Transforming Birthday Cake – Optimus Prime

My boy asked for a Transformers cake for his 6th birthday. I decided to up the ante, my wife did the actual cake.

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Something for those that enjoy teacher meetings, Les Misérables, and flash mob type stuff

You may just want to skip ahead to the 1:18 mark . . .

While the West Des Moines Community School District Superintendent was beginning her speech to the staff of WDMCS at the district-wide welcome back meeting, the teachers of the district created a flash mob to the enjoyment of their unsuspecting colleagues. With only one more day of preparation left, the teachers shared their talents by performing a parody of the song, “One more day” from Les Miserables.

Many thanks to the teachers and staff members (only 12 are music teachers) who voluntarily came to school to rehearse in June and July to prepare for this performance!

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Bag of Randomness for Friday, August 28, 2015


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Drone catches a man napping on top of a Rhode Island wind turbine

A drone pilot taking a look at a giant wind turbine was startled to find a man sunbathing on the top of it.

Kevin Miller flew the drone all the way up the 200ft turbine to find the mystery man flat on his back catching some rays.

Woken from his nap by the noise of the drone, he sits up, gives a wave, and looks rather nonplussed as the drone moves in further for a good look.


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There’s a dollar sign on top of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas




I discovered this from this Reddit post.

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What Happens to Your Checked Luggage at the Airport – YouTube

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Usain Bolt’s Career Almost Came to An Abrupt End Because of a Segway

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Sinkhole Swallows Up Pedestrians in China

A sinkhole opened in China, sucking in five people. At least four were injured. (Aug. 28)

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Babies Get Busted

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Bag of Randomness for Thursday, August 27, 2015


  • The nurse sent us an email yesterday stating that DaughterGeeding had a tummy ache, drank some water and rested in her office, and then felt better and went back to the classroom.  When she got home, we asked how her day was and she said, “Rough. I started crying and I didn’t know why. I think I just wanted Mommy.”
  • I can’t imagine what it must be like to find out about your loved one’s death via social media or on live television. And I bet the reality of the reporter and camera man’s death hasn’t really hit all their coworkers yet, it seems like they were all processing it all day and haven’t gotten the chance to let it all sink in.
  • Dan of the BaDD radio team was talking about going back home to Cleveland and checking out his childhood home.  His memories made him think the house was huge, but now looking at it as an adult, he realizes it was actually a bit small.  I remember coming home from college one time and that feeling hit me, that this place use to feel so much bigger.  Somewhat related, it’s strange seeing the parents of my childhood friends.  My memories of them are that they are tall, and some big and intimidating.  Now when I interact with them, it feels so odd literally looking down at them.
  • Sports technology – Buzzfeed – Here’s The NFL’s Blisteringly Accurate New Way To Track Players On The Field – Under every player’s shoulder pad there’s a tiny chip transmitting his location, down to the inch. A look at the tech that could change the game.
  • It was interesting observing the reactions when Boise State made an official statement denying knowledge of Ukwuachu being violent toward women.  Baylor supporters quickly stated this was proof the university and Briles were innocent of any wrongdoing.  And then the other side made it clear this was Boise State just trying to protect themselves from a legal standpoint after their former coach, who no longer has any direct ties to the university and isn’t obligated to run any statements by them, quickly reacted to a statement Briles made about not being fully informed about Ukwuachu.
  • Kobe Bryant is dead on with this statement, “Here’s the thing though, when you say it at the time you actually mean it and then when you get older you have more perspective and you’re like holy s—t, I was an idiot when I was a kid.”  I think about many regretful things I’ve said and done as I look at the road behind me.
  • I bet Lakers fans think about what might have been if Shaq and Kobe would have stayed together just as much as Cowboys fans wonder what would have happened if Jimmy Johnson stayed on as head coach.
  • A timeline detailing all the Star Wars media that is now considered canon after Disney’s takeover.
  • I guess she was craving some sausage – San Antonio woman arrested, fired after allegedly stealing $3,000 in sausage
  • Life in the smallest school district in Texas – At Divide School, outside Kerrville, the third graders sit in class with the sixth graders, the superintendent is also the repairman, and recess can mean hopping over cow patties.
  • This could prevent them from making 61 – Couple Eat at Original Wedding Cake to Mark 60 Years Together
  • Ashley Madison was working on an app called What’s Your Wife Worth
  • One reason why I fear swimming in lakes – Houston teen stricken with brain-eating amoeba – Doctors believe the amoeba entered through his nose and got into his brain when he jumped into a lake at the Sam Houston National Forest
  • I tend to think fantasy football is only for people thirty-years-old or younger.
  • A close look at NASA’s Orion spacecraft after its parachute test
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Trying to get out of being towed

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The man has standards



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