It’s Monday, so start off with a nice pick me up

Yeah, I posted this song earlier, but the video below is how I first heard it which put a huge ‘ol smile on my face.

This is from the start of Craig Ferguson’s last show as host of the ‘Late Late Show’.  Maybe it’s because I was a bit emotional listening to Darlene Love’s last performance of ‘Baby Please Come Home’ on Letterman and this song immediately aired, but it’s now my new favorite song; and just seeing all the celebrity cameos is just icing on the cake.  Heck, if I were to die today, I’d want my funeral service to end with this song with the words projected on a screen so everyone could sing along and leave with some joy.

So do yourself a favor and crank the volume to eleven, pay attention to the lyrics, and play the video below.


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Bag of Randomness

Screenshot 2014-12-21 at 10.02.01 PM

  • “Hello Playoffs, we’re the Cowboys, remember us?” – Cowboys Announcer Brad Sham after last night’s Cowboys victory.
  • Making the playoffs is one thing, winning a playoff game is another, but it’s amazing to think how bad things looked after that first game against San Francisco and that Johnny Manziel was almost drafted and to see where things are now.
  • Gov Chris Christi is our lucky charm and needs to attend every Cowboys game from here on out.
  • It’s gonna feel weird not being let down in week 17 of the NFL season by the Cowboys.
  • Mack Brown is happy for Jason Garrett.
  • We drove to East Texas to do Christmas with WifeGeeding’s parents.  As soon as we got on the road DaughterGeeding wanted to play the quiet game.  Gosh, I love her.
  • BoyGeeding has a fascination with garbage trucks, and you may remember that for Halloween he dressed up as a garbage man.  His aunt gave him an unexpected Christmas present, a trip to the garbage truck facility.  He was a little intimidated at first with the loud sounds and the size of the truck, but after a little bit you never saw a happier kid when he got to pull the lever to compact the trash.  Sidenote:  I learned garbage trucks run around $250,000 -$300,000.
  • How cool is my father-in-law?  He bought tickets for everyone to attend the Cotton Bowl, but not everyone can or willing to attend (myself included).  He also gives us cash every year as a Christmas present.  For those not attending the game, he gave us an extra Benjamin.
  • I don’t feel like Lexus has beaten us up with their “December to Remember” commercials as much as they use to.
  • NFL football is great this time of year not only because the chances of watching a snow game is greater, but so are the chances of seeing cheerleaders wearing Santa outfits.
  • In the early years of this blog, I use to change the banner at the top to a Christmas theme and give a shout out to PHE, the only Jewish person I knew that read this blog.  I wonder if he still reads this thing.
  • I also use to ask people to send me Christmas cards and I don’t know why I stopped.  It was cool getting them from out of state, but it was really cool getting a few from Europe and Canada.  I specifically remember a Heather from Toronto that said WifeGeeding and I would be invited for dinner anytime we were in the area.  I wonder if the offer still holds.
  • Those last two bullet points came about because I was looking at some old emails and was reminded how this blog has changed (as have I) over time, and how I use to be funnier and more open about my thoughts and observations.
  • Friday night was a bit emotional for me in that pop-culture-I’m-getting-older-and-things-are-changing-and-I-feel-uncomfortable-about-it-kind-of-way.  It was the last ‘Late Show with David Letterman’ Christmas show that featured the phenomenal Darlene Love.  It’s amazing how her first time singing that song with Dave in 1986 on NBC was with just the house band of four and how it has turned into a theatrical event.  This year it was still grand but toned down a bit.  And then right after her song the last ‘Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson’ started with a great opening of singing with a cattle call of celebrities.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, no one has done more with less, and with class and humor than Ferguson.
  • One more note about Darlene Love and that song.  The song was released the day JFK was assassinated and flopped, and a teenage Cher sang backup vocals.
  • Okay, one more final note about that song, I promise.  Christmas is pushed on us earlier and earlier each year and I grow spiteful.  It’s hard for me to really appreciate the season until it’s almost over, and the Late Show Christmas episode with Darlene Love joyfully boasting that song finally flips the switch in me that allows me to take in the Christmas season.
  • Ferguson’s last guest was Jay Leno, who looked more relaxed and at peace than I’ve ever seen him.  It was a bit weird seeing him on CBS, and I still hope he shows up on Dave’s show before all is said and done.  But Jay did air a little grievance when he commended Ferguson for being fair and not joining the “late night talk show host snippy club”.  I read a review that said having Leno on as the last guest was a bit of a shot at Letterman since Letterman’s production company is associated with Ferguson’s show, but I think people are looking too much into things.
  • After President Obama’s appearance on Colbert the mic was left on and you can hear both of them sing ‘We’ll Meet Again’.  I qued the video to get straight to the singing part.
  • Pictures of what the roofless Pontiac Silverdome looks like today, which is a lot like Chernobyl.
  • In New Jersey – A man who can’t use his arms because of a spinal condition and faces a gun possession charge was released from jail without having to pay bail on Friday.
  • One of the great joys of my childhood was walking and riding my bike to school with classmates.
  • I hear a certain Wise County lawyer will be making a television appearance – TLC to Air ‘My Husband’s Not Gay’ Special in January
  • A lot of people are upset with Sony Pictures pulling The Interview but their anger should be directed at all the movie chains, I think five major ones, that decided not to show it because they didn’t want to be held liable should a terrorist attack actually unfold.  It wasn’t until almost all theaters pulled out that Sony Pictures decided to back out.  Their official statement should have lead with a reference that they were only pulling the movie because of the theaters, thus shifting the blame.
  • I wish North Korea’s official response would have been more on the lines of “We were not responsible for this cyber attack, but we thought it was really cool.”
  • All of this movie-dictator-terrorist talk reminds me of this great opening scene from The Naked Gun:
  • The death of those two NYPD officers is horrible, and is eerily similar to the death of a NYPD cop in the last episode of ‘Elementary’.
  • I bet when you read this headline your first thought isn’t of a white male, mine wasn’t – At 22, student is youngest ever to earn Ph.D. (Physics) from UT-Dallas
  • New plan for Astrodome includes indoor park, zip lines
  • Cadillac will let you replace your rearview mirror with a video feed in 2016 – With the wide-angle video feed enabled, the “mirror” will offer a field of view up to four times greater than that of a standard mirror
  • Today’s dose of ‘MURICA!
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My new favorite song (at the moment)

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In anticipation of Letterman’s last Christmas show

If you aren’t impressed with Darlene Love’s singing, maybe you’ll be impressed with the editing of the video.

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Here’s the star-studded sing-a-long farewell Colbert bit from last night

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NASA emailed a wrench to space

While I think the story is pretty cool itself, I was a bit perturbed that a technology publication didn’t capitalize each letter in NASA – as in National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) .

But after a bit of research, I noticed this was posted on the UK version of the magazine, and a lot of times in those publications they don’t capitalize each letter in an acronym.  As for a reason why, the best I could find was something on The Straight Dope message board in which someone emailed the BBC about their practice of not capitalizing each letter in an acronym and this was their response, “Where acronyms are concerned News Online’s editorial style is to use upper and lower case letters for those that are pronounceable eg Nasa, Aids etc. We capitalise those that are not pronounceable such as BBC, RSPCA etc.”



When International Space Station commander Barry Wilmore needed a wrench, Nasa knew just what to do. They “emailed” him one. This is the first time an object has been designed on Earth and then transmitted to space for manufacture.

Made In Space, the California company that designed the 3D printer aboard the ISS, overheard Wilmore mentioning the need for a ratcheting socket wrench and decided to create one. Previously, if an astronaut needed a specific tool it would have to be flown up on the next mission to the ISS, which could take months.

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Bag of Randomness


  • Even though the part wasn’t demanding, DaughterGeeding was a great Mary in her Christmas play.  We arrived to her school early to get good seats and I was asked if I was the professional videographer.  That stuff happens all the time to us folks of Asian descent, and I didn’t even have a tripod.  The preschool director said she opted to not hire a videographer this year so all the mothers then appointed me the official one and asked that I share the recording with them.  So if you are interested in the ten-minute play, you can watch it here.  As for what I used to record it, it was just my Canon digital camera that I use for most of my pictures.  And I got a kick that Mary was a quarter-Asian married to a black Joseph.
  • Nothing was really on TV last night but I caught an episode of TLC’s ‘Santa Sent Me to the ER’, a show about accidents during the Christmas season which of course caused an ER visit.  The best line from the show came from a doctor, “As a medical professional and or anyone with just common sense, I would advise against blind jumping down a chimney.”
  • I know most chimneys aren’t made large enough for any human to fit through and there are urban legends galore, but I distinctly remember a local story in the 80’s with Clarice Tensely reporting it.  A father went missing for days and was found later in a Santa suit stuck in a chimney after the body started to smell.  Unbeknown  to the wife and kids, he was trying to surprise to them and no one knew of his plan.
  • A couple of days ago, mentioned that Fox4 use to be CBS station KDFW 4 but couldn’t quite remember the reason why and he got the timeframe a bit off, or something like that.  It’s easy for me to remember  because I was in my first year of college (1994-95) and that was when CBS lost the NFL to Fox.  The Cowboys were a hot ticket at the time and KDFW was long known as the primary station for the Cowboys as they mainly aired NFC games.  In my mind, KDFW didn’t want to lose any rating numbers connected to the Cowboys and decided to switch stations, though I know that’s not exactly correct.
  • I’m guessing the price of a barrel of oil does not include the actual barrel.
  • I’m not sure how the current administration can say (though not officially) that North Korea is behind the Sony hack.  I’ve read a few reports from hackers saying that with North Korea’s current online infrastructure it would be impossible when you consider the amount of data that had to be moved over the time period involved.  They went on to say that it could have been done in China by North Korean hackers or a hired hand, or a scenario similar to Russians using Korean code to mask their efforts.
  • I didn’t have any plans on watching The Interview and was easily annoyed by their commercial in which James Franco says “whaaaaat” annoyingly, but I’m peeved it got pulled from theaters.  But I’m more peeved that Paramount has pulled Team America from theaters.
  • I knew the U.S. was able to have the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba because of a treaty, but I didn’t know that the land is actually leased for “the annual lease payment of USD$2,000 in U.S. gold coin“.  Gizmo provides a different number and states the checks have never been cashed – The U.S. pays Cuba about $4,085 every year for lease of the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base. But the country refuses to accept it. 
  • 9 questions about Cuba you were too embarrassed to ask
  • For you fans of the ‘Serial’ podcast, you might like this Funny or Die skit.
  • ‘Jesus is the reason for the season,’ politician says. At a menorah lighting ceremony for Hanukkah.
  • Amazon ‘suppresses’ book with too many hyphens Graeme Reynolds’s novel High Moor 2: Moonstruck was withdrawn when the site decided 100 hyphenated words in 90,000 ‘impacted the readability’ of the book
  • Chicago cabbies get racy for second-ever Taxi Calendar
  • Toyota wants to get rid of gas and replace it with hydrogen
  • I’ve noticed a lot of newsmen and television hosts sporting the three-piece suit as of late.
  • I thought Craig Ferguson did a stand up thing last night by starting the show off by talking to the man behind Geoff The Robot and all the other voices on his show.  That actor is much better than Frank Caliendo, just check out this Morgan Freeman impersonation that wowed the actor himself.
  • I thought ‘The Daily Show’ didn’t end with their traditional Moment of Zen last night, but it actually aired at the end of ‘The Colbert Report’.
  • For Colbert’s last show, he had a plethora of guests sing a song that stretched the celebrity spectrum like none before – actors, musicians, authors, politicians, scientists, athletes, service men and women, Muppets, columnists, and on and on and on.  It really was impressive to see who his folks were able to get for a quick bit.  I never thought I’d see a mix of Toby Keith, Kareem, Henry Kissinger, George Lucas, Bryan Cranston, James Franco, current Chief of Staff of the Army U.S. Army General Ray Odierno, Big Bird, Alice Cooper, and Ken Burns in my entire live.  And that was just scratching the surface.
  • I don’t think anything is more ‘MURICA than the ‘Colbert Report’ open.  It opens and ends with a star-spangled bald eagle, case closed.
  • Today’s dose of ‘MURICA!
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Tempting Recipe of the Day

Microwave Potato Chips

When we first discovered microwave potato chips four years ago, it was nothing short of a revelation. Even now, the fact that a short spin in the microwave can transform slices of potato into crispy (truly crispy!) chips without needing a drop of oil still seems like magic.


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They say all advertising is good advertising


A Texas plumber traded in his black Ford F-250 pickup truck at a Houston dealership and it ends up on the front lines of the Syrian civil war, operated by terrorist fighters.  His plumbing company has been bombarded with threats after a photo of his old truck appeared on a terrorist Twitter feed, equipped with an anti-aircraft gun in the truck bed with the company logo on still on the door.  I bet next time he remembers to remove the decal.


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Bag of Randomness


  • The United States will open an embassy in Cuba and restore diplomatic relations?!  The next thing you know we’ll have a military base over there.
  • Yes, I know we already have a military base in Cuba.
  • I was pretty surprised at how quickly CBS News got Scott Pelley to Havana yesterday.  I wonder if he got some inside info to get there so fast, or when he woke up, didn’t have any idea he’d be in Cuba later that day.
  • After the fall of Saigon my mother immigrated to the U.S. with my father.  During the embargo, she only visited her homeland once and was heartbroken at the living conditions.  When the embargo was lifted, she shed tears of joy because even though the government she hated would benefit, her family and all Vietnamese would benefit even more and have a better quality of life.  Although my knowledge of Cuban and U.S. relations is paltry, I’m looking at it from the point of view of my mother and her homeland when the embargo was lifted.
  • Congress will end up supporting a renewed relationship with Cuba because corporations control Congress, and there’s there’s too much money to be made in Cuba by U.S. corporations.  Soon oil companies will be drilling off their coast, Starbucks and McDonalds will be on every corner, and FedEx and UPS will be delivering packages to Havana that were ordered by their citizens on mobile devices that are connected to wireless networks set up by AT&T.  And perhaps next year the hot Christmas gift for U.S. men will be Cuban cigars.
  • To sum up my thoughts:
  • B5GjmNMCIAAY4CNI’m waiting for the ‘South Park’ creators to create an episode about this whole North Korea and Sony scenario, or at least create a Team America sequel.
  • Speaking of Team America, since they aren’t going to be able to screen The Interview, the Alamo Draft House will instead show Team America.
  • Romney: Release ‘The Interview’ for free online
  • I link to Playboy for the articles – Every Episode of Every ‘Star Trek’ Series Ever, Ranked
  • ‘The Colbert Report’s’ First Head Writer Remembers the Show’s Early Days and the Correspondents’ Dinner
  • The Dallas Morning News has launched The Hungry Games – a fight to declare the most popular chain restaurant in all the land.
  • A winning record also helps the bottom line – Cowboys now most valuable U.S. sports franchise
  • Remember that Toronto man that bought airfare for a global adventure with his girlfriend only to break up with her, and then went to the Internet to find another girl with the same name to go on the trip so the tickets wouldn’t go to waste?  It turns out 18 girls with the same name contacted him, and he ended up choosing a cute 23-year-old, but she already has a boyfriend.
  • There’s some strange people in this world, but thankfully the dog gets to liveAn Indiana woman who couldn’t live without her dog drew up a very controversial will. When Connie Lay recently passed away, her attorney revealed her German Shepherd ‘Bella’ would be put down so her ashes could be mixed in with her owners.
  • Law Enforcement Is the Fattest Profession, Study Finds
  • Like many others, I thought that when people lost weight, fat got “burned” off by being converted into heat and energy and some of it turned into muscle.  It turns out you actually BREATHE out 84% of that fat and the other 16% of fat escapes your body in the form of water (in your sweat, pee, breath and so on).
  • ‘Survivor’ changed the format on their season finale by airing segments and then going to Jeff in a live studio.  But the final reward was what I liked best, the winner got a chance to practice the final immunity challenge alone before the others even knew what the challenge was.
  • Today’s dose of ‘MURICA!
  • The Navy now has an underwater shark drone.
  • Tomorrow’s just your future yesterday.
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Derby the dog: Running on 3D Printed Prosthetics

See how unique, custom-3D printed prosthetics allow derby the dog to run for the first time.

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More Info On The Largest U.S. Indoor Ski Center That Will Be In Grand Praire

Here’s an article with a few more details.

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