CNN Reporting Old News

This is their front-page story this morning.

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This is from ’60 Minutes’ from more than two years ago:

Floppy disks and nuclear missiles?
APRIL 26, 2014, 6:25 PM|Remember floppy disks? They’re used by one of the computers that would receive a presidential order to launch a nuclear missile. And, as Lesley Stahl reports, they’re the really big, old kind of floppy disks. Watch Stahl’s full report “America’s Missile Fields” to hear why that might be a good thing.

The CNN article doesn’t state a huge benefit of the old disks which ’60 Minutes’ does in their full segment, there’s no need to worry about online hackers. and not easily copied.

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Thursday’s Bag of Randomness



  • I’m used to taking a proactive role in caring for my sister, a lot of that came with my mother being widowed and raising my sister by herself. But now that she’s married, I know my role and have backed off, it’s her husband’s job to be the primary caretaker. But you know what, it’s a bit hard letting go. She’ll be in the hospital one, maybe two more days.
  • My mind was in a thousand places yesterday and I just couldn’t think clearly, I even forgot to eat lunch. For me, that’s very strange.
  • I know they brought in a new producer or whatever for Colbert’s show, but I’ve noticed a few things – his hair is shorter on the sides, the show starts with a brief sketch, the intro music has been slightly modified, and he’s doing some awkward bits that Dave used to do, especially with the audience. And I’m not certain, but I think the stage background has changed when he does the monolog.
  • Clickbait for loyal reader, Ben – Buzzfeed – Only A True Fan Of Disney Parks Can Get More Than 15/20 In This Quiz
  • But I like the simplicity of Craig’sList – The Internet’s 10 “Ugliest” Websites
  • The last season was so bad it became extinct – True Detective is probably dead
  • So happy this show will get a proper send-off and the writers know what to work with – The Americans gets to end on its own terms with two-season final renewal‏
  • GIF – I’m highly impressed with the soccer drill these two women are doing, it takes some serious hand-eye-foot coordination to toss and catch a tennis ball while kicking a soccer ball to one another.
  • Granbury ISD superintendent fires back at officials over transgender directive
    • “I would urge our political leaders to concentrate on issues they directly control, like the billion + dollars they have spent on a failed testing system, why Texas is near the bottom in the nation in funding public schools, or why we have one of the highest rates of poverty and uninsured children in the country. If they will address and solve those state-wide problems, I feel certain that we can handle the local issue of where our students go to the bathroom.”
  • The Star Wars Episode VII vinyl soundtrack has 3D holograms carved into the records
  • I never knew Ronald Reagan and Bobby Kennedy participated in an organized televised debate here’s a picture – @BeschlossDC – Robert Kennedy’s TV debate with Ronald Reagan on youth & Vietnam War, this month 1967, drew 15 million viewers: #CBS
  • I’m intrigued – Mozzarella Stick Onion Rings
  • It’s hard to think of a better name than Slim Whitman.
  • On track to be Dallas ISD’s youngest teacher, teen had one big hurdle – and it’s not her age – Here’s how the 17-year-old is making it happen: She completed requirements for her associate’s degree this month from Eastfield College. She will graduate on June 2 with her high school diploma. In July, she’ll start a program through Texas Tech University that will allow her to obtain a bachelor’s degree and teacher certification in one year. She’ll be turning 19 when she begins as a bilingual elementary teacher in August 2017. 
    • I’m sure this part will upset some folks: She’s also an undocumented immigrant, crossing the U.S. border from Mexico with her family at age 3


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Wednesday’s Bag of Randomness


  • DaughterGeeding’s elementary school had an awards ceremony last night. Award after award was given out and I thought she wouldn’t get a thing, but they saved the most distinguished awards towards the end and she was fortunate to receive one. Yeah, I know it’s just kindergarten, but I’m still proud of her.
  • Her school is too small to host all parents and teachers, so they used the Lutheran church across the street, which didn’t bother me in the least. However, one could easily tell many in attendance were part of another faith, and they seemed happy to be there. It got me to thinking, what if the church wasn’t Lutheran but another religion, would the school or parents of Christian children feel comfortable with the event hosted there?
  • While I was honored to be at such an event, I’ll fully admit, it was a total beating. And to think my parents attended all of mine without the modern-day luxury of a smartphone.
  • My youngest sibling’s appendix ruptured yesterday. I visited her last night after the awards ceremony. She’s at Baylor University Center Dallas, which gave me mixed feelings. That’s a top notch facility, but parking and finding the correct building and room is a nightmare. Luckily, they have some very friendly staff that’s willing to help, and they can easily spot the “where the hell do I go” face. As for my youngest sibling, she was in a lot of pain and slowly recovering.
  • The first story on the ‘CBS Evening News’ was Bill Cosby, the second was Baylor. Nothing like two rape-related stories to start off the evening. Crude joke headline I read on Reddit – Dr. Bill Cosby to be next president of Baylor.
  • I’m holding off most of my Baylor thoughts until there’s actual confirmation of a firing or resignation. Baylor addressed the reporting of Ken Starr’s potential firing/resignation/reassignment by stating they expect to announce official news by June 3, which I think is one part smartly strategic and one part cowardly. They gave themselves a due date of June 3, which is the Friday of a three-day weekend. The best time to release news you don’t want getting any traction is on a Friday, and if that Friday is part of an extended weekend like Memorial Day, that’s just gravy. I understand image control, but doing so doesn’t seem like addressing the issue head on. Note: I made a mistake on the dates which invalidates what I wrote, so that’s why I have the text crossed out.
  • Starr needs to fired and shouldn’t be reassigned to another position or offered the chance to resign. After reading several testimonies of Baylor rape victims and reading and watching related news segments, he was aware of what was going on and how it wasn’t being properly addressed at several levels and departments. Once aware of any shortcomings of sexual assault reporting , he should have been proactive, which would have created an environment that such assaults are taken seriously and student safety is a priority. It wasn’t just Baylor athletes at fault, it was bigger than that, which I think gives Briles a pass, for now. But I do believe Starr’s action, or inaction, contributed or influenced Baylor athletes guilty of sexual assault.
  • I can certainly understand how legendary Baylor football coach Grant Teaff wants to support the school during these times, but I think he said the wrong thing by stating what’s going on now doesn’t compare with the 2003 murder of basketball player Patrick Dennehy by teammate Carlton Dotson under Coach Dave Bliss that tried to cover it up.
  • Okay, I didn’t hold off on my Baylor thoughts. I fear my judgment and thoughts are clouded from my dislike of the university, but I tried to constructive and reasoned.
  • Coppell elementary schools had their field day last week. One school had Jason Garrett to “officially” start field-day. Unfortunately, DaughterGeeding’s school does not have field day. I have great memories of field day at Lamar Elementary, especially jump-the-river.
  • Benjamin L. Corey – No, This Isn’t All Part Of God’s Plan (So Let’s Stop Blaming It On Him)Instead of saying that God has a “plan,” I am growing more fond of saying that God has a certain desire, a certain will– a certain heart. And that this will, this desire, and this heart, is always love. It’s never anything but love. This means that whatever God wills, and whatever God desires to bring into reality, is always beautiful and never evil.
    • Somewhat related, I think people either misuse to take Jeremiah 19:4 out of context and using it as some kind of security blanket. – For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
      • The passage isn’t written to any individual, but to an entire nation of people, Israel, who were disobedient to just about everything.
      • People tend to just isolate the verse and ignore any text that comes prior and after. They state that the Lord will fulfill his promise to them after 70-years in exile and a response from the nation to seek him out. To get a better understanding of its context, it really helps to read the previous chapter(s). Before he shares his promise, he gives them a directive. And the promise wouldn’t even be fulfilled the generation he was addressing. It’s not about escaping but persevering and growing through hard times.
      • Yes, the verse still offers value, there’s just more to it than how it’s mostly singled out. And for brevity, I left out a lot more detail but I think you get the….context. And I’ll be the first to admit I’m no theologian or biblical scholar.
  • Raw Story – It’s been 8 months and Trevor Noah’s ‘Daily Show’ still sucks – I thought the author nicely summed up what Oliver, Bee, and Wilmore are doing with their shows and she also states the show’s ratings have dropped thirty-seven-percent. Unless I missed it, I thought she should have thrown in a something about Colbert’s old or new show.
  • In the early ’60s Dallas wanted a domed stadium but Houston beat them to it – The article has a picture of the front page of the Star-Telegram with an architect’s drawing of the proposed dome.
  • GIF – Sumo wrestler body slams his opponent
  • Until last night, I wasn’t aware that some of the PGA golfers participating in the Colonial take time to go to Cook’s Children Hospital to take part in an annual tradition – The Bedpan Open. They basically play putt-putt with the children in which the holes are elaborated decorated with bedpans as the hole. Here are three of the holes from their Twitter account – Pic1, Pic2, Pic3
  • Why I Bought a Chromebook Instead of a Mac
  • I still capitalize it, but will probably stop, old habit are hard to break – The New York Times is the latest publication to decapitalize ‘the internet’ – The NYT is joining the Associated Press in ditching the capital-I internet this year, with both bastions of journalistic style choosing to shrink the letter on June 1st. Thomas Kent — the AP’s standards editor — explained that the internet had become “wholly generic, like ‘electricity or the ‘telephone’.” The word was not trademarked, and not based on a proper noun, he said. “The best reason for capitalizing it in the past may have been that the word was new.
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Good Guy Max Scherzer

And the kid was wearing an opposing jersey, which makes the gesture that much more special. I hope the kid makes the majors and Scherzer ends up as his manager.

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Tuesday’s Bag of Randomness

Screenshot 2016-05-22 at 3.59.30 PM

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I love the lyrics and the imagery it creates in my mind

Yeah, the original video is much more fun, but this one has the lyrics.

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A ‘Star Wars’ Chase Scene Created With Drones And Special Effects

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Beauty and the Beast Official US Teaser Trailer

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Barrel moving is an art

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Florence + The Machine sings with Hospice Austin teen

Published on May 20, 2016
Today we were privileged to witness the clear joy of a room full of teenagers singing with Florence Welch and guitarist Rob Ackroyd from Florence and The Machine who came to Hospice Austin’s Christopher House to give a private concert to a teen who missed her concert last night due to her illness. The room was full; full of joy and warmth and love and life and singing. Thank you, Florence!


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Monday’s Bag of Randomness


  • Some neighborhood friends invited us to attend Main Street Fest in Grapevine on Saturday.
    • I’m not a social person and feel very uncomfortable doing these sort of things. Most of the time as an event or engagement nears, I try to think up of an excuse to cancel, but I followed through with my commitment this time.
    • We parked at First Baptist Church Grapevine, which is right next to the festival. They were charging $5 to park to raise funds for their youth group. I had no problem with that and thought it was a great idea and use of their facility. In other Baptist related news, we parked near someone with Hardin-Simmons connections who decided to risk getting a parking violation. Way to represent.
    • As an entire group, we ate on the patio at Esparza’s before entering the festival. The girls teased me about butt dialing one of them at bedtime right after I took an Ambien and having a conversation that lasted almost an hour, one which I can’t recall any detail. After we paid for our meal, one of our male friends scooted back in his chair and the leg broke. He fell back looking like he was drunk and hitting his head on a table. No injuries and no potential lawsuits, but we all had a good laugh.
    • Once we entered the festival I heard U2 playing, as if the band was actually playing live. As luck would have it, a U2 tribute band was booked for the event, The Joshua Tree, all the way from the Irish capital of . . . . Los Angeles. All band members dressed as their counterparts and even mimic body movements. Heck, WifeGeeding melted my heart when she said the bass player was standing just like Adam Clayton. I had no idea she knew all the band members’ names. The lead singer even went into the crowd as Bono would. Here are some pics of the band – Pic1, Pic2, Pic3
    • Our friends only know me as the reserved quiet one, usually just sitting in the corner observing everyone else. But they saw me throw caution to the wind and literally do an over-exaggerative high skip all the way from the festival gate to the concert stage and act like a caffeinated squirrel. After the concert, they all said they never knew that side of me existed. Hey, few things set my soul and heart on fire than U2
    • It was such a great setting. The concert was outside, the weather was great, and you could feel the music. “Even better than the real thing”? I didn’t think so, but they were a very good tribute/cover band and many said if they only heard them and not seen them, they would have thought they were the real thing. It was also great that many in the crowd were genuine U2 fans, singing along to songs and many, with liquid courage, dancing near the stage.
    • There are video and pictures of me really coming of out of my shell, which at a minimum includes me making out with WifeGeeding during certain slow songs, dancing with her and other women, pretending I’m an airplane flying down the aisle in front of the stage high-fiving strangers, and singing along to the top of my lungs as if I didn’t have a care in the world. And at that time, I didn’t. To be honest, I’ve been stuck in the doldrums for the last week and couldn’t put a finger on why. This was just what the doctor ordered.
  • When we got home I just couldn’t sleep and watched all of ‘Saturday Night Live’ and HBO’s adaptation of ‘All The Way’ with Bryan Cranston as LBJ.
    • I had my expectations set way too high for this movie. I love presidential history and have had a bit of a fascination with LBJ. Cranston’s performance was great, but it didn’t blow my socks off, and while the makeup made him look very much like LBJ, the hair plugs were distracting for me.
    • Maybe my impression of LBJ has been wrong all these years. I always felt as president, when he walked in a room, he had this commanding presence and people were intimidated. I didn’t get that Cranston’s performance and story.
    • I’ve been trying to find information on LBJ’s daughters and what they thought of the film. They have been at events for the film, but I haven’t been able to find any quotes from them.
    • I really was impressed with the supporting cast. I feel like Frank Langella is often overlooked but he always brings a solid performance, and he’s a bit typecast as an immoral politician. Bradly Whitford’s performance was surprising to me, I didn’t think he could deliver, and Anthony Mackie certainly delivered as MLK, he was exceptional. Melissa Leo was a very solid Lady Bird (always loved that name) and Stephen Root as Hoover continues to prove he is more than just a guy obsessed with a red stapler.
    • I did like how the film made sure to mention the faults of both MLK and LBJ, infidelities and all.
    • In a few scenes where LBJ was wearing pajamas, Cranston looked very much like my father that it weirded me out.
  • I think it is one of the tragedies of our nation, one of the shameful
    tragedies, that eleven o’clock on Sunday morning is one of the most segregated
    hours, if not the most segregated hours, in Christian America.MLK on ‘Meet The Press’

    • I’m glad I stayed up past three in the morning to watch ‘All The Way’ as it got me in the right frame of mind for our special worship service at church. A neighboring black church was invited and they lead our church in praise and worship (or song or praise, whatever you prefer) and their pastor delivered the sermon. It was certainly a culture change as our church isn’t used to their energy, music, praise dancers, and many other things.
    • After the opening song, you could tell there was a lot of energy and joy in the room. It appeared everyone was having a good time. The worship leader asked us to welcome and greet those around us. One person next to me is a senior that served as a deacon with me. She’s a quirky one, very healthy and fit, and never shakes hands in fear of germs. She looked at me and said, “I HATE this.” It floored me, and to be honest, I was really disappointed in her. I can’t recall the last time I was that disappointed in someone I personally knew. While I’m not exactly sure the reason for her comment, I simply yet gently told her, “You know, ‘hate’ is a really strong word.” I think my words sunk it, as she nodded in agreement, gulped, looked me in the eye, and said, “You’re right,” and then looked at the ground. But no matter what, she continued to be uncomfortable and left after the next song.
    • I’ve mentioned this before, but I do what I can to avoid the word “hate” because it’s too strong of a word, no matter if it’s used as a joke or talking sports or whatever. I curse like a sailor and my friends now I’m pretty darn vulgar, but “hate” is just one word I do my best not to use. Go ahead and fact-check me on this blog. For the most part, I’ve avoided direct use of the word. Sure, it’s used a handful of times directly by me, but all other references of the word are used in context of a quote or title reference.
    • During the sermon, the guest pastor asked us to open our Bibles and turn to a particular verse. It was actually an interesting moment, as no one really uses an actual Bible at our church, especially the sermons. Usually, any scripture references are displayed on one of several video monitors. People either dusted off the Bibles located under each seat or used their smartphone.
  • Back on March 18, I tweeted the Star-Telegram and Bud Kennedy that I’d love to read an interview with their photographer who captured the photo of Rougned Odor punching Jose Bautista’s face. I was curious where he was placed, what was he thinking, did he have an idea a fight was about to break out, when did he have his camera at the ready, that sort of stuff. This weekend, a Ryan Bort, a staff writer for Newsweek and a contributor to Esquire, replied to my tweet with an interview he conducted with the photographer – Newsweek – What It’s Like To Have A Picture You Took Become Iconic Overnight
  • Somewhat related since the photographer is interviewed – The True Internet Story Of The Crying Jordan Meme
  • A very cool animated map showing who immigrated to the U.S. from 1820 to 2013.
  • GIF – She’s not going to live down this bowling mishap.
  • There’s a reason it’s so hard to find a therapist who takes insurance
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Crazy Tornado Footage

I haven’t reviewed the audio so I don’t know if there’s any cursing.

A violent, long-track elephant trunk tornado strikes south-central
Oklahoma May 9th, 2016. Watch this tornado from extremely close range!

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