Bag of Randomness for Thursday, August 17, 2017

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Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, August 16, 2017

  • Last month, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said, “You want to see chaos? You should come to my house early in the morning when my three kids are running around. That’s chaos. This is nothing.”
    • No one in that role wants to admit they can’t handle their job, but after the president’s press conference yesterday, I call bullshit.
  • The fact that a conflict has many sides does not imply that every side has merit.”
  • I always thought “The South shall rise again” was a bit of humor, but now I’m not sure. It could be prophetic.
  • A fourth top executive on Tuesday resigned from President Trump’s manufacturing council in the wake of his handling of the violence and terror attack in Charlottesville last weekend.” – CBS News
    • Yet not one person on Trump’s Evangelical Council has resigned. But then again, maybe he needs all the spiritual advice he can get.
  • I doubt Stone Mountain will be coming down anytime soon.
  • Fox News, Daily Caller delete posts encouraging people to drive through protests
  • ‘The Beverly Hillbillies’ mansion is now the most expensive home in the US
  • Applebee’s Gives Up On Millennials After Failed Rebranding Efforts
  • Yes, this is a campaign video from the losing candidate, but we all knew what we were getting ourselves into.


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Game of Thrones – Ice Ice Baby

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“Get down Mr. President!”

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Lost dog immediately recognizes owner in Judge Judy’s court room

This was really popular on Reddit and social media last night.

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Stairway Confused For A Parking Lot Entrance

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Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, August 15, 2017

  • Today is my sainted mother’s birthday, she would have been entering the last year of her sixties.
  • Another medical billing gripe: Children’sHealth robocalled me stating I have a late payment, which surprised me since I’ve paid every bill they’ve sent me. Later that day, I got a statement in the mail which indicated it was the second notification. It’s very important to me to pay bills on time, so I called in. The representative told me a statement was never sent out in the first place, but a “first statement” would be sent out later this week. Props to the representative for simply saying it was an error on their end and apologizing I received a phone call and late statement.
  • For the first time since taking the oath, President Trump will stayed the night at Trump Tower. In all seriousness, I’m sure he really misses the place, he’s lived there for a very long time. In a way, I bet he’s longed for it and it’s become a part of him. I’ve read several Secret Service books and they all state if a president were to stay the night in a building, it would be one of the lower level floors, nothing higher than what a firetruck ladder could reach in case there was an emergency. Trump’s residence is on floors 66 through 68, so I wonder how he worked that out. And to be a bit macabre, he’s a sitting target if there were to be another 9/11 attack or even if a Cessna with flammables or explosives were to hit it.
  • The Tank Traps, Fake Towns And Secret Tunnels Of The Korean Borderlands
  • The book I’m reading had a bit of a bizarre story about the time former President Nixon was in a California hospital to get several blood clots removed from his leg in 1974. President Ford just entered the hospital to pay him a visit, but the last person leaving Nixon’s hospital room accidentally let the door shut behind and it automatically locked. Nixon was a prisoner of sorts, locked in the hospital room all by himself, too sick to get up. A maintenance man finally was able to get in the room ten minutes later with the use of a hacksaw and then Presiden Ford was finally able to visit.
  • ESPN – Baylor avoided random drug testing, according to book
    • The drug policy makes it one of the few major collegiate programs not to randomly drug-test its student-athletes, according to the book.

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Bag of Randomness for Monday, August 14, 2018

  • During the children’s church part of the worship service at our church, our pastor asked, “Am I old?”. DaughterGeeding was the first to respond and said, “Well, it depends on what you are comparing yourself to.”
  • I don’t like to travel, but I’d love to travel to an area in the path of the upcoming total eclipse. I also think it would be cool to conceive a child during the eclipse.
  • I’m annoyed when I see outlet and light switch covers with paint on them. It shows whoever painted the room was too lazy to remove them which requires minimal effort. Such is the case with the previous owner of GeedingManor. After all these years, I finally removed the covers and clean the paint off and now have a little more peace of mind.
  • Something from  the subreddit Today I Learned which caught my attention:
  • My kind of humor – “Set your wifi password to 2444666668888888 . . .
    So when someone ask tell them it’s 12345678

    • “One two, three fours, five sixes, seven eights”
  • I don’t even care about the Ezekial Elliot suspension, it’s been a bit liberating trying to separate myself from sports fandom. As I’ve said, I don’t like how it’s blurred my bias and prioritized things in my life. But I’m afraid things may change once the season starts.
  • I’ve posted the picture at the top of this post before. Here’s some background on the 1992 photo if you are interested:
  • Random quote from the book I’m reading:
    • The most precious commodity of the United States of America is leader the gold bullion in Fort Knox Northern launch codes in its ballistic missiles. It is the time of the commander-in-chief colon there is only so much of it, and how its is spent shapes pretty much everything else.
  • After Harry Truman died in 1972, this Purple Heart was found in his desk drawer. Letter worth the read: (Photo/WWR)
    • Nursery Rd
      New Canaan
      Conn.Mr. TrumanAs you have been directly responsible for the loss of our son’s life in Korea, you might just as well keep this emblem on display in your trophy room, as a memory of one of your historic deeds.

      Our major regret at this time is that your daughter was not there to receive the same treatment as our son received in Korea.


      William Banning

  • Another picture of the Oval Office being renovated. They should have contracted with one of the thousand home renovation shows to do this for free.
  • He Can Hit a Golf Ball 445 Yards. Can He Become a Golfer?
  • This would certainly get my attention more than those skinny flappy parking lot blow up attractions.

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Don’t Be a Sucker by U.S. War Department – 1947

FWIW, My father was a Freemason.

Wikipedia | IMDB |

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New York High school football player killed after log falls on head during practice

Joshua Mileto, 16, of Farmingville, was participating in a strength and conditioning camp at the school at 177 Granny Rd., police said. Five athletes were performing a drill carrying a log overhead — with Mileto somewhere in the middle — when “the log fell and struck” him, police said.

Police said it’s not known at this point why the log was dropped and whether wet grass or the weight of the log — which police couldn’t immediately provide — were factors.

The log-carrying drill was designed to build teamwork in Navy SEALS training, said Bob O’Malley, president of the New York State Athletic Trainers Association. “I’ve never seen that drill in an athletic setting,” O’Malley said.

Photographs taken in the aftermath of the incident showed two solid-wood logs resembling telephone poles lying on the field, each about 10 feet long.

Full Story

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The Future of Soccer

This is a game I can get behind.

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Bag of Randomness for Friday, August, 11, 2017

  • I’ve never been to the United Kingdom, but I know they drive on the left side of the road or keep to the left side, or however you want to phrase it. That leads me to wonder, do sidewalk pedestrians in the United Kingdom also keep to the left side? What about escalators? In the U.S., the “up” escalator is always to the right.
  • If North Korea is attacked by anyone, I don’t think there’s any benefit for China to get involved, as long as their shared border is protected.
  • On Twitter, I follow a local reporter who tweeted she was happy shooting back to school stories. When I first glanced at the tweet, I thought there was another school shooting. I guess I’m Mr. Negative, always expecting the worst.
  • Yesterday on Twitter, I replied to a celebrity and got over 240 likes. I think that’s the most likes I ever have received.
  • Humans don’t get nine lives – West Texas A&M University officer dies after being bitten by feral cat
  • Amazon might take on Ticketmaster with concert and sports ticket sales
  • I’m sure a lot of conservative evangelicals would snicker at this – How faith led Hillary Clinton ‘out of the woods’.
    • If only she would have had someone like Rev. Dr. Robert Jeffress to spiritually guide her, she would have won the Electoral College.
  • The evolution of the napkin
  • The Extraordinary Size of Amazon in One Chart – Amazon is bigger than most brick and mortar retailer put together
  • GIF – There’s a better way to drive to Whataburger

  • That smaller aircraft is actually a drone developed back in 1962 – The Lockheed D-21

    • . . . the drone was intended for reconnaissance deep in enemy airspace. 

      The D-21 was designed to carry a single high-resolution photographic camera over a preprogrammed path, then release the camera module into the air for retrieval, after which the drone would self-destruct.

    • Several test flights were made, followed by four unsuccessful operational D-21 flights over the People’s Republic of China, and the program was canceled in 1971.

  • Biohackers Encoded Malware In A Strand Of DNA
    • . . . a group of researchers from the University of Washington has shown for the first time that it’s possible to encode malicious software into physical strands of DNA, so that when a gene sequencer analyzes it the resulting data becomes a program that corrupts gene-sequencing software and takes control of the underlying computer. 
  • 100-Year-Old Fruitcake Found in Antarctica Is ‘Almost’ Edible
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