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Microwave Potato Chips

When we first discovered microwave potato chips four years ago, it was nothing short of a revelation. Even now, the fact that a short spin in the microwave can transform slices of potato into crispy (truly crispy!) chips without needing a drop of oil still seems like magic.


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They say all advertising is good advertising


A Texas plumber traded in his black Ford F-250 pickup truck at a Houston dealership and it ends up on the front lines of the Syrian civil war, operated by terrorist fighters.  His plumbing company has been bombarded with threats after a photo of his old truck appeared on a terrorist Twitter feed, equipped with an anti-aircraft gun in the truck bed with the company logo on still on the door.  I bet next time he remembers to remove the decal.


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Bag of Randomness


  • The United States will open an embassy in Cuba and restore diplomatic relations?!  The next thing you know we’ll have a military base over there.
  • Yes, I know we already have a military base in Cuba.
  • I was pretty surprised at how quickly CBS News got Scott Pelley to Havana yesterday.  I wonder if he got some inside info to get there so fast, or when he woke up, didn’t have any idea he’d be in Cuba later that day.
  • After the fall of Saigon my mother immigrated to the U.S. with my father.  During the embargo, she only visited her homeland once and was heartbroken at the living conditions.  When the embargo was lifted, she shed tears of joy because even though the government she hated would benefit, her family and all Vietnamese would benefit even more and have a better quality of life.  Although my knowledge of Cuban and U.S. relations is paltry, I’m looking at it from the point of view of my mother and her homeland when the embargo was lifted.
  • Congress will end up supporting a renewed relationship with Cuba because corporations control Congress, and there’s there’s too much money to be made in Cuba by U.S. corporations.  Soon oil companies will be drilling off their coast, Starbucks and McDonalds will be on every corner, and FedEx and UPS will be delivering packages to Havana that were ordered by their citizens on mobile devices that are connected to wireless networks set up by AT&T.  And perhaps next year the hot Christmas gift for U.S. men will be Cuban cigars.
  • To sum up my thoughts:
  • B5GjmNMCIAAY4CNI’m waiting for the ‘South Park’ creators to create an episode about this whole North Korea and Sony scenario, or at least create a Team America sequel.
  • Speaking of Team America, since they aren’t going to be able to screen The Interview, the Alamo Draft House will instead show Team America.
  • Romney: Release ‘The Interview’ for free online
  • I link to Playboy for the articles – Every Episode of Every ‘Star Trek’ Series Ever, Ranked
  • ‘The Colbert Report’s’ First Head Writer Remembers the Show’s Early Days and the Correspondents’ Dinner
  • The Dallas Morning News has launched The Hungry Games – a fight to declare the most popular chain restaurant in all the land.
  • A winning record also helps the bottom line – Cowboys now most valuable U.S. sports franchise
  • Remember that Toronto man that bought airfare for a global adventure with his girlfriend only to break up with her, and then went to the Internet to find another girl with the same name to go on the trip so the tickets wouldn’t go to waste?  It turns out 18 girls with the same name contacted him, and he ended up choosing a cute 23-year-old, but she already has a boyfriend.
  • There’s some strange people in this world, but thankfully the dog gets to liveAn Indiana woman who couldn’t live without her dog drew up a very controversial will. When Connie Lay recently passed away, her attorney revealed her German Shepherd ‘Bella’ would be put down so her ashes could be mixed in with her owners.
  • Law Enforcement Is the Fattest Profession, Study Finds
  • Like many others, I thought that when people lost weight, fat got “burned” off by being converted into heat and energy and some of it turned into muscle.  It turns out you actually BREATHE out 84% of that fat and the other 16% of fat escapes your body in the form of water (in your sweat, pee, breath and so on).
  • ‘Survivor’ changed the format on their season finale by airing segments and then going to Jeff in a live studio.  But the final reward was what I liked best, the winner got a chance to practice the final immunity challenge alone before the others even knew what the challenge was.
  • Today’s dose of ‘MURICA!
  • The Navy now has an underwater shark drone.
  • Tomorrow’s just your future yesterday.
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Derby the dog: Running on 3D Printed Prosthetics

See how unique, custom-3D printed prosthetics allow derby the dog to run for the first time.

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More Info On The Largest U.S. Indoor Ski Center That Will Be In Grand Praire

Here’s an article with a few more details.

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When a strike isn’t a strike

Competing in the World Bowling Men’s Championships in Abu Dhabi, UAE, Team USA’s Bill O’Neill threw what looked like a perfect strike. However, one the pins bounced around and stood up in place, making it the strike that didn’t count. Instead, O’Neill had to shoot the spare, which he made.

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Bag of Randomness


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Londoners break out in impromptu song on the Tube after Erasure gig

Most people seem they just want to keep to themselves up to around the 30-second mark.

This is one of those fun songs to sing at the top of your lungs while in the car.


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Mom Scolds Pundit Sons on C-SPAN

A live segment on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal turned into a time-out for Brad and Dallas Woodhouse, brothers who fall on the opposite ends of the political spectrum, when their mother called in to air some family grievances.


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Visual Representation of Music

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Aviation Geek Has A Plane To Himself And Takes The Best Selfie Ever



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Bag of Randomness


  • BoyGeeding will only wear his Spider-Man underwear backwards because the graphic of the superhero is in the back, and he wants that in front.
  • If you own a DeLorean and want to make it look like the car from Back to the Future, you can now buy a conversion kit for $30,000.
  • For the first time in 17 months the U.S. has a Surgeon General, and he’s only 37-years-old.  For the longest time, I thought the Surgeon General wore a Navy uniform, but it’s actually the uniform of the U.S. Public Health Service, Commissioned Corps, which is very similar except for the commissioning devices, buttons, and insignia.  However, by law, he or she holds the rank of vice admiral.  It’s my understanding that most of the folks that have served as Surgeon General didn’t wear the uniform until C. Everett Koop decided to make it vouge.
  • Perry asks for farewell address to Legislature – I’m not a fan of the man or his politics, but I do like his hair.  And as the longest serving governor of the state, I have no issue at all of him doing such a thing.  With that distinction, I’m sure something will be named after him soon, I just wonder what.
  • This article reminded me of the ‘Seinfeld’ hand model episode – Secret Life of a Shoe Model
  • Something I’ve long known but maybe you haven’t – The X in Xmas literally means Christ. Here’s the history behind it.
  • The Cowboys play Andrew Luck and the Colts next, and the WSJ has an article on how he doesn’t trash talk but compliments his opponents.
  • Today’s dose of ‘MURICA!
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