Bag of Randomness for Friday, August 23, 2019

  • I’m upset with myself at how I can turn a simple task difficult. We need a new can opener. Instead of simply going to the store and picking one up the shelf, I decided to search Amazon and then compare the top-selling models with several online rankings. I then remembered the can opener in my childhood home was electric and had a knife sharpener in the back, so I decided to see if one of those is available. They are, but I can’t find one which performs one of those smooth cuts.
  • In defense of reading the same book over and over againWhy we revisit old favorites — like Harry Potter — so often.
    • I don’t think I’ve read any book more than once, maybe a short story, but not a book.
  • New $53M Texas high school football stadium has state’s largest video boardThe latest cathedral to pigskin is the new $50+ million Children’s Health Stadium, which will host Prosper (Texas) High School. Prosper is a northern suburb of Dallas.
    • Articles like this frustrate me. The headline mentions the stadium has the state’s largest video board, but I couldn’t find anything in the article which mentions the dimensions or specs or even a comparison to other video boards at other venues.
  • The World’s Greatest 100 Places In 2019, According To TIME
    • Only one Texas place is on the list, and it’s in Houston. The closest place on the list to Dallas is in Tulsa. And, two places on the list are in Vietnam.
  • For those of you who need a refresher with pig (swine) nomenclature:
    • Piglets: Any suckling pig
    • Gilt: A virgin female pig
    • Shoat: A juvenile male pig
    • Hog: A domestic pig that weighs more than 120 lbs.
    • Boar: Any male pig that’s not a piglet (an uncastrated male domestic pig)
    • Barrow: Male pig castrated at an early age
    • Sow: Mature female pig
    • Stag: Male pig castrated at a later age
    • Drift: A herd of domestic pigs
    • Sounder: Not used here, but it’s a group of wild pigs
    • Farrow: A group of piglets
    • And for good measure: – Feral pigs and wild hogs are similar and may even be indistinguishable in some cases, but they not one in the same. The key difference in defining a specific one is the use of the terms “feral” and “wild,” which have two distinct meanings.
      • The term “feral” applies to any animal that was once domesticated or whose ancestors were domesticated but has since been loosed into the wild and lost its sense of domestication. Feral pigs, often referred to ambiguously as “razorbacks” in many countries around the world regardless of the actual species of the pig, either were domestic pigs themselves or they are the descendants of domestic pigs.
      • Wild hogs collectively have never been subject to domestication by humans and have always remained as they were originally, wild.
  • Nike has a new shoe which comes with a removable gaiter shell which kinda makes the shoe a boot. I guess this stuff will sell better in places like Chicago and Seattle.
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Bag of Randomness for Thursday, August 22, 2019

  • Recently I mentioned how DaughterGeeding said she’s going to miss me driving her and her brother to school, that she’s going to miss the smell of coffee in the car and listening to The TICKET. I thought it would be something nice the Musers would like to hear so I sent them an email. Yesterday morning they were kind enough to read it on the air.
  • Dallas will be the first U.S. city to get this fancy cured ham I never heard of until now – Spain’s famous Jamón Ibérico store chooses Dallas for its first U.S. location.
  • I had no idea a movie about Roger Ailes and FOX News was coming out, but I was amazed at how well Charlize Theron captured Megyn Kelly’s look.
  • Maybe it’s because I’ve lived all my life in Texas, but I thought it was interesting the author of this article wanted to make the distinction that the cow was female. All cows are female. Maybe it’s a geographical linguistic thing, this happened in England.
    • Cow shot dead by police in Newfield Drive in Carlisle
      • A large female cow was seen roaming through gardens and roads in the area of Newfield Drive in Carlisle. Police were called to contain the cow at about 12pm today, before armed officers shot the animal dead two hours later.
      • In case you are lacking in bovine literacy:
        • Cow: A cow is a female animal that has had at least one calf.
        • Heifer: A heifer is a female animal that has never had a calf. Once a heifer has a calf, she automatically becomes a cow.
        • Bull: A mature male animal that is used for breeding. (And for the record, I did know what a bull was when I initially asked my city kid question!)
        • Steer: A steer is a male animal that has been neutered.
        • And for good measure:
          • So, what do you usually eat when you eat meat? Generally speaking if it’s good quality meat it’s usually a heifer or steer. If it’s lower quality meat, it’s usually a cow.
        • I’m sure a lot of you thought this series of bullet points was a bunch of bullshit. Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all weak. Sorry if you were offended this blog tipped slightly un-family friendly, but you can’t live sheltered all the time.
  • New Orleans was already challenged with drainage problems simply being under sea level – Cars (yes, entire cars) found crammed in underground Mid-City canal, clogging drainage pipes
  • Wired – There’s a Thriving Market for Human Body Parts on Instagram
    • Pre-2016, if you were in the market for human remains, eBay was your go-to website. But after the site banned the sale of human body parts (with the exception of scalp hair) in 2016, Instagram has taken over. Selling remains on the photo-sharing network works much like other informal commerce on the platform. A user will post an image of, say, a skull and offer a price in the comment section below. Interested users will then reach out via direct message, and if a price is agreed upon, payment is made directly, and the goods packaged and shipped.
    • Unlike other illicit markets on Instagram—exotic animals, looted antiquities, weapons—there is nothing explicitly illegal about trading human remains on the platform.
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Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, August 20, 2019

  • While watching I Am Patrick Swayze it dawned upon me that the modern-day version of him is Hugh Jackman. They both could pull off playing the super tough guy and sweet charming gentleman, very versatile souls.
      • Dalton in Road House –  Wolverine in all the X-Men movies. Both characters had “interesting” hair.
      • Swayze was in North and South, which was about a divided nation. Jackman was in Les Misérables, which was about a divided nation.
      • Swayze sang the hit She’s Like The Wind which was on the Dirty Dancing soundtrack.  Jackman is touring the U.S. and Australia in a self-titled show in which he sings and dances, performing acts from The Greatest Showman,
        Les Misérables, The Boy From Oz, and others.
      • And, I’m sure there’s a lot of other stuff. Both look great shirtless. Hey, I’m just sayin’.
  • Don Swayze, younger brother of the late Patrick, has played the voice of Patrick Swayze in two episodes of The Family Guy.
  • Life has its ups and downs. There are times when your actually living, and then there are times you are feeling like you are doing nothing but surviving. It’s all relative, I suppose.
  • There’s been a repot of a boy at our kids’ school who likes to move his desk and then chew on it.
  • When the Philidelphia standoff happened not too long ago, I thought about the time the Dallas PD used a robot vehical to blow up the shooter. I’m sure in the near future we’ll see a similar situation in which the police will blow off the door of a building and then send in a small drone to “subdue” the suspect in some way.
  • Spam jumps on the Pumpkin Spice train, announcing autumnal-flavored canned meat
  • I bet my dentist is the that one outlier in those “four out of five dentists recommends” such and such. I just know it.
  • When SNL starts back up and if Kamala Harris is in the news, I can totally see Maya Rudolph playing her.
  • Pearland Independent School District – Texas school officials sued for allegedly coloring in black student’s fade with permanent marker
  • I wonder if anyone has created a deep fake video to get him or herself out of trouble, like editing security footage to show he or she was at a certain place at a certain time as an alibi.
  • Tesla launches a rental plan to help its slumping home solar panel businessStarting at $50 per month with a $1,500 removal fee
  • One heck of a whiplash
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Bag of Randomness for Monday, August 19, 2019

  • Unsolicited advice – With any hardship in life, view it in light of eternity.
  • I replaced all of GeedingManor’s fire alarms on Saturday. Truth be told, most of them have been removed for years for going off sporadically despite replacing the batteries and cleaning them. I recently discovered most fire alarms last for only about ten years and mine were more than twenty. The one located most centered in the house is actually a carbon combination smoke and carbon monoxide detector.
  • My 25-year high school reunion was this past weekend and I have some regrets in not going. I thought it was odd it was not happening during homecoming and it didn’t seem well planned, but I think I got that perception because I’m not on the Facebook which was how most of the planning took place. My good friend Jimi did attend. He said none of our closest friends were there, and that would have been perfect. I already know what’s going on in their lives and get to speak to them at least yearly. I would much rather be forced to see and interact with classmates I literally haven’t thought about since graduation but were in my second-grade classroom. He did inform me that the very first girl I slow-danced with (7th grade) died from cancer.
  • The teachers at the school my kids attend and my wife work at require all tattoos be covered. Some teachers wear a bandaid every day on the same spot. I bet some kids think their teacher never heals, that they are the opposite of Wolverine.
  • Last night I flipped channels between specials about Patrick Swayze and the Cola Wars. The Cola Wars special was fun because not only did it bring back a lot of memories, but throughout the special, they did the blind taste test with executives from both Pepsi and Coca-Cola as well as the contributing journalists.
  • Last Thursday I went to the local TxDOT to renew my drivers license. The plan was to get there before they open, 8:00 AM, to try to avoid being in a long line. It turns out half of Denton County had the same idea.
    • When I walked into the building, I saw that 27 people were in line ahead of me, which I didn’t think was too bad. But then I realized this was only the downstairs line, the line continued upstairs. I didn’t leave the building until 12:24 PM. The workers wouldn’t allow us to line up on the stairs. Basically, they sent us up about ten at a time.
    • Because I expected a long dreadful experience, I didn’t feel like the ordeal was all that bad, unlike many others. My heart went out to the elderly. One man leaned on his walker the entire time. An elderly woman asked those around her to assist her in sitting down on the floor and to get up periodically to use the restroom. I felt the wait upstairs wasn’t as bad because there was a railing to lean against, either with my backside or my forearms.
    • When you stand in that line for that amount of time,  you get to know the people next to you. I was fortunate enough to stand next to this really cool young woman from Argentina who wanted to talk DC vs Marvel and all things sci-fi the entire time.
    • About an hour into my wait, I realized I left some of my required documentation on the counter after an employee came out to tell us to make sure we had all required paperwork. I laid it out the night before so I wouldn’t forget it, and like an idiot, I forgot it. I asked Ms. Argentina if she would hold my place in line so I could drive home and retrieve them and before I could even finish my sentence she said, “Dude, I got you. I got you.”
    • Even though my drivers license wasn’t going to expire for another two weeks, to renew it, I needed to provide a certified birth certificate, Social Security card, or passport. I did have my U.S. Treasury ID with me which shows I have a certain security clearance and my face on it, but that wasn’t considered acceptable ID.
    • When I returned, Ms. Argentina was no longer on the first floor but was looking for me and waving to get my attention to show she was now on the second floor, which is visible from the first floor. After chatting with her a bit more, I asked if she could do me one more favor and accept a Chick-fil-A gift card I had in my wallet. I told her I wanted to express my thanks and that the world needs more friendly souls like her.
    • One dude in line had his headphones on and received a call. I’m guessing because he had his headphone on, he had no idea how loud he was actually talking and how everyone was picking up on his leud lifestyle.
    • The TxDOT worker who processed my request had a flower in her hair and she looked like she might be from Hawaii. Sure enough, she was, and she said she wears a flower in her hair every day to honor her heritage. When she was finished with my request and it was time to leave, I thanked her in Hawaiin by saying, “Mahalo.” She seemed genuinely touched.
  • John Goodman Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters
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Bag of Randomness for Thursday, August 15, 2019

  • Here’s some unsolicited advice – always have a spare bottle of Liquid Plumber or Drano on hand.
  • My drivers license expires in two weeks and I can’t renew online so I’m going in to renew it in person today. I hope I make it out alive, I’ve heard horror stories of three-hour waits, lines out the door, and people having to stand in the heat. I’m trying to go in prepared, I’m bringing in the letter they sent me, printed and filled out a renewal application, and bringing in three forms of identification.
  • Here’s a crazy idea for a science fiction story. All of a sudden transmission data from Voyager 1 or Voyager 2 start coming in faster than it has ever before, and it’s because it somehow returned and is orbiting Earth. Maybe the story starts out sometime in the future and scientists haven’t received any data from them for the last fifty years.
  • For those of you who are appreciate the movie Idiocracy, it’s all I could think about when I read this Wall Street Journal article – Résumés Are Starting to Look Like Instagram—and Sometimes Even Tinder
    • While earlier generations played with eye-catching print fonts and horizontal lines, today’s tech-savvy young people have a new arsenal of tricks. Many throw in headshots. Some add bitmojis, the personalized avatars used in text messages and on social media.
    • Hiring managers say they are seeing résumés in Instagram-friendly palettes of mint green and pastel pink. Some come spiral-bound like full-color corporate brochures.
    • The flashy résumés are colliding with efforts by employers to strip down CVs to their most basic elements—coding skills, college degrees, work histories—to reduce bias in hiring. Many companies run résumés through tools called applicant tracking systems that remove photos and other design embellishments. Others are looking for ways to blind out even names and addresses, which could reveal gender, race or socioeconomic status.
  • Man dies after taco-eating contest at California baseball game
  • My sainted mother would have turned 71 years old today. She was a voracious reader. If you would do me a small favor, to honor her, simply read a magazine article or a chapter in a book.  The photo at the top of this post was taken in Corpus Christi, circa 1979, and that’s me hugging her leg as she’s about to fish with nothing but a bamboo pole.
  • The only reason I’m posting this article is that it might interest two of you out there since it was the first place we worked at after college (and, it was the site of our wedding reception) – Dallas’ Cityplace Tower is getting luxury hotel rooms as part of a redo
    • The new owners of the 42-story office high-rise on North Central Expressway plan to convert eight floors of the tower into a 5-star InterContinental Hotels Group hotel.
    • Along with guest rooms, the hotel will have an outdoor swimming pool, a fitness center, more than 21,000 square feet of meeting space and a top-floor ballroom and banquet space with views of the nearby downtown Dallas skyline.
  • Amazon said this week its facial recognition software, Rekognition, can detect a person’s fear.
  • One-legged high jump
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Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, August 14, 2019

  • This maybe be common knowledge to my fellow Texans, but sometimes it gets so hot in the afternoon, outdoor recess is canceled and the kids have to stay indoors. Yesterday, the first day of school, was one of those days.
  • I was told by one of my kids that a fellow student was sent to the headmaster’s office because she wouldn’t stop growling at the teacher.
  • WifeGeeding said one of her kindergarten students asked, “How did you learn to read? When did you learn to read?”
  • Sonny Jurgensen Announces Retirement From Redskins Radio
    • Sonny Jurgensen, a voice of Washington Redskins games for decades, has signed off. The former Redskins quarterback, now 84, played 11 seasons for the ‘Skins, from 1964 to 1974. Previously, he played for the Philadelphia Eagles, starting in 1957. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1983.
    • Random fact about the 84-year-old Jurgensen, his full name is Christian Adolph Jurgensen III. He was born 1934, at a time when parents were still comfortable giving their kids the name “Adolf”. In case you are wondering, Hitler became Chancellor of German in 1933 and Führer the following year. WWII started in 1939 and ended in 1945.
  • If I’m going to have to buy a scrub brush for the kitchen or the bath, it’s probably is going to be of the green and yellow variety, only because it’s what I was grown up with. However, those two-tone blue ones are pretty sharp looking.
  • I recently mentioned that one of my coworkers lost his eleven-year-old son. Yesterday, I found out he was suffering from Pearson syndrome. Per Wikipedia –  Pearson syndrome is very rare, less than a hundred cases have been reported in medical literature worldwide.
  • USA TodayGreatest concert films of all time, from ‘Woodstock’ to ‘U2 3D’
    • I’m surprised ‘U2 3D’ made the list. I would have expected ‘Rattle and Hum’ or my personal favorite, ‘U2 Go Home: Live from Slane Castle‘. I had no idea they played in front of 180,000 people at Slane.
  • Founder of Jason’s Deli passes away after battle with cancer
    • I had no idea he was an Aggie.
  • Kentucky man arrested outside Pentagon with shotgun, said he had “liberty business”
  • I’ve edited maybe five Wikipedia pages in my life. All of them were small grammatical errors or typos, with the exception of the time I decided to provide a citation.
  • I got a little sentimental with looking through photos yesterday. Funny, many of you have been with me the entire journey, and more.
  • Lion King deep fake
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Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, August 13, 2019

  • I think I post this picture every year, it makes me laugh. The mom is cute and bald men can relate to the dad. But truth be told, the first day of school bums be out as a parent, I’m left wondering if I made the most of the summer for the kids as I should have. Most likely, it was a great summer in their eyes, but I always want to make it better for the whole family.
  • Yup, it’s the first day of school for my wife and kids. As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m bummed that I will no longer be dropping the kids off at school. Last night, DaughterGeeding mentioned something about it. “Dad, I’m going to miss you taking us to school. I’m going to miss the smell of coffee in the car and listening to The TICKET, like when Muse in the News comes on. We always knew we were running late when they got to birthdays.”
  • The Government Taste Testers Who Reshaped America’s Diet In the 1930s, a forgotten federal bureau experimented with ways to make soy and other products more popular in the U.S.
  • Nike rolls out a subscription service for kids’ sneakers
    • Parents will have the option to order shoes for sizes 4C to 7Y (for kids aged roughly two to 10) on a monthly, bimonthly or quarterly basis, costing $50, $30 or $20 per month respectively. Kids’ sneakers typically retail for $60, so monthly subscribers will save about $10 a pair. You can alter the frequency of deliveries or pause your plan as you see fit.
    • Even though I don’t plan on subscribing, this service sounds pretty reasonable.
  • Silent Book Clubs Offer Introverts A Space To Socialize
    • The concept is simple yet revolutionary: Members meet up at a bar, a library, a bookstore or any venue that will host them. Once the bell rings, silent reading time commences. After an hour, the bell rings again. Other than that, there are no rules.
    • There’s even a Dallas chapter.
    • I’ve never been part of a book club.
  • Egads! – A man’s false teeth got stuck in his throat during a surgery. It was eight days before anyone noticed.
  • If you get a kick out of the Florida Man meme and know your Bible, this Reddit thread may provide you some humor – If written like a news report, what stories from the bible were done by Florida man?
    • Here are some of the top suggestions:
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Balloon Popping


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Bag of Randomness for Monday, August 12, 2019

  • We landed on a most interesting episode of The Love Boat yesterday while channel surfing yesterday. The title of the episode was ‘Picture Me a Spy/Daredevil/Sleeper‘ and included the following actors: Courteney Cox, Peter Scolari, Alan Thicke, Yakov Smirnoff, and Teri Hatcher as one of the boat’s mermaids.
  • The US Navy will replace its touchscreen controls with mechanical ones on its destroyers
    • The move comes after the National Transportation Safety Board released an accident report from a 2017 collision, which cites the design of the ship’s controls as a factor in the accident.
  • I had no idea that during the Vietnam War, it was somewhat common for pro athletes to join the Reserves to avoid the draft. That’s what I learned in this article about Pete Rose detailing what it’s like to hang out with Joe DiMaggio for a 23-day goodwill tour of Vietnam. A few items of note:
    • Rose was 22-years-old doing his basic training at Fort Knox. He was on kitchen patrol waxing the floor of the mess hall when he received a call informing him he was the National League Rookie of the Year. He served three years in the Reserves with Johnny Bench at Fort Thomas, Kentucky, right across the river from Cincinnati. They were both cooks.
    • Rose received a call from some guy at the State Department asking if he’d like to go to Vietnam.
      • In telling the story, he said, “And my first answer was, ‘Hell no! There’s a war going on there!’ “
      • “Then he said, ‘Well, Joe DiMaggio’s going.’
      • “And I said, ‘Do I get to meet Joe?’ He said, ‘You get to live with him for 23 days.’ And I said, ‘Sign me up!’ “
      • Rose didn’t need a lot of persuading other than that. “No. Not to meet Joe DiMaggio,” Rose says. “Uh, uh. If it’s good enough for Joe DiMaggio, it’s got to be good enough for me.”
      • DiMaggio had retired 12 years before Rose made the big leagues.
      • “You couldn’t ask him any questions about Marilyn Monroe,” Rose says. “Don’t talk about Marilyn Monroe. Don’t mention Marilyn Monroe.”
      • Rose and DiMaggio dressed in fatigues and carried phony ID cards. “We were GS … uh … GS 14s, I think. We were colonels. We had to carry that card in our back pocket saying we were GS 14s in case we got captured,” Rose says.
      • They traveled mostly by helicopter. Rose says he mused to himself that if their chopper went down, every story would be about Joe DiMaggio.
  • A chimpanzee completing on of those Ninja Warrior courses
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Bag of Randomness for Thursday, August 8, 2019

  • Yesterday was a “big” day for the students and parents of our school. Emails were sent out revealing who got what teacher. A class roster isn’t revealed and email addresses of other parents aren’t displayed, it’s basically just a friendly greeting from the teacher. You know when the emails go out because the kids will start calling one another to find out who is in what class, and from my perspective, it’s funny hearing the cheers and jeers. However, I can’t recall how this was done when I was in elementary school. I know for sure we didn’t receive a phone call, and I’m pretty certain nothing was mailed. I think we just showed up the first day of school, our parents searched for our name on a bulletin board, and then escorted us to the classroom.
  • Whataburger recently honored a woman (unlimited Whataburger for a year, and $1,000 donated to the charity of her choice) who used her jet ski to save children and adults from a burning boat. However, the Whataburger spokesperson caught my attention, he’s like the Boris Johnson of Whataburger.
  • But, is it organic? – Chernobyl vodka: First consumer product made in exclusion zone
  • It was born in Brooklyn in 1879 – Who Invented the Cardboard Box?
  • Gizmodo – How to Find Spyware Your Employer Installed on Your Computer and What to Do About It
  • National Geographic – Our favorite candid photographs of wild animals—taken via camera trapCamera trap technology has given scientists an unparalleled look into the secret lives of wildlife.
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Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, August 7, 2019

  • One week from yesterday will be the first day of school for most of my family. Wow, August 13th, it just seems too darn early to start school. Granted, the last day of school is something like May 21, but it just feels weird starting school before the actual middle of August.
  • It looks like I will no longer be driving the kids to school in the morning, which was a fantastic way to start off my day. I’m going to miss that, it was great bonding time. WifeGeeding accepted a job to be a kindergarten teacher at our kids’ school so there’s no effective reason for me to drive them to school anymore. And, as the middle school and high school are on the same campus, I may never have to drop them off every again if WifeGeeding works at the school until our children graduate. Sure, there will be exceptions, and I’ll cherish those time, but a part of my daily routine has been taken away.
  • It pains me to admit it, but in an effort to be transparent, when I dropped them off at school I feared it would be the last time I see them. Mass shootings are everywhere, no place is immune. Many people tend to think such a thing will not happen to them, but I’m the type of person who thinks that sort of stuff would happen to me. I’m not an optimist, I’m a pessimist, always preparing myself for the worst and being thankful for anything which comes out half as well as I expect it.
  • At least the first week of school will only have one day of triple digits, the first day of school is Tuesday for us.
  • We all know one or two people at work who will “Reply All” when it’s not needed. Please don’t be one of those people.
  • Current Mount Vernon Tigers head football coach Art Briles talked to the media for the first time on Monday. The media was told to ask questions only relating to Mount Vernon football, but one reporter out of Waco believed she found a loophole when she asked, “You guys are the Tigers. Any talk about changing (the team’s name) to the Scapegoats?” Many in sports media expressed disappointment with her question, but she defended it by stating, “No bad intent. Many in Waco feel Briles was a scapegoat. Media were told not to ask questions about BU sex scandal, only MV football-related questions, so using the mascot was simply a “sporty” way of opening the door for Briles to respond to the theory of being a scapegoat.
  • Random fact about Mount Vernon, Texas – It was originally called Keith. Someone must have realized what a pathetic and prosaic sounding name that was and decided to change it to Lone Star, and then later to its current name.
  • Sony has developed a wearable mini/portable air conditioner to fit on the back of a shirt, just below the neck. It looks like it wouldn’t be noticeable with a dress shirt on, but I’m curious to know the noise level and battery life of the thing. It’s probably in the article, but I’m too lazy to read it. Sometimes I just try to find stuff to post or link to so none of y’all yell at me.
  • I got stuck watching some sort of WWII documentary on the Smithsonian Channel. The narrator stated in 1939, 75% of the men in the military didn’t finish high school, 41% never even started it.
  • Every bug in your house, ranked by how worried you should be about them
  • HBO launches ‘Recommended by Humans’ tool to help you escape algorithm nightmares
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Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, August 6, 2019

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