Bag of Randomness for Thursday, March 21, 2019

  • I wonder how awkward dinner is at the George and Kellyanne Conway house.
  • The high school in my hometown of Mineral Wells is getting a new principal, his name is Dr. Funk. I bet he’s heard every joke possible when it comes to his name. I had a friend in college with the last name of Massingill, he was a pretty cool dude.
  • DaughterGeeding read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets in less than 20 hours.
  • A lot of times when I look at a lifetime of photos of someone, there’s a phase, perhaps in their thirties, in which they look older than they do when they are in their forties.
  • – The Rivalry Between Two Doctors to Implant the First Artificial HeartFeaturing titans of Texas medicine, the race was on to develop the cutting-edge technology
  • I find the selection of a photo for an obituary or celebration of life a funeral interesting. Out of a lifetime of photos, a family member will have to choose a single one. Some will choose a photo taken at the latter stage of life, perhaps because it’s most recent and it’s how most people think of their loved one. Yet, sometimes they will choose a photo at a time in that person’s life when they were most active or well dressed. All that came to mind looking at the obituaries in my hometown newspaper, in particular, military photos of loved ones taken in the sixties or seventies.
  • How The Very Hungry Caterpillar Became a Classic
  • Mr. Rogers’ Selective Service Registration Card
  • A paraglider lands and a kangaroo picks a fight with him
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45 rattlesnakes removed from under house near Albany, TX

“This is nothing. We do this all the time.”


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Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, March 20, 2019

  • There’s going to be a Toy Story 4. After watching the last, I don’t think I could be emotionally strong enough to handle another.
  • There’s a huge chemical fire which is expected to burn for days near Houston. Authorities state the air quality around the area is safe. I don’t trust the authorities. I remember hearing the same thing from authorities about the air quality around Ground Zero which turned out to toxic and cancerous.
  • I guess I never noticed it was spelled without an “h” – Who Still Buys Wite-Out, and Why?Correction fluids have improbably outlasted the typewriter and survived the rise of the digital office.
  • I came across a show on A&E called ‘The Toe Bro’. It’s a reality series about a podiatrist and it’s not for the faint of heart. It’s similar to TLC’s ‘Dr. Pimple Popper’, who I think is a must-follow on Twitter if you like to see pimples explode.
  • What Every Kid in the College Admissions Scandal Knew About the ScamHere’s a succinct — well, uh, a more succinct — list of everyone involved and what they did and did not know.
  • Eight years and 1 million photos: What Eric Draper learned photographing George W. Bush
  • Cindy McCain shared a vulgar tweet directed at and her daughter.
  • The Surprisingly Long History of Throwing Eggs at Politicians
  • Perhaps, the greatest Batman scene ever.
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Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, March 19, 2019

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Bag of Randomness for Monday, March, 18, 2019

  • I saw a commercial for something called Sprite Lymonade which was described as a Sprite with a hint of lemonade. I raised an eyebrow. Sprite is a lemon/lime drink. There’s already lemon in it. Lemonade has sugar and water in it, Sprite already has sugar and water in it. Oh well.
  • Anderson Cooper was on ’60 Minutes’ last night doing a segment on Monaco. Some tour guide was telling him how the wealthy live and where they hang out and I started laughing, Cooper’s mother is Gloria Vanderbilt, a direct heir of Cornelius Vanderbilt, one of the richest men in history.
  • I was dreading doing my taxes on Saturday, but when I logged into TurboTax it stated I already filed. Well, everything but the very last step. It turns out I filed them the night before after taking an Ambien. On Friday night, I remember thinking about starting on them since everyone was in bed, but don’t recall actually starting them.
  • Conquer Monday like this dog conquered his fear.
  • I thought Monica Lewinsky’s answer to the following question on Twitter was interesting.
    • @Bcbudinto – This may sound like a strange question but of the two, which would you say was more harmful to you personally? I’m a guy, and have never been shamed in either way, so I’m just trying to understand the impact. Obvs they’re both bad and should never be done.
    • @MonicaLewinsky – having been both slut + body shamed, former harmful cuz it stigmatizes behavior + the person who engaged in it … latter so destructive cuz it attacks your whole being. (probs could be more articulate but awake since 4.15 am) ANYWAY props to @jameelajamil + @samsmith #iweigh
  • Today’s dose of ‘MURICA!

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Blame DJ Tanner for planting the seed

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Bag of Randomness for Friday, March 15, 2019

  • Sometimes I hear stories of high school seniors being accepted to something like 17 colleges and universities. I never understood why one would apply to so many other than vanity. If you can’t make it into your top five, then you need to reevaluate some things. I believe every application comes with a fee, so that can add up.
  • Virgin Trains USA, a transportation startup (Sir Richard Branson is a minority owner), is exploring two high-speed routes in Texasone tying together Austin, Houston, and San Antonio, and the other between Dallas and Houston.
  • The Hottest Chat App for Teens Is … Google DocsHow a writing tool became the new default way to pass notes in class
  • Virginia Mother Admits Injecting Child With Her Own Blood
    • A Virginia woman who admitted putting her blood in her son’s nose and mouth while he was in the hospital said she did it because she wanted her son to get attention from the hospital staff.
  • Nebraska family builds lifelike Ford Mustang out of snow: Trooper gives it ticket
  • One heck of a collision
  • Armchair political pundit time
    • Candidates have to strike when the iron is hot, not when they are ready. If JFK or Obama would have postponed running until the next election cycle they never would have become president. I think Chris Christie could have become president if he ran 2012, but he stated he didn’t think he was ready and had too much respect for the office to run without being ready. With all that in mind, there’s no better opportunity for Beto to run than now. I’m not endorsing the man or prognosticating a victory, I’m just stating he’ll never have a better opportunity. He was on Ellen and Colbert, and HBO is even doing a documentary about his failed Senate run. LeBron wore a Beto hat, Steve Kerr expressed his hope hed run, and other celebrities love him – he’s got a bit of electricity around him and has great exposure. He’ll have to overcome the fact he couldn’t win a statewide election in his home state.
    • President Trump is right, he does talk with his hands a bit much.
    • One tweet about him which stuck with me through most of the day, “Beto’s got VP written all over him.” If the Dems don’t nominate him as their top candidate and certain he’ll be the second person on their ticket.
    • I know candidates get asked the same questions and often have the same formulaic answers and will give the same speech repeatedly at different events, but I felt like Beto sounded too rehearsed when interviewed or speaking at these things. It was a bit like Groundhog Day. He lost some genuineness and authenticity points with me.
  • Germany: Crematorium goes up in flames, bodies survive
  • A fun little chart – How People Meet Their Partners
  • College Basketball Player Perfectly Executes An Off-The-Butt Pass To Score Last-Second Game Winner

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Bag of Randomness for Thursday, March 14, 2019

  • I don’t get out much, but I can’t recall the last time I’ve seen someone carry a briefcase. When I kid, it was my job to carry my father’s briefcase when he arrived home and place it next to his desk. I did that from first grade all the way through my college years when I returned home. I thought if I ever had children, they would do something similar for me. Since I work from home, that’s not a possibility. But, sometimes when the kids arrive home from school I’ll carry their backpacks in.
  • BoyGeeding has been filming DaughterGeeding doing a newscast. Don’t worry, I’ll spare you and won’t post them, but other than news she also does the weather and traffic. I hope it’s simply them having fun, but it’s a slight concern it’s a way to get my attention since they always tell me my favorite tv show is the news.
  • President Trump wore a striped tie yesterday, I’ve grown accustomed to him only wearing solid colored ties.
  • I read something yesterday which led me to the following interrogative:
    Is the dreamer is always greater than the dream?
  • While watching a story about the college admissions scandal, I learned what school has the most Fortune 500 CEOs – The University of Wisconsin currently has 14 of them.
  • Google’s Lookout app says what it sees for blind users in the US
  • Restored footage of the first nuclear bomb detonation
  • The white crayon, for the most part, is useless. 
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Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, March 13, 2019

  • Whoever at the Justice Department came up with the name “Operation Varsity Blues” deserves a raise.
  • Yesterday, LiberallyLean mentioned the town of Wizard Wells. Never hearing of it before, I thought he was poking fun of my hometown of Mineral Wells, but he wasn’t.
  • I’ve watched both Creed movies. No disrespect to Micheal B. Jordan, but I think Carl Weathers looked bigger, was more cut, and much quicker. I also think Ivan Drago’s son would have gone into MMA instead of boxing.
    • Per IMDB – “Rocky, who is now training Apollo Creed’s son, is two years older than Mickey was when he trained Rocky in the original movie.”
  • Alphabet’s AI-powered Chrome extension hides toxic comments
    • Using “filter mix” controls, users can either turn toxic comments off altogether (what’s known as “zen mode”) or show selective types of posts containing attacks, insults, or profanity. Tune also works with Reddit, YouTube and Disqus.
  • The Songs That Saved Them From SuicideThe Science Around Music Therapy Is Nascent, But There’s No Doubt That It’s Already Saving Lives
  • Los Angeles Times – The official breakfast cereal power rankings: Part I
  • Senator Mitch Romney’s staff presented him with a birthday cake made of Twinkies, but the way he blew out the candles was a bit unique.

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Man nearly being swallowed by a whale

I love the guy’s pun-heavy humor at the end. I’m guessing any Jonah reference would be prosaic and predictable.

A DRAMATIC set of pictures show a man nearly being swallowed by a Bryde’s Whale off Port Elizabeth Harbour. Rainer Schimpf, 51, has worked as a dive tour operator in South Africa for over 15 years. But in February, he experienced something very rare – the inside of a whale’s mouth. In perfect sea conditions, Rainer and his team set off to document a sardine run – a natural event where gannets, penguins, seals, dolphins, whales and sharks work together to gather the fish into bait balls. Rainer and his colleagues film the expedition for educational and environmental purposes.Split into two groups, Rainer led his team into the ocean, about 25 nautical miles from shore.But it was when the sea suddenly churned up that the team knew something strange was happening.

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Neat Bartender Trick

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Bag of Randomness for Monday, March 11, 2019

  • WifeGeeding’s friend created that college of me as a child (middle), DaughterGeeding (left), and BoyGeeding (right). I love it. I never took the time to compare what I looked like as a child to my children. I mean, I have mentally, but never with the pictures next to one another.
  • The wife and kids are in East Texas visiting family during spring break.  you can only imagine the parties will be throwing at GeedingManor the next few days.
  • It turns out I correctly diagnosed the problem with the refrigerator water dispenser, the water valve was defective after all. We bought that refrigerator at a Sears outlet back in January of 2005 and only had to have it repaired once, maybe twice. The average life expectancy for a properly maintained refrigerator is between 14 and 17 years, so we are in that window.
  • We watched Captain Marvel this weekend and really enjoyed it. It was set in 1995, but I was a little disappointed it didn’t have more subtle 90’s references. Sure, there were obvious ones like dialup internet and a Blockbuster. But I wanted to see a Ford Probe or a Chevy Beretta in the background. Marvel does a great job of storytelling and using commercials and trailers to make you think things will develop one way only to take you another.
  • While I was excited to see Captain Marvel, I have to admit I was probably just as giddy to see the end credits scenes to piece together things for the next Avengers movie. Here are a few non-spoiler theories:
    • Many fans have questioned why Nick Fury hasn’t used the pager before. I bet we find out he has and he either couldn’t answer or has appeared before and no one knew it.
    • I bet we’ll see Captain Marvel at the moment the pager goes off.
  • Superhero movies are such a great escape for me. I escape this reality and get lost in another one for a few hours and leave feeling like a kid again.
  • GIF – Star Trek fans should enjoy this underwater Enterprise.
  • Thirty years from now, I bet the number of fighter pilots actually flying in cockpits will drop by more than 50%. Most fighter jets will be operated remotely or AI.
  • Nature is a patient sculpture.
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