Orchestra playing Tango Jalousie while eating the worlds hottest chili peppers

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Bag of Randomness


  • Now it’s the time of the year where I wonder how many more times I have to mow the lawn before year’s end and how to cook the turkey this year.  I’m thinking about frying it again, I just need to find some good turkey injection that’s not creole inspired.  If I do go the injection route, it will be a first.
  • I was surprised to see Billy Bob Thornton on last night’s ‘Big Bang Theory’.  As much as I watch CBS I thought I would have seen an advertisement about his appearance, but then again I DVR and fast forward through a lot of commercials.
  • I’m mad at myself for falling for the Brian Bosworth crocodile tears on his ’30 for 30′, and it didn’t really hit me until I heard the Musers talk about it and LiberallyLean.com mention it.  There were two dead giveaways, when he refused to get rid of the NCCA/Communist shirt and that whole John Elway t-shirt story.  Huh, both those things deal with shirts.
  • Couple Petition Disney for a Down Syndrome Princess
  • ‘The Daily Show’ saved their best Texas schtick for the last show in Texas.
  • The Washington Post thinks Greg Abbott is on his way to making a presidential run.
  • The big hit on the Internet yesterday was an interactive Honda video that showed two stores at the same time, but to go back between the two you had to press the R key on your keyboard – once you let go, it goes back to the other story.
  • House Republicans Can’t Find Anyone to Sue the President
  • Interesting move by the Indian president, a power our president doesn’t have – Unveiling an austerity drive to cut non-plan expenditure by 10 per cent, the Narendra Modi government has barred bureaucrats from travelling first class on overseas visits and have been asked to use video conferencing as much as possible.
  • Last night Carolina Panther Cam Newton wore Charlotte Hornets football cleats.
  • I’m surprised Tim Cook wasn’t rated higher – 13 Of The Most Popular Tech Company CEOs, According To Their Employees 
  • I wonder if gerrymandering will still be a thing a hundred years from now.
  • Per Nate Silver’s website – almost 4 percent of women in America, or one in every 26, has breast implants.  Speaking of that man, I don’t think anyone has aged faster than him, even Obama.  Speaking of Obama, I always thought his first official presidential photo looked like it could go on a Just For Men box.
  • Google ordered to pay a woman $2,250 for Street View image showing cleavage
  • VOTE 411 – A good voter’s guide website that will show you your local ballot.
  • A dog dressed as Marty McFly
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Interesting Virtual Personal Trainer and Fitness Tracking Technology

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Funny or Die: 10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Man

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Bag of Randomness


  • I didn’t know Dallas was getting another fancy bridge, this one is being built by the same folks that build Spaceship Earth in EPCOT.  I added that last nugget for one loyal reader.
  • ‘Modern Family’ always has a good Halloween episode.
  • Shaq called Tim Duncan “Old Man River Walk” the other day which I thought was pretty funny.
  • I’m surprised Christians aren’t easily offended when people use their faith to try to get business, it all seems pretty close to setting up shop on temple grounds.
  • There’s a lot of retouching that goes on in a L’Oréal Garnier commercial (Vimeo).
  • I was watching the ‘CBS Evening News’ coverage of that rocket explosion in Virginia and they interviewed a store owner who had a busted window resulting from the explosion how far the store is from the launch site.  He said, “As the crow flies, probably seven or eight miles.”  That was the first time I heard of the phrase “as the crow flies”.  From the context I understood the meaning, but I had to look it up to see if it was actually a popular saying.
  • I haven’t seen ‘The Daily Show’ use on University of Texas reference since they’ve been shooting from Austin all week.  Good for them for not picking low hanging fruit.
  • NFL-themed burgers hit London diners, including a Cowboys BBQ burger
  • I don’t think I watched but half an hour of the entire 2014 World Series.
  • The story behind that ’10 hours of walking in NYC’ viral street harassment video
  • When I saw this picture of Phil Collins holding a Bowie knife I actually thought it was a scene from LOST, like John Locke holding a knife.
  • Today’s dose of ‘MURICA! – The U.S. takes home another World Series.
  • @darrenrovell – Giants sponsor Virgin America gave passengers on flight 717 from Dallas to SF rally towels to watch game with
  • Justin Long was on ‘The Late Late Show’ last night and did a killer Marty McFly impression.
  • The driver’s seat is front middle – After 70 Years, a Forgotten Concept Car Is Finally Coming to Life
  • I caught the ESPN ’30 for 30′ on Brian Bosworth:
    • Most of my thoughts about him comes from a ten-year-old’s perspective.  I remember a lot of friends getting his haircut in elementary school, only a few got the dye job to go with it.
    • A lot of the show is focused upon him visiting a storage locker full of his football past with his teenage son.  Bosworth does a lot of reflecting and crying over bad decisions, and he often refers to relationship he had with his father saddened how hard he was on him and how he wished he could have pleased him more.  All of that encouraged me to be a better father and made me really start to feel for the man.  He goes on to say that Barry Switzer was really the father figure in his life, specifically he says, “Barry Switzer eclipsed any male figure in my life.”
    • I had no idea he was a local product, Irving MacArthur specifically.  Speaking of local stuff, Dale Hansen gets considerable air time.
    • At one time he was a very straight laced, well mannered, and somewhat shy kid.
    • After he lost a girlfriend to a Texas Longhorn he developed a strong hatred for the university, and “The Boz” was born when a reporter asked him about the school and he went on a long rant about the school color, head coach Fred Akers, and the city of Austin.
    • It was funny seeing the OU coaching staff all wearing polyester maroon pants, and it made me wonder if we’d ever see the likes of such things on the sidelines again.  It also made me miss how old jerseys looked, how they were just netted/meshed without sewn numbers and letters, but some kind of iron-on material.
    • It was a bit weird watching Mack Brown talk about his days at Oklahoma since so many must associate him with UT.  Brown was the offensive coordinator at OU during Bosworth’s time.
    • The Boz was a combination of Prime Time Deion Sanders and Dennis Rodman, so you can say he was ahead of his time.
    • I never thought Bo Jackson’s touchdown run over him was all that impressive.  Well, maybe it was impressive, but I tend to think the lore of it is bigger than the actual event.  Bosworth was able to bring him down and he wasn’t put on his back.
    • I guess he was really the first big time athlete to get busted for steroid use.
    • In his rookie year in Seattle he called out John Elway before a game and the Denver fans bought a whole bunch of Boz Bozo t-shirts.  But here’s the kicker, those t-shirts were made by Bosworth’s company.
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Bag of Randomness


  • WifeGeeding’s book club read Gone Girl and last night she watched the movie with a bunch of female friends.  If I mysteriously die or disappear, please keep this in mind.
  • We can endure it, America, keep your chins up – in a little over a week there campaign ads should no longer be airing.
  • Pat Sajak looks like the kind of man that doesn’t wash his hands after using the restroom, either number one or number two.
  • It bugs me when I see people lose a lot of weight and they just credit it to “I just stopped drinking” or something of the like.  I’m chubby and don’t really have any vices that I can give up to have the pounds drop off.
  • It just feels a bit weird to me that the College Football Playoff poll members all met just five-and-a-half miles from GeedingManor.  Silly thought of the day – The College Football Playoff poll should consist of either a governor or U.S. senator from each state.
  • I bet Tony Romo’s back is fine, it’s just the Cowboys staff thinks they are being smart by trying to confuse Arizona.
  • I haven’t watched much of the World Series, but I saw a touching moment when a Giants outfielder caught the final out of an inning and made the extra effort of jogging over to a little kids in a Royals uniform and but the ball in his glove.  The game was in Kansas City in case you were wondering.
  • While watching Tom and Jerry with the kids, I’m amazed the owners of the house never notice the exceptionally cut mouse hole in the baseboards of the house.
  • I’m sure every geek watching ‘Agents of Shield’ last night really enjoyed seeing Adrianne Palicki in a Star Wars shirt.
  • The Dallas Morning News‘ Business section tweeted, “New rankings show SMU is a better college than Texas, Baylor, A&M” but the link they provided didn’t work.
  • Google BBS Terminal – What Google would have looked like in the 80s
  • Random Phil Collins quote, “”When I got older and became successful, I decided to spend my money on original items from the Alamo rather than on Ferraris.”
  • That man part of that homophobic assault at DFW Airport is from Tennessee and has the middle name of Christmas.
  • The local news stated that the new Nebraska Furniture Mart just started to stock its store and it will take a total of five months to complete that task, with 60 trucks being unloaded nightly.
  • Best line from last night’s ‘Daily Show’ in Austin that came from a parody country song, “When teachers tell kids HOWDY…nearly half of them say hola.”
  • ‘Moses was schizophrenic': Christian Bale ignites religious row ahead of Exodus movie release by describing prophet as ‘barbaric’
  • ‘Operation’ game inventor can’t afford his own surgery
  • Buzz Aldrin on an actual hoverboard
  • A nice story about Tom Hanks and a taxi cab driver.
  • Time waste of the day: Type a sentence into this website and it will create a video message of your text using various movie clips
  • Today’s dose of ‘MURICA!.
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I didn’t realize catcalls were still a thing

A woman walks around NYC and gets harassed by a bunch of men, it’s all recorded on a hidden GoPro by someone walking in front of her.  I wonder if this happens in Texas as we aren’t so concentrated as a population and the culture of being southern gentlemen, that’s not to say we don’t have our fair share of jerks.


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I don’t know why I love this, but I love this

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Bag of Randomness


  • DaughterGeeding’s first name is Micah.  Yesterday she found out there’s a book in the Bible with her name and came up to WifeGeeding and said, “MOM, did you know I’m in the Bible!”
  • One of my friends watched last night’s game at GeedingManor.  When it was BoyGeeding’s bedtime, he ran up to me for a hug and a peck on the lips.  He then went over to my friend, said, “good night,” and spread his arms wide open for a hug, and my friend obliged.  BoyGeeding then puckered up for a peck, and the look on my friend’s face was priceless as it was full of awkwardness.  You could totally read his mind, “I don’t want to kiss this kid, but if I don’t, I’m really going to hurt his feelings right before bedtime.”  My friend ended up doing the right thing.
  • You don’t often see a head coach go over to an injured player, but Garrett did that when Romo got hurt.
  • Why couldn’t Romo get injured when Jerry was being interviewed, it would have been great to hear him curse on live television.
  • I didn’t think we’d see more shots of Colt McCoy’s parents than Jerry Jones.  And of course the Monday Night crew had to point out the freaking art in the stadium that was put there by Jerry’s wife.
  • When a player gets hurt, they have to travel through a sports bar to get to the locker room.  I guess that’s convenient if you are knocked out for the game as you can get a drink on your way to drown the sorrows.
  • At the start of the game the collar of the Cowboys’ jerseys are white, but towards the end you can see blue stripes.
  • We haven’t seen Jerry on the sidelines in quite a while until last night.
  • I heard Romo yell out “Black.  Elvis” before a snap.  A few players on Twitter pointed out the L in both those words indicate a play, most likely a screen, to the left.
  • All three of Washington’s quarterbacks are devout Christians.
  • Things are going to get a lot tougher for the Cowboys playing the Cardinals next week.
  • I bet he didn’t have to wait an hour in line at Pecan Lodge like the rest of us – Where Alton Brown Ate On His Weekend Jaunt Through Dallas
  • I wonder if Mark Wahlberg is still feeling the good vibrations.
  • Boehner: Bush would have punched Putin in the nose – Yet Bush was able to get a sense of his soul and found him trustworthy.
  • ‘The Daily Show’ started with an aerial view of Austin but set to the music of the ‘Dallas’ television series and ended with the tagline “The Daily Show goes to the one part of Texas where we won’t get shot at.”  Stewart also came out wearing a hazmat suit, which really wasn’t funny and made for an all too much of a Dallas feel for the show, but there was plenty of Dallas bashing going on to appease the Austin folk.
  • Samantha Bee had a good line on how Ebola was handled in Dallas, “Dallas officials tried every Texas solution they could think of.  They shot at Ebola.  They gave it the death penalty.  The prayed for the virus….”
  • Pope says evolution doesn’t mean there’s no God – In an address to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, the Pope explains that God is not some sort of wizard.
  • TCU only plays two football games out of state.
  • A very elderly Jerry Lee Lewis was playing with Paul and band on Letterman last night, but he looked like he was loving every moment of it.
  • I had no idea Aubrey Plaza had a stroke when she was twenty-two.
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Texas pastor arrested for soliciting prostitute: Christ’s love allowed me to get caught

A pastor at an Amarillo church could face up to six months in prison after getting caught with a prostitute in a Motel 6.

Texas Department of Public Safety officers arrested Cameron Tate Reeves, a 34-year-old pastor at Hillside Christian Church’s Hillside Canyon campus since 2009, on Thursday at the hotel at 2032 Paramount Blvd. in Amarillo, Myhighplains.com reported.

Reeves resigned from his post after the arrest, the Amarillo Globe-News reported.

The pastor penned a letter to be read to the church’s congregation on Sunday, according to the Globe-News. In it, Reeves admitted to knowingly booking an appointment for an “inappropriate sexual encounter.”

Reeves said it was Christ’s love that allowed him to be arrested, the Globe-News reported.

“I’m sorry for wounding the heart of Christ … I want to be a faithful son,” the letter read, according to the Globe-News.

Full Article

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Bag of Randomness


  • When the Cowboys don’t play on a Sunday it totally throws the first of my week off.
  • We’re the type that will watch our favorite shows when they air, but wait about fifteen minutes as the DVR records them so we can fast forward all the commercials.  So a “first world problem” smacked us upside the head last night when ‘The Walking Dead’ didn’t record per our season pass.  I checked our settings and priority lists and I was able to conclude it had to be a bug on their end.  All I had to do was check Twitter to see if anyone else was having the same problem, and sure enough ‘Walking Dead’ DirecTV customers were more than voicing their frustrations.
  • But man, it was worth catching the beginning of ‘The Walking Dead’, but I should have seen that coming.
  • Speaking of first world DVR problems, you’d think by now they could figure out a way to record a show that starts at a later time due to a football game running past its allotted time.
  • SNL sure is lacking energy this year, but Jim Carrey doing that Matthew McConaughey Lincoln commercial bit throughout the whole show was great.
  • I always felt Jim Carrey is one of those that is happy on the outside but terribly depressed on the inside.
  • Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas is going on a campaign offensive with their ’60 Minutes’ interview and new commercials.  In that ’60 Minutes’ interview the nurses said when administrators talked to them that everyone volunteered to pitch in, from doctors to janitorial staff.  Part of me wants to believe that, but I’m skeptical that “everyone”, especially the janitorial staff, had such a gung-ho attitude.
  • ’60 Minutes’ also had a piece on Foo Fighter’s founder Dave Grohl’s HBO series on the musical history and influence certain cities have.  Grohl stated before this project he was surprise to find out how much of an influence the church has had on so many musicians.   I do like it when musicians really honor their craft by researching things such as this.
  • The church that operates DaughterGeeding’s preschool held a Trunk or Treat event last night.  That’s where people decorate their trunks and hand out candy.  One costume stood out, a black boy wearing a Dirk Nowitzki jersey with a shaggy blonde wig.
  • I was surprised to find out that Herschel Walker only had two one-thousand-yard seasons in the NFL and only made the Pro Bowl twice.  My childhood memories are tainted to believe he had much better stats in the NFL.
  • An Atlanta church defaulted in its $10 million loan.  I talked to a bank VP once and he told me he prefers not to do business with a church when they to build a bigger building.  He doesn’t like to take the risk in lending money to a church because if they default it’s hard to sell church property and a lot of times the lender looks like a bad guy.
  • Even our service academies will stoop to taking advantage of young men and women by getting caught up in the ugliness of college sports –  Report: Army used alcohol, women to recruit football players
  • I’ve caught segments of Graham Norton interviewing people, and he just has this great ability to make his guests put their guard down and laugh.  U2 was on his show recently and the interview made it feel like they were in the living room with me not as celebrities, but ordinary folk.
  • I’m surprised this incident hasn’t had more national exposure – DFW passengers subdue homophobic assailant
  • If you are easily offended, just skip this bullet point – Distasteful Halloween costume of the day (no nudity)
  • ‘The Daily Show’ will be filming from Austin this week, so it should be an interesting and entertaining week.  When Kimmel filmed in Austin he had Gov Perry on as a guest, so I wonder if he’ll make his way to Stewart’s desk.
  • I never heard of Clamato until I watched ‘Last Week Tonight’ last night.  At first I thought it was a joke along the lines of Tomacco.
  • Buzzfeed – McDonald’s Cup Sizes Around The World, How do they compare?
  • GIF – Somebody put a GoPro on a liquor bottle and passed it around at a wedding



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Her life is about to end and all she wants to do is play basketball

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