I think TMZ was disappointed that Harrison Ford survived


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The Camera Must Have One Heck of a Battery to Keep a Charge That Long

Jonathon Keats wants to set a world record in photography that he won’t live long enough to see. Nor will his children, or his children’s children for many generations. It’s a project that won’t complete for a millennium.

Keats plans to capture the world’s slowest photograph, a 1,000-year-long exposure of the city of Tempe, Arizona, that will be finished in the Spring of 3015.

The camera for the project will be unveiled tomorrow at the Arizona State University Art Museum. When installed in place at the museum’s sculpture garden trellis three floors above ground, the camera will be pointed at the city’s skyline in order to capture how civilization changes over time.

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Amateurish Video of DogGeedingII Hunting For Tennis Ball in the Snow

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Tricky Commercial

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The Satanic Monster Energy Christian Lady Appeared on Tosh.0

If you are offended by crude humor, skip the part from 6:53 – 7:14.

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Maunute Bol’s 14-year-old 6-ft-10-inch son

It’s interesting that his name is, Bol Bol.


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Adam Sandler And Bob Barker Reunite For An Autism Benefit

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Property Tax Data This and That

Counties with Highest Tax Rates in New York, San Antonio, Chicago and Milwaukee;
Higher-end homes account for more than half of all property tax dollars nationwide

Screenshot 2015-03-04 at 10.51.29 PM

All sorts of cross country interactive data with interactive charts here.

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A Tortoise Chasing A Dog

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Bag of Randomness

Screenshot 2015-03-04 at 11.04.04 PM

  • Dang, we got a lot more snow than I expected.  Right around midnight I took another snowy stroll around the neighborhood and almost tripped and wiped out because the snow was so high I couldn’t see the steps leading to the sidewalk.  I tried to get WifeGeeding to go with me again but she wouldn’t budge and clenched to the mattress when I tried to drag her out caveman style.  She didn’t seem to appreciate that and I have a feeling that’s gonna bring the ‘ol average down.
  • Hey, for my readers up north, give me a break, we ain’t use to this stuff and get a bit giddy.
  • I’m starting to go through smoked brisket withdrawals.  Heck, last night I woke up in a cold sweat.  I did state that I wouldn’t have any more smoked brisket for the rest of the month, I just wish March didn’t have 31-days.
  • The Conan in Cuba show aired last night and was fantastic.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he’ll win an Emmy for this episode.  Oddly, Cuba sells rum in something that resembles a fruit juice box for kids.  Conan also stepped into a grocery store that had shelves stocked the entire length with just a single product of the same brand.
  • I still think if Leno didn’t have his nightly weekday show in primetime, Conan would still be the host of ‘The Tonight Show’.
  • Last year Jason Garrett and Tony Romo were seen doing stuff in public together, like visiting Coach K at Duke or going to an SMU basketball game.  This year, they included teammate DeMarco Murray, a new free agent, in their reindeer games.  From a public perception, this looks good for Garrett, as if he’s not completely Jerry Jones’ puppet.
  • Only TICKET listeners will appreciate icy weather, all so we can hear the Fake Michael Irvin do a list of school closings.  Many of you are scratching your heads as why this is so funny, and that’s okay, but we love it.
  • Let’s say a Castaway event happened, where someone has been declared dead for years and then later returned.  Let’s say in that scenario, life insurance has been paid out.  If the decedent turns out to be alive, let’s say five years after his disappearance, are the beneficiaries liable to return any of the funds?  What about his estate?  Let’s say he was part of a Super Bowl winning team and earned a championship ring, but it was sold at an estate sale or auction or given away by the executor according to the will’s instructions, does the man have any claim to the ring or is it lost forever?
  • Applebee’s not liable for N.J. man burned while praying over fajita skillet
  • Iowa class teaches how to carry both weapon and baby
  • This man is claiming to be Wilt Chamberlain’s son.
  • GIF – How to Pass A Snickers in a Fighter Jet
  • As if my cadaver book isn’t macabre enough, it has a section on interspecies animal organ (especially head and brain) transplants in just about every combination you can think of, sometimes adding another head on a body or isolating a brain, which is hard to explain.  For example, if you do a Google image search for “Cephalic exchange transplantation in the monkey”, you can find some trippy stuff.  And if you don’t find some trippy stuff, then you must have your search results filtered for safe content.  The worst part of that operation or experiment was when the anesthesia wore off and the monkey realized what had just taken place.  One actually lived for three days.
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All the Daily Doubles on ‘Jeopardy!’

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Gosh, that’s close

More here.

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