All the Daily Doubles on ‘Jeopardy!’

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Gosh, that’s close

More here.

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Always Lock Your Car Doors

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Bag of Randomness


  • I have childhood memories of watching the television show ‘Hunter’ with my father, which starred former NFL’er Fred Dryer.  So it was a delightful surprise to see Dryer in last night’s ‘Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’.
  • I hate the feeling of feeling used or being taken advantage of, and I feel like Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu did just that, speaking in front of our House and Senate with just two weeks to go before his country’s election.  Perhaps it’s worse we let him.  But I will admit it was good political theater, and I got a chuckle seeing Senator Ted Cruz sitting in the front row, as if he took the extra step just to make sure he could be seen fully supporting Israel.  It was akin to a news reporter doing a live scene at a remote location and a child doing goofy things on in the background to try to impress his friends.
  • If I were to rank national figures I’d be disappointed in, General David Petraeus would for sure make my top three.  Five days before he became head of the CIA, he gave his mistress notebooks with classified information.  He gets away with just a slap on the wrist by taking a plea deal, anyone else would get jail time.
  • Speaking of disappointments, I’m disappointed in Hillary Clinton for only using a personal email account for government correspondence as Secretary of State.  It’s unprofessional and a security issue.  As someone who works for a government agency, it’s preached to us not to use our government email for anything that isn’t work related and to encrypt any attachments, and I’m on the bottom rung of the ladder as opposed to being fourth in line of presidential succession.  I’m sure as a former First Lady and Senator, her personal email probably already has some strong security behind it, but this just reeks of unprofessionalism.  It reminds of when Sarah Palin was using a Yahoo! email address ( for some government business as governor.
  • Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, who chairs the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, announced Tuesday that his panel would join in an investigation of Clinton’s email use. – And yet his official congressional business card lists a GMail email address.  It’s so bush league, so amateurish, when someone lists a webmail email for their professional email serving as a government official or representative of a company or organization, especially when they have the means to make their email look legit.  Otherwise, you come off looking like a Nigerian prince spamming your Inbox.  Anyone can simply create an email address from GMail or Yahoo and pretend to be someone they aren’t, but not anyone can create an email with the domain of a specific company, organization, or government agency – that domain at the end of an email helps legitimize that the owner of the email is authentic.
  • Out of curiosity I went to Congressman Chaffetz’s House website to see what email he has listed, but it turns out you can’t contact any member of the House by email as they make you verify if they are your elected representative on their contact page with the following message, “Regrettably, I am unable to reply to any email from constituents outside of the district.”  However, you can email (contact form) any senator on their webpage, even if they are not your elected representative.
  • Speaking of government emails, one of my work email addresses ends in “.gov”.  The other day LiberallyLean wrote, “the last thing I want is an email account that ends in .gov.”  I almost sent him an email from my .gov address as a joke, but realized that would be a stupid thing to do and no joke is worth losing my job over.
  • To my surprise, CBS11 reporter J.D. Miles is now following me on Twitter.  It’s a toss-up between him and Bud Kennedy of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram for who’s my most famous Twitter follower.  Maybe Sean Bass of The TICKET, or meteorologist Lynae Miyer of KVUE in Austin.  I doubt any of these folks actually read this blog, and it’s a wonder why they even follow me.
  • GIF – Toilet fear come true
  • Cedar Hill Police Spoof Matthew McConaughey’s Lincoln Ad
  • Susanna Hoffs of the Bangles is 56-years-old and looks amazing.  She recently sang karaoke of one of her band’s songs.  And here’s a GIF of her telling us to walk like an Egyptian with her sultry eyes.
  • I don’t think I’ve seen a pitbull so large, this one is 175-pounds and that head is HUGE.
  • College basketball recruiting news – Arkansas sent its entire team to watch its top recruit
  • Some Massachusetts cemeteries have had to halt burials in the snowbound state
  • Anytime I hear the name of this restaurant, my first thought is of Josh Hamilton and not seafood – Two-story Truluck’s with 90-seat bar is now open in Uptown
  • Tonight on TBS is Conan’s show he filmed in Cuba.
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Top 25 most followed college football coaches on Twitter

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A Christian Woman Is Wearing A Hijab For Lent To See What It’s Like To Be An “Outsider”

“This is all about helping my people, specifically white Christians, learn how to see difference, embrace it, and engage with it,” Jessey Eagan told BuzzFeed News.

A Christian Woman Is Wearing A Hijab For Lent To See What It’s Like To Be An “Outsider” – BuzzFeed News.

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Bag of Randomness


  • If it wasn’t for the season pass feature on my DVR, I’d miss ‘Better Call Saul’ every week.  I do like how Jimmy or Saul’s brother is played by someone that was in one of my favorite ‘X-Files’ episodes, which ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Better Call Saul’ creator Vince Gilligan was a big part of.  I also get a kick out the opening of each ‘Saul’ episode as each one is different.  You know, we never got to see Jessie Pinkman’s aunt, who died of cancer and gave Jessie her house.  I wonder if Saul will end up representing her at some point in this prequel.  Oh, and that place Mike dined at after his shift sure did have a Pulp Fiction’ feel to it.
  • Last night’s ‘Saul’ S&H Green Stamps.  I remember seeing those around our house in Mineral Wells and I was a young little Geeding.  For the longest time, I actually thought those were food stamps since they were related to grocery shopping.
  • It just feels too early to move our clocks up an hour this weekend.
  • ‘CBS Sunday Morning’ had a great segment about the Yellowstone National Park winter caretaker who has been doing the job for 42-years.  If you ever saw The Shining, it’s kinda like that, but he’s alone and sane and lives in a small cabin without any television.  You can view or read about the segment here.
  • One of my more frequent, thoughtful, and favorite commenters was curious as to the latest on the Baker Hotel renovation in my hometown of Mineral Wells.  I had no idea so I had to look it up and found something about ten days old and something else from Sunday.  It seems like the largest investment partner, Dallas-based Civitas Capital Group, a “5B foreign investment component”, backed out thinking not enough jobs would be created.  However, a new 5B foreign investment component partner, Florida based Pathways, has stepped in and now they are waiting for the Department of Immigration’s approval for something which can take about nine to twelve months.  Part of me thinks restoration will never see the light of day, and sometimes I wonder if that would be best, though in my heart I want it to happen.  So right now they are a year behind their initial start date, but hope to start in 2016.
  • Speaking of Mineral Wells, Kevin Rahm, who was born there and is most known for his role in ‘Mad Men’, is doing a guest spot on CBS’s ‘Madam Secretary’.
  • When it comes to chores in the house, I’m usually the bathroom cleaner.
  • WifeGeeding has a friend that lives in the area and works for Exxon, but Exxon may be sending her and her family to Dubai for a permanent assignment.
  • It’s National Pancake Day, which means you can get free pancakes at IHOP today.
  • The TICKET is diversifying from talk radio and will be starting its own local music show.  The show will be called The Local Ticket and will debut on Sunday, March 22 and will run in a two-hour time slot each week from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m
  • I mentioned how dark a Superman/Batman cartoon was the other day, this dark comic involving Toy Story figures reminded me of it.
  • Pentagon’s $55 billion mystery plane is secret, but debate on cost is appearing – The article also has two great graphics showing the number of B-1B, B52, and B-2 bombers are currently in use and their age or years in service.
  • Tempting GIF of the day – Kissing a cobra
  • Katy Perry is now selling a Left Shark onesie.
  • Today’s dose of ‘MURICA!
  • Cadaver book tidbits:
    • After a beheading, the victim is conscious for roughly ten or twelve seconds before the brain loses its blood supply.
    • The guillotine is named for Dr. Joseph Ignance Guillotin.  He didn’t invent it, just lobbied for its use because at the time he felt it was more humane than hanging.
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Leonard Nimoy & Pharrell Williams: Star Trek & Creating Spock

There are some “uncomfortable” images that might offend some, so take that into account.  It’s just interesting seeing the contrast of these two individuals in conversation.

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Bag of Randomness


  • Happy Texas Independence Day, y’all.
  • I’m not putting much effort into this post I’ve just finish all thirteen episodes of season three of ‘House of Cards’.  It’s simply a phenomenal show and I love the ability to binge watch and get completely lost in a different world for a weekend.
  • I don’t know what happened, but something has caused all my scheduled posts for the last week to not post on time, but I think I may have fixed the problem.
  • That’s it, no more brisket for the rest of this month, it’s for the good of my heart.  I succombed to eating at Hutchins BBQ again this weekend.  The owner even recognized me and chatted my ear off.
  • While eating out the other night we ordered white milk for the kids, so when we were first handed this we thought they gave us chocolate milk.
  • A GIF of me jumping on a snow-topped trampoline feeling like I was ten-years-old and having the most fun I’ve had in decades.
  • It was really late one night this weekend, probably close to 1:30 AM, I took a break from binge watching ‘House of Cards’ and let the dogs out in the backyard.  There was this genteel feeling outside with all the snow.  It was night time, but it so bright with all the snow, and it was unusually but peacefully quiet.  I was so caught up in the moment I didn’t want to spend it alone, so I softly woke up WifeGeeding and told her we should take a walk.  At first she thought I was joking, but then she saw I was serious and we took a nice stroll around the neighborhood, just the both of us, and held hands the entire way.  It’s a moment I hope I never forget.
  • SisterGeeding owns a Leonberger, they’re huge and gentle dogs.
  • Always living in Texas, it just seems weird watching news reports of people up north having an oil truck stop by to fill their home tanks so they can heat their homes.  I don’t think I’ve been in a house in which it wasn’t heated by natural gas.  Every house has a gas line that’s run to it, just like a water line or electrical line, so it’s continuous and there’s no need to refill anything.
  • It was fun while it lasted – My local grocery store no longer carries Citrus Cooler Gatorade.  It was brought back for a limited time by Gatorade to honor the company’s 50th anniversary and their first spokesperson, Michael Jordan.  It was his favorite flavor.  I had hopes they’d keep it around.
  • If I owned any floor from Lumber Liquidators, I’d be pretty concerned after watching last night’s ’60 Minutes’ segment.  Basically, there may too much formaldehyde used in their floors that can affect your health.
  • I talked to a deacon at the massive Prestonwood Baptist Church.  He said they have more than 220 deacons, I think the actual number is 225.  They serve for three years, take a year off, then serve again as an active deacon.  Wash, rinse, repeat.
  • The character of Spock meant a lot to me when I was a child.  As a half-white and half-Asian little boy, I thought I was the only one that was “weird” like that, then I found out Spock was half-human and half-Vulcan.  Shatner stated he couldn’t make his friend’s funeral because of a prior charity commitment.  I think he really loved Nimoy, and could have made the funeral, but just couldn’t emotionally bring himself to attend the funeral, somewhat similar to when David Spade chose not to attend Chris Farley’s funeral.
  • This is what a cheeseburger looks like on the International Space Station.  Tortillas are used in place of a bun or bread because crumbs will break off, float away, get into things, and damage stuff.
  • Buzzfeed – These Are The Most Popular Panties In Your State – I really doubt the multicolor satin boudoir bodysuit is most popular Texas, it may be in GeedingManor, but not in the entire state.
  • I had a feeling during our local Ebola scare that Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital was negligent in properly educating their staff on proper procedures and protection and were on a massive PR campaign getting on ’60 Minutes’ and making sure all their staff had the same story.  Now, one of the nurses, is suing the hospital for just that and invading her privacy.
  • Here’s the latest Wikipedia:Top 25 Report, which is the 25 most popular articles for the week, though it’s behind a few weeks.
  • One of the founding editors of the political blog Wonkette, Ana Marie Cox, wrote a piece coming out as a Christian –  Why I’m Coming Out as a Christian
    I’m not scared that non-believers will make me feel like an outcast. I’m scared that Christians will.
  • Skydiver rescue: Dramatic video shows moment man suffered seizure during freefall
  • Ikea’s new furniture can charge your phone, no wires necessary
  • Today’s dose of ‘MURICA! – Wisconsin high school opens new, $662,000 locker rooms
  • I’ve never eaten boiled peanuts, but they were mentioned in ‘House of Cards’.  I bought some at the grocery store yesterday but haven’t tried them yet.
  • I will not give away any ‘House of Cards’ spoilers, so here are my spoiler-free thoughts for season three:
    • Placed advertisements annoy me, and the ones by Microsoft for their phones and Samsung for their device sharing feature is almost over-reaching.  There’s also product placement by Apple but it’s not as noticeable since all their products have a unique design and just seem like a part of everyday life.
    • There’s noticeable green screen use when Underwood is at the Resolute desk in the Oval Office or looking out the window.
    • Underwood seems to have gained some weight, perhaps that’s due to the stress of his new job.
    • News or celebrity type cameos are a bit too scripted, so they don’t come off as their regular selves.
    • I read somewhere that there will only be four seasons of this show, with 13 episodes per season.  So that will mean a total of 52 episodes, the same amount in a deck of cards.


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Fellowship Church about to celebrate their 25th Anniversary

Just by attending, you have the chance to win $25,000.

Fellowship Church with Pastor Ed Young | 25th Anniversary.

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Clip from ESPN’s Von Erich documentary airing Friday during ‘SportsCenter’ | Dallas Morning News

Exclusive: Watch a clip from ESPN’s Von Erich documentary airing Friday during ‘SportsCenter’ | Dallas Morning News.

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“I have been – and always shall be – your friend.” – YouTube

He’s gone, but may the rest of you “live long and prosper”.

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