers A Shark’s-Eye View Of A Great White Hunting
  • I’m enjoying all this black hole coverage. I became enamored with the black hole ever since I watched Interstellar, and the movie got so much right, despite the title of this article.
  • I really like these two videos from this scientist. He posted the first video a day or two before the photo was revealed predicting what it would look like, and he was dead on. It one of those you don’t think you’ll watch all the way through since it nine minutes long, but he pulls you in with his gift of teaching. The second video was posted after the image of the black hole was revealed and provides some great background and graphics which really conceptualizes it.

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Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, April 10, 2019

  • I’m so happy I watched Dirk’s last game and especially glad I watched the post-game ceremony. Holy cow, Mark Cuban really knows how to honor a guy. Scottie Pippen, Charles Barkley, Larry Bird, Detlef Schrempf and Shawn Kemp, each of whom Nowitzki called his personal player influences were surprise guests. Larry Bird never does this sort of stuff.
  • Dirk is so loved by this city. We were fortunate to watch him grow before our eyes, fight through defeats and setbacks, and celebrate the triumphs. The man could have easily left for another team, but chose to stay here and play for less money. Not only that, he gives back to the city in many ways. Charity, as you’d expect, but you find him rooting for all our local and Texas sports teams. And now, he’s going to make Dallas his home and proclaims himself a Texan. It was fun celebrating him and to see him celebrate us.
  • It was fun watching the Mavs play last night, seeing all the local celebrities be a part of it. I’m a little surprised former President George W. Bush wasn’t in attendance, but then again, I don’t recall him ever being present for any games at the American Airlines Center – he’s more of a Rangers and Cowboys fan. Oh, and occasional SMU basketball fan. But at least he made a video tribute.
  • I only want Dirk to play one more year, at least one game next year, for the sole reason that he wouldn’t have to go into the Basketball Hall of Fame with D Wade at his side.
  • I’m not a fan of lemon wedges in any of my drinks. Back in the day, I used to specifically request wait staff to not give me one because I didn’t to be wasteful, but now WifeGeeding will snag it and put it in her drink.
  • WifeGeeding received a text from our new pastor’s wife (the pastor doesn’t have a new wife, we have a new pastor who is married) late Sunday afternoon inviting us to dinner at a local BBQ joint where kids eat free on Sundays. They have three kids close to the ages of our kids, and she said it was a last minute sort of thing so don’t feel any pressure if we can’t make it. Usually, I’m a bit suspect when it comes to these sort of invites (remember, I’m a cynic). In similar past experiences, I’ve discovered an ulterior motive. For instance, there was a time some church friends invited us for dinner in which we thought they wanted to get to know us better but their real intent was to ask for money for an upcoming mission trip overseas. But, that wasn’t the case this time. All they wanted to do was spend some time together getting to know us and for our kids to play with each other, no asking us to volunteer or take part in something. They are new to the area and living in an apartment and I’m sure they just wanted to feel like a normal or ordinary family. I did my best not to bring up church-related stuff. Sure, the church is his is life and he’s my pastor, but I wanted him to feel like I was trying to get to know him as a person and as a friend. Usually, I fear interaction with other humans, but it was actually nice to step outside of my comfort zone and get to know someone new.
  • I’m so glad I got out of high school before promposals became a thing.
  • During a routine medical visit last week, it was revealed to WifeGeeding that she has a cyst on one of her ovaries. The doctor isn’t concerned (and neither are we) but she’s scheduled for a sonogram as a precaution.
  • I’m looking forward to watching this – Former Dunbar player ready to show his documentary about the legendary Robert Hughes
  • Despite living in Texas all of my and growing up in a small rural town, I still get annoyed when I see cowboy hats worn indoors. Lately, it has really bugged me when I see law enforcement representatives wearing them inside the White House.
  • We have Hamilton tickets for a performance later this month.
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Riding a Shark Fail

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Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, April 9, 1019

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Bag of Randomness for Monday, April 8, 2019

  • DaughterGeeding isn’t a typical child. A lot of kids stress out about taking the STARR test, even practice ones. Yet, she came home from school the other day excited to tell me about this fun test which she gets to read a story and answer questions and wished she could take more tests like that.
  • I’m not necessarily rooting for Texas Tech tonight (though I’m happy for my friends who are fans/alumni), but I really did like their business like attitude after their win against Michigan State. It is strange to think only one Texas college has won the men’s college basketball tournament, and that school doesn’t even go by the same name anymore.
  • For three weeks in December 1916, Rasputin and Kirk Douglas were alive at the same time.
  • Last week I discovered that the man who designed the glass and steel pyramid entrance of the Louvre museum in Paris, I.M. Pei, also designed Dallas City Hall, Dallas’ Meyerson Symphony Center, the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, as well as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He’ll turn 102 later this month if I just didn’t jinx him.
  • Why ‘Bless Your Heart’ Is The Most Savage Insult In The CountryAs a Southerner, I’ll tell you this: It’s the nicest way you’ll ever be called an idiot
    • I’ve posted several variations of this topic, but I think this one is the most well written.
  • Vietnamese supermarkets go back to leaves, leaving plastic bagsSeveral Vietnamese supermarkets have started using banana leaves to wrap vegetables in an effort to reduce plastic waste.
  • ‘Librarians Were the First Google’: New Film Explores Role Of Libraries In Serving The PublicA new film written and directed by Emilio Estevez explores the complicated relationship between libraries and the homeless community. “The Public” centers around the Cincinnati Public Library as the city experiences a bitter arctic chill.
  • Netflix Has Hired a New Screenwriter to Write an Alice in Wonderland/Wizard of Oz Crossover
  • When Putin’s around, GPS goes haywire, study finds
    • The ships’ GPS systems suddenly began to indicate they were actually 65 kilometers away, on land, in the middle of an airport. The incident is one of many highlighted in a new report that found the Kremlin “spoofed” global positioning systems, or GPS, to effectively place a bubble around Putin or properties associated with him. The researchers, with a nonprofit called C4ADS and the University of Texas at Austin, used public marine GPS databases, as well as a GPS monitoring device on the International Space Station to track similar instances.
  • I received this odd medial lab bill in the mail on Friday. I say it’s odd because not only are they claiming I owe them almost $3,000, but the date of service is four years old. It was for some sort of tox screen I can’t even remember taking. Curious, I looked up the company on Google.
    • The first result was a bankruptcy filing (Texas Eastern Bankruptcy Court Case 4:17-bk-41310, Filed: 06/19/2017, Last Filing: 02/11/2019).
    • The second search result was from the BBB which states it’s out of business. The page also has two comments made this week from people saying they received a similar dated bill as mine.
    • The first Google News result is a 2017 article about a lawsuit between them and CignaCigna Healthcare of Texas Inc. can’t escape a lawsuit by a Texas-based toxicology lab seeking to recover more than $13 million in allegedly unpaid services ( Rapid Tox Screen LLC v. Cigna Healthcare of Tex. Inc. , 2017 BL 298478, N.D. Tex., No. 3:15-cv-03632, 8/24/17 ).
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Bag of Randomness for Thursday, April 4, 2019

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Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, April 3, 2019

  • That’s the shower valve cartridge I replaced yesterday after WifeGeeding strenuously informed me our shower was kaput.  It’s probably as old as the GeedingManor, about 23-25 years old. To my amazement, this project only resulted in a single trip to Home Depot. Usually, when it comes to DIY home repair, no matter how well I plan things, it results in multiple trips to Lowes or Home Depot. The part only cost $17, and I estimate I saved at least $200 by not calling a plumber. The hardest part, due to all the hard water in the area, was disassembling the shower faucet and dislodging everything – hard water bonds everything together.
  • It seems like Houston might have more chemical fires this year than California will have wildfires.
  • WifeGeeding got pulled into The Central Park Five documentary on PBS last night.
  • This seems like it would be fun – ‘Iron Man VR’ is as close to being Tony Stark as you’re likely to get
  • Ford’s Mustang-inspired EV will travel more than 300 miles on a full batteryThe long-range SUV will debut later this year, and ships in 2020
  • Broke Millennial’s Guide to Investing If You Have Student LoansShould you pay off your loans faster or start putting money in the market?
    • Truthfully, the answer is simple: Yes, you should be investing when you have student loans. Now, buckle up for some actual number crunching. It’s the only way to make a compelling case for why it’s in your best interest to start investing before paying off student loans.
  • “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”
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Automated Robotic Valet System

Robot valets are now parking cars in one of France’s busiest airports

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Rocket Powered Golf Club

Summary: We made a rocket powered golf club that can swing at 150mph. Instead of just showing the final build I wanted to walk through the engineering design process. We failed in 6 different ways before eventually getting it just right. My friend Destin came and helped out and shot some amazing high speed shots on his nice Phantom camera.

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