Watermelon with protective coating survives fall

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She Crushed It

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The Purpose of Counties and County Government

Brought to you by Chet Garner of ‘The Day Tripper‘.

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Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Screenshot 2016-08-29 at 8.29.14 PM

  • That picture above is circa 1985, so I was probably turning ten. I can only guess it’s 1985 because there are Voltron plates, and the cartoon’s original air date was in September 1984.
    • See that guy right next to me waiting for the first slice of cake? That’s my friend Jimi who moved to Chicago and did a recent guest post.
    • I miss that old “analog” microwave. It was a lot like the one below. You turned the dial and the meter would fill up with color and then slowly drop time went by. It was always a trick trying to set it for something under ten seconds. And it was a challenge turning the dial to make it end faster than or originally set. You may be wondering why not just open the door? Well, back then, you could still open the door with the microwave on.
  • WifeGeeding has recently exposed the kids to our Nintendo unit that’s been gathering dust, and now the kids are addicted to Super Mario Bros. fighting over who gets to play first. Yesterday morning, BoyGeeding woke us up at 4:30 AM, fully dressed, asking us if he could “save the princess” before SisterGeding wakes up.
  • I wasn’t that much of a Gene Wilder fan. There were lots of mentions of him being reunited with Gilda and some referencing her as “his true love”.  It makes me wonder if they knew Wilder remarried, and how would his widow feel about reading those comments.
  • I’ve always thought ABC News provides the least substantive content, that they cater more towards emotion and pop-culture. With that in mind, ABC’s ‘World New Tonight’s first story was the death of Gene Wilder. NBC and CBS both led with Clinton top aid Huma Abedin splitting with Anthony Weiner. I’m not sure how NBC ended their evening news broadcast, but CBS ended with Wilder’s death.
  • I can count on one hand the number of times WifeGeeding has talked to me about something I posted on this blog. She never once has expressed any concern about any content or something personal shared, in case y’all were wondering.
  • I may have mentioned this before, but WifeGeeding’s grandmother will turn 100 in mid/late September. WifeGeeding wants to submit her photo to NBC’s ‘Today’ to appear one of those Smucker’s jar, but she’s worried she might “jinx” things.
  • The Dallas Shake Shake will have some Pecan Lodge stuff in a burger. It will also include items from other Dallas purveyors Emporium Pies and Dude Sweet Chocolate.
  • I’ve never been comfortable trimming my dogs’ nails, but I recently trimmed/ground them with a Dremel rotary tool. It worked well and the dogs were surprisingly cooperative.
  • When Romo injured his back, KTVT had a spinal surgeon on to talk about the injury and noted he was a former player for a Packers Super Bowl team. The next day I saw him on WFAA, and yesterday he was on The TICKET. If anyone is benefitting from the injury, it’s him.
  • NBC had a chance to air ‘The Walking Dead’ but wasn’t sure about the zombie aspect:
    • According to Hurd, their response was, “Do there have to be zombies [in it].” NBC then asked Darabont if the show could be a procedural in which the two main protagonists would “solve a zombie crime of the week,” she said.
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Bag of Randomness for Monday, August 29, 2016

Screenshot 2016-08-28 at 10.29.30 PM

  • I’m not sure why I was issued those shoulder pads, they were way too big. Parents really disliked those jerseys, the black lettering made it hard to read numbers from the stands. Luckily, I was mostly on the bench, pretty close to the stands, so everyone could see my numbers.
  • One year ago today I climbed my first mountain and danced with WifeGeeding at the highest point in all of Texas. For a brief moment, no other Texans could top us.
  • In April of 2015, I set a goal to lose 40lbs and weigh 200lbs by the end of August 2015. I ended up being about 22lbs short of that goal but thought I’d do it by the end of August 2016. I’m about 17lbs short of that goal.
  • I’ve never owned a bobblehead.
  • I just want to give Tony Romo a hug, but gently, don’t want to break him.
  • VW does have a track record for not being truthful – Volkswagen’s 2019 electric car said to get 300 miles on a 15-minute charge
  • We ate on the patio at Kincaid’s Hamburgers and BoyGeeding thought he’d help one of their employees by opening the gate fence as made several trash hauls. Towards the end of our meal, that employee came by and gave BoyGeeding some ice cream as a thank-you. BoyGeeding even shared with his sister.
    • While waiting in line to get a refill of a drink an old man walked by me and reeked of Old Spice. He was trying to return his milkshake because it was too thick. I thought he could have waited a bit for it to thaw and loosen up, but at his age, he may not have time.
  • Random Albert Brooks trivia –
    • Albert Brooks is his stage name, his actual birth name is Albert Einstein.
    • His brother, Bob Einstein, is “Super Dave Osborne”.
  • I thought Texas high school football was a big deal thirty years ago, but I’m astonished at how it gets bigger and bigger each year. I knew Southlake takes their football seriously, but had no idea that a luxury car dealership advertises their cars at the game by parking them near the end zones.
    Screenshot 2016-08-28 at 2.46.00 AM
  • It was the first week of high school football and I noticed local teams were playing opponents from Oklahoma and Alabama. I can understand cities near state borders playing out of state teams, but I don’t understand why a school would travel past a boarding state just to play a football game. I guess there might be a financial incentive involved, and if there isn’t, that’s probably not a good use of taxpayer dollars.
  • Every time ‘CBS Sunday Morning’ starts I always wonder if someone will be subbing for host Charles Osgood and starting things off the sad news of his passing. The man is pushing 84. On yesterday’s broadcast, he announced his upcoming retirement in September, but will still do a handful of segments. I love the guy. He’s the grandfather I never had, very calming, reassuring, charming in that old man kind of way, and has a great voice. I expect either Lee CowenAnthony Mason, or Jane Pauley to take his place. I always got a kick out of the news of Osgood’s predecessor and the show’s original host, Charles Kuralt, having a second “shadow” family.
  • Screenshot 2016-08-28 at 8.39.56 PM
    I was watching the preseason football game between the Vikings and the Chargers to check out their new stadium, which I actually like more than AT&T Stadium because it has a clear roof, the largest in the world, among other things. But Fox kept showing commercials with Skip Bayless that I had to switch channels.

    • One thing I enjoyed about watching Viking games was the Viking horn that sounded after a touchdown. Yesterday I noticed Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy” was played after a touchdown.
    • I always thought the Vikings should have an outdoor stadium and play in the cold like Green Bay and use it as home field advantage.
    • But they are screwing the fans when it comes to pizza.
  • Buzzfeed – How Good Are Your Disney Parks Opinions?
  • Blame millennials for the vanishing bar of soap
    • Americans between 18 to 24 are largely snubbing the old-fashioned bar of soap, leading to sales declines for the likes of Ivory’s iconic 125-year old bar and its bar soap rivals, according to new data from consumer research firm Mintel. Consumers who still buy bar soap, it turns out, have something in common: they tend to be over 60 years old and are men. Millennials believe bar soaps are covered in germs after they are used.
    • I think like a Millennial, but vastly prefer using a bar of soap in the shower, just not at the sink.
  • For you, Jimi – Chicago Pokes Fun At Terrified Couple Who Moved To City, Left After 1 Day
  • The scene in that Netflix Tony Robbins documentary of him jumping in that 57° pool every morning has stuck with me. Not to the extent that I’ve bought my own 57° pool, but I now end each shower turning the hot water off and then counting to sixty. It gives me a boost of energy and I no longer suffer from that tiny bit of perspiration after drying off from a hot shower.
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Fun Interactive Weather Tool


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Legit or Fake Business?

There’s a specific camera I’m looking to purchase and Google stated the best price for it is this store which does not have a Google “Seller Rating”.  I’m only going to provide pictures and avoid using any text or a URL linked directly to the business in case they are a legit business, I don’t want to hurt any online ranking.


Reasons why I have my suspicions after not being able to find much stuff online about the store just doing a casual search.

  1. On the bottom of their homepage are links to their Facebook and Twitter accounts, but each takes you to accounts of this business.
    Giving them the benefit of the doubt, perhaps they are just using this business to manage their online store and web presence.
  2. Using Google Maps, here’s the street view of the street address listed on their website. I clicked around Google Maps on the area, and at one point, it listed a rehab facility. I never could find the name of the business.
  3. I searched for the phone number provided on their website. Instead of a California area code, it’s a North Carolina area code.
  4. I looked up the city’s chamber of commerce, and it’s not listed.

I don’t want to discredit a legit business, but as a consumer, I’m also trying to do my due diligence and wanted to get your input in case I was missing something.



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Olympian sells silver medal to help pay for child’s cancer treatment

Polish discus thrower Piotr Malachowski found something more important than the silver medal he won in Rio.

Malachowski returned to his home country and immediately put his medal up for auction in an effort to raise money for Olek Szymanski, a 3-year-old boy suffering from a rare form of eye cancer called retinoblastoma.

Through the online auction, Malachowski attempted to raise roughly $84,000 to go towards the $126,000 cost of a surgery that could possibly save the boy’s life. A third of the money had already been raised by the Polish foundation Siepomaga.

According to ESPN, the price for the medal had reached $19,000 on Tuesday when Malachowski prematurely pulled it down. He took to Facebook and announced that Polish billionaires Dominika and Sebastian Kulczyk had agreed to purchase the medal for the remaining cost of the surgery.

Malachoswksi has another silver medal from the 2008 Beijing Games, and his Rio medal has already done much more good than it would have done sitting in his trophy case.

CBS Sports

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For those that love Jesus and Taylor Swift


There aren’t many voices in our culture that are more influential than Taylor Swift. Love her or hate her, her music is catchy and her lyrics captivating. In fact, we could argue that she is communicating with culture far more effectively than most preachers, which leads us to ask the following question:

What would happen if the church used the message of culture to communicate a greater message to culture?

Come find out how Taylor Swift can actually help you point others to the gospel of Jesus.

From The Gathering, a church in North Carolina.

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Bag of Randomness for Friday, August 26, 2016

Screenshot 2016-08-25 at 9.29.34 PM

  • No question I wore it better than Deion.
  • In reference to the football picture of myself I posted the other day, someone asked what position I played. It reminded me of something that happened that season. It was pee-wee ball or whatever you called it before you could play in junior high, and during the game, I was in my usual spot, the sideline. The coach calls me over and tells me to go in and play tackle. I was excited at the opportunity to get on the field and ran out there for the next play, but I didn’t know where the tackle was supposed to line up. I tried to find the position before the snap and the coach was yelling at me, which only made it more stressful and confusing for me. He ended up calling a timeout and yelling at me for not knowing any positions in football. I wasn’t so much upset as myself as I was for feeling like I embarrassed my mom, dad, and brother in the crowd. The moment I got home I opened up an encyclopedia and memorized all football positions.
  • My brother was a great football player, and when it came time for me to play in pee wee, I was one of the first drafted because of his reputation. I was not a great football player or athlete. I always felt bad being drafted so high and not meeting the expectations of my coaches.
  • That story above reminds me of another ignorant sports moment. It was my first junior high basketball game and I was in my usual spot, the bench, four spots down from the coach. He calls me over and tells me to go in for someone, and again, being excited at the opportunity to just play, I ran onto the court after a basket was made and didn’t check in at the scorer’s table. In little dribblers, you didn’t have to check in, the rules were lax and kids were switching in and out all the time during play. Again, I wasn’t so embarrassed or mad at myself, I was just worried I embarrassed my father. He never did anything to make me feel that way, but he was so proud of my brother’s athletic accomplishments I just felt I let him down.
  • I think it was Billy Madison that also had daddy issues.
  • The football fields we played on were unlevel, full of weeds and stickers, and the dirt was hard like a rock with holes and cracks all around. Looking back at it, it was an awesome experience. Ah, the Optimus Field, how I miss thee.
  • I really like Tony Romo. I really want him and Jason Witten to win a Super Bowl together. But all feelings aside, Nate Silver would give a 98% probability saying Romo will not make it through the season injury-free. That means, like it or not, for better or worst, the Dak Prescott era will begin this season.
    • But let’s just try to find a silver lining and say Romo’s injury scare was nothing more than a wake-up call for him and that makes him really excel this year.
    • Seattle is just bad luck for Romo.
  • Just an observation, but I think 90% of political bumper stickers are “against” something and not “for” something.
  • Eleven from ‘Stranger Things’ will be at the Dallas Fan Days convention.
  • Our bedtime reading is The Mouse and the Motorcycle by the great Beverly Cleary. It’s one of the few stories in with a person named Keith is actually viewed in a positive light. In last night’s reading, Ralph S. Mouse talks about his uncle who got trapped in a waste basket and was assumed to have been thrown in the incinerator with the rest of the trash. Obviously, unmistakably, this was Beverly Clearly using a Christian witness metaphor of not living for Christ and wasting one’s life on the trash of “the world” and burning in Hell. No doubt about that, I can’t believe I didn’t pick up on this when I first read it. (written in sarcastica)
  • Even their mistakes are a great success – MIT accidentally discovered a cleaner smelting process
  • What Happens If You Put the Wrong Octane of Gas In Your Car
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Bag of Randomness for Thursday, August 25, 2016

Screenshot 2016-08-24 at 8.51.25 PM

  • DaughterGeeding was walking on the living room floor, shrieked, and said she had a thorn in her foot. I got some tweezers and removed it, and told her that as flimsy as the thorn was, she shouldn’t be in so much pain. Later in the evening when I was about to go to bed, I noticed a dead bee on the floor. Yup, you guessed it, she got stung by a bee and the thorn was the stinger. Proof: WifeGeeding verified the “thorn” came from the bee.
  • I caught the first episode of NBC’s ‘Better Late Than Never’ with William Shatner, Henry Winkler, George Foreman and Terry Bradshaw. I saw a few commercials but knew nothing about it other than it had those four guys going to Asia, and since I like the personalities of all those guys, I figured why not. I mean, it has Captain Kirk and the Fonz, that in itself is funny. To my surprise, it’s more like a reality series. All of them don’t play characters, but just themselves and a film crew is following them around. Granted, some of it is scripted, but it was pretty enjoyable.
    • William Shatner looks great for an 85-year-old man. The show stated he was born before the “Star Spangled Banner” became our national anthem.
    • To my surprise, and I’m surprised and I never noticed it before, but Winkler actually changes his voice when he plays the Fonz.
  • WifeGeeding took one of the cast members of the show ‘Fixer Upper’ to a formal when she was at Baylor. I think it was the carpenter. When she drops this tidbit on friends when the show becomes a topic of conversation, they all respond in a way as if she settled for me or could have had things so much better.
  • Baylor coach Jim Grobe briefly addresses dog video incident, then says the dreaded words of Waco: ‘Let’s talk football a little bit’ 
    • Former head coach Art Briles almost said that exact phrase when asked about Sam Ukwuachu’s sexual-assault case. The Boise State transfer was found guilty and sentenced to 180 days in jail and 10 years of probation.
  • The Zip N Store seems like a good idea as long as you don’t have a hole or tear in your bag.
  • Google is using AI to compress photos, just like on HBO’s Silicon Valley
  • Last week, Barry over at LiberallyLean.com posted this image and it really got me thinking about my driving habits.

    • Personally, if there is no stripe in the middle I will hug the curb. If there is a stripe, I’d follow the rule in the image.
    • The image makes a good point about the advantage of driving to the far curb stating both drivers can see oncoming traffic better. But I had some reservations:
      • If there were a queue of vehicles, depending on how they follow this rule, it could block the opposite driver from turning.
      • It doesn’t really work if you have a trailer attached.
    • After about a week of observing what others do, I finally decided to do some research (Ticket listeners, insert George Digiani drop here).
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Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Screenshot 2016-08-23 at 10.59.13 PM

  • Yeah, that’s me, circa 1986.
  • Chuck Yeager, the retired general, test pilot, and first man to break the sound barrier is 93-years old. I read an article that he’s active on Twitter and is a mix of Ron Swanson and “get off my lawn” Clint Eastwood character. For the heck of it, I tweeted at him and he actually liked the tweet. The restaurant in question was Harlow’s Smokehouse, and it’s true I used to just eat there and check out all the memorabilia in the Chuck Yeager room. And I’d like to think it’s really him tweeting (his official webpage links to the Twitter account, but who knows if it’s him actually tweeting). He last broke the sound barrier in 2012.
  • If red light cameras are a thing and generate revenue for a city, I’m surprised there are speed cameras. I can’t see them being used or holding up in court if there are multiple cars on the road, but if there’s only one or a few and the car and driver can be easily identifiable, it could work. Trust me, I’m not advocating for them, I’m just surprised in today’s world they aren’t a thing.
  • Tony Robbins stuff
    • In that Tony Robbins documentary, it shows his morning routine. In his backyard is a very small but deep pool with 57° water. I’d say it’s probably three feet by three feet and seven feet deep, considering Robbins himself is six-foot-seven. He jumps into and it covers his head, though I don’t know how long he stays under.
    • Wikipedia states he grew ten inches in high school which was later attributed to a pituitary tumor.
    • That documentary also shows his heightened sensitivity towards anyone with potential suicidal tendencies at any of his conferences, what he does to monitor them, and how he assigns a person to look after them. I couldn’t tell if he’s trying to cover all bases to ward off lawsuits or if he genuinely cares. Sadly, I’m a cynic.
      • I’ve spoken about my personal struggle with suicide before, and it’s still something I fight more than I’d like to admit. It’s something I don’t want to say I’ve overcome because I don’t want it to humble me, but it is something I work on every day. With that said, the best description of suicidal thoughts I’ve come across is from David Foster Wallace’s 1996 novel Infinite JestIt’s important to note the year because it was well written before September 11, 2001.
        • “The so-called ‘psychotically depressed’ person who tries to kill herself doesn’t do so out of quote ‘hopelessness’ or any abstract conviction that life’s assets and debits do not square. And surely not because death seems suddenly appealing. The person in whom Its invisible agony reaches a certain unendurable level will kill herself the same way a trapped person will eventually jump from the window of a burning high-rise. Make no mistake about people who leap from burning windows. Their terror of falling from a great height is still just as great as it would be for you or me standing speculatively at the same window just checking out the view; i.e. the fear of falling remains a constant. The variable here is the other terror, the fire’s flames: when the flames get close enough, falling to death becomes the slightly less terrible of two terrors. It’s not desiring the fall; it’s terror of the flames. And yet nobody down on the sidewalk, looking up and yelling ‘Don’t!’ and ‘Hang on!’, can understand the jump. Not really. You’d have to have personally been trapped and felt flames to really understand a terror way beyond falling.”
      • Blogger Note: I’m not trying to draw attention to myself regarding my struggles with suicide nor and I’m trying to vie for any sympathy. But as I often do, for better or worst, and for reasons I can’t adequately express in words, I like to be transparent with my struggles. Sorry for the downer, here’s a pick-me-up.
  • GIF – This woman’s split personality may give you a headache.
  • VICE – A Danish Photographer’s Pictures of Texans
  • OakCliff.AdvocateMag.com – 1950s Dallas Fort Worth Turnpike pamphlet
    • Something like this won’t happen again – Once the road was paid for, it was handed over to the Texas Department of Transportation, and it later became Interstate 30.
  • Wheels and tires on 48 vehicles stolen from Tyler car dealership
  • Down Under News – Shirtless burglars break into school with crocodiles
  • An Interactive Guide To The Evolution Of The National Mall
  • Dallas’ first Shake Shack opens next week
  • For the last five or seven years, I’ve had a reoccurring dream. Well, the dream isn’t reoccurring, but the theme would always be the same. I’m me and in a professional career, but I always have to go back to Hardin-Simmons University, live in the dorm, and work on completing my degree. Often, I’ll find myself struggling to adjust back to dorm life, forgetting my class schedule, and feeling unmotivated because I want to go back to my job and frustrated at the multiple semesters needed to be complete which seems beyond reach. About three months I had the same dream but it ended differently. I walked into my dorm and WifeGeeding was waiting for me and I exasperatedly explained to her how I wish I could just go back to my job and live in a house and be a real adult again. She tells me that it makes no sense that I’m back in college working on my bachelor’s when I already have an MBA, have over a decade of experience in the field I’m in, and have been hired by a company because of my knowledge and experience pertaining to my job, not my education. I woke up with a weird sense of awe, as if I was bitch-slapped by an epiphany, and haven’t had a variation of the dream since.
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