Professor at Texas A&M Galveston fails entire class

A professor at Texas A&M Galveston failed an entire class, and he outlined his reasons in a fiery email sent to those students.But the university won’t quite be backing up the professor’s actions.In the email professor Irwin Horwitz sent to his students, he called them a disgrace to the school. He said he will no longer be teaching the course and will be giving everyone in the class a failing grade.

Enough was enough,” Horwitz said.

After what he calls a semester of disrespect, backstabbing, lying, and cheating, Horwitz had all he could take.

“Yesterday I reached the breaking point,” he said.

He sent a lengthy email to his Strategic Management class explaining that they would all be failing the course. He said the students proved to be incompetent and lack the maturity level to enter the workforce.

“It became apparent that they couldn’t do some of the most simple and basic things they should have been able to do,” said Horwitz.

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This Reese’s Commercial Makes WifeGeeding Laugh, Though I Don’t Understand Why

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Bag of Randomness


  • I’d say about 80% of the time I’ve known WifeGeeding, she’s been to bed before 10 PM, and I don’t think I’ve seen her stay up past 1:00 AM.  Since she’s become a mother and works out around 5 AM, she’s now usually in bed closer to 9:30 PM.  So it was more than surprising that she stayed out with a group of neighborhood girls to about a quarter to 3:00 AM over the weekend.  It didn’t bother me at all, she was the designated driver and deservedly needed a break from motherhood and family life.
  • I bought some “healthy” soft drinks to try and thought they tasted gross.  For the last three months, I’ve been meaning to take the leftovers to church and add them to the food donation bin, but it kept slipping my mind and they just sat on the pantry floor.  I finally remembered this Sunday and as I placed them in the car, DaughterGeeding was expressing her displeasure at me getting rid of them.  I couldn’t figure out why since she never tried the product, and then she said she uses them to step up on to get candy from the upper shelves in the pantry.
  • My hometown of Mineral Wells has been harshly impacted by a severe drought for several years now.  Someone anonymously donated $25,000 for a water well to be dug next to the city pool to keep it in operation for the summer.  I don’t know much about water wells, but this was surprising . . . it will supply more than 1,000 gallons of water every hour when the pool opens in June.
  • Jerry Seinfeld was on Letterman’s Friday show and that had to be one of the best late night talk show moments of all time.
  • If there’s one thing I learned from that Bruce Jenner special, it’s that he’s left-handed.  For some reason, that makes his Olympics accomplishments in the decathlon more interesting to me.
  • I hear the Irish are hard on each other, and The Irish Times is being hard on U2 – Why are there so many tickets still on sale for U2′s upcoming tour?
  • There’s a high school student in China who has carried his disabled best friend to class for three years‏, and they are at the top of their class.
  • I stated that Brian Williams’ days at NBC was over, and I think it’s now a certainty.  On Friday, there were reports that NBC News found that he embellished stories at least 11 times.  Over the weekend, there have a been a few more leaks of his demise and struggle with is bosses.  It’s just a matter of time now, and I’m surprised it’s been this long.
  • For the last three or so years, the tilt function hasn’t worked on one of the blinds in our living room, and it’s just been one of those things we’ve put up with because taking it to get fixed is pricey.  But this weekend I decided to check out YouTube for the proper way to re-string the tilt mechanism and in about an hour it was as good as new.  I did this when WifeGeeding was gone hoping to surprise her, but when I showed her it was finally fixed the next morning, she just kinda listlessly responded with an “Oh…”. #bummer
  • Local College Football Salary NewsThe Dallas Morning News compiled a database of compensation information for athletic directors and entire football staffs, from head coaches to graduate assistants, for schools in the Big 12, SEC and the North Texas area. – This is pretty cool because they include the salaries for some of the obscure jobs like film specialist, director of big screens/game entertainment, laundry coordinator, and television show host.  But you aren’t going to find any info on private institutions like Baylor or TCU because they are not subject to Freedom of Information requests and didn’t disclose any financial data.
  • Best Buy sent me a $5 coupon since I haven’t shopped there in a while and I decided that would be a good excuse to buy Interstellar on Blu-ray.  This is a big thing for me as I tend to think buying movies is a waste of money since you can stream almost everything, but I wanted to see the three hours of behind the scenes features.  Well, it turns out they were not only sold out of them in that store, but only a handful of Best Buys in the area had them in stock.
  • YouTube – DFW Ghostbusters
  • While eating at Chick-fil-A on Friday night, DaughterGeeding walked out of the play area a bit teary-eyed telling us a girl said she wasn’t a Christian.  We asked what was said to make her think and say such a thing, and the girl (perhaps four or five) asked DaughterGeeding if she was “saved”, and when she responded that she didn’t know what “saved” was, that’s when she said she wasn’t a Christian.  Back in my Baptist days, I recall a bit of “wiggle-room” for young children called the “age of innocence” or “age of accountability“.  Perhaps due to that girl, that is now lost on DaughterGeeding.  But that incident did remind me of the old Eskimo and missionary story – I read about an Eskimo hunter who asked the local missionary priest, ‘If I did not know about God and sin, would I go to hell?’ ‘No,’ said the priest, ‘not if you did not know.’ ‘Then why,’ asked the Eskimo earnestly, ‘did you tell me?’
  • Somewhat related, BoyGeeding told WifeGeeding that Jesus doesn’t love her.  When she inquired as to why, he answered saying his Sunday school class sings “Jesus Loves The Little Children” and the song doesn’t mention “adults” even once.
  • ’60 Minutes’ had a double segment on the U.S. Air Force’s Space Command which I thought was very cool, and I always find it entertaining and neat how high-ranking military and government officials answer questions that they can’t answer because it would reveal classified information.  A lot of things stood out, but I’ll give you one.  They monitor 23,000 manmade objects in space, 1,300 of them are satellites, so the rest is just space junk as small as old gloves.  About a decade ago, China test-fired a weapon into space and it hit one of their old weather satellites, which created 3,000 pieces of space junk.
  • I think the Wendy’s commercial girl is more attractive than the AT&T commercial girl.
  • Over the weekend, new Dallas Cowboy Greg Hardy’s Bently got stranded in high water. But don’t feel too sorry for the alleged domestic abuser – He left in a white Ferrari, leaving the Bentley to be towed away. It took the tow truck driver several hours to get the Bentley out of the water and onto the truck.
  • I never thought about using tater tots to catch a burglar – A Placerville man was arrested in Petaluma Thursday afternoon after he broke into a house, had himself a snack of tater tots and set down on a sofa to take a nap, only to be discovered by the startled resident, police said. – Article
  • Last night’s ‘Mad Men’ was directed by former cast member Jared Harris, whose character killed himself.  It’s kinda a cool that he got to reunite with the cast despite being left hanging.
  • The YouTube video of the Mount Everest base camp being hit by an avalanche which resulted from the earthquake was something else.  S got real right around the 25-second mark.  Here’s a link to a climber who’s updating his blog about this experience with pictures.  In the video, you’ll see a lot of climbers running to their tents, but per the blog, that was a bad idea. – People in tents were wrapped up in them, lifted by the force of the blast and then slammed down onto rocks, glacial moraine and ice on the glacier. –  Also, most injuries occurred from the hurricane type winds created by the avalanche than from snow impact.
  • Last night’s ‘Silicon Valley’ had a venture capitalist billionaire that makes bad decisions but got all his money by putting the radio on the Internet.  Per one character, “The guy is a joke.  He’s a boorish, pompous, womanizing douchebag, who got lucky 20 years ago and hasn’t done anything since then.”  Is Barry Green now a writer for this series and taking metaphoric jabs at Mark Cuban?
  • Today’s dose of ‘MURICA!
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Since there’s been so many negative cop videos as of late

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Jerry Seinfeld Runs Like David Letterman

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“Could anything actually exist in the scientific universe that is worthy of being called God?”

Oh boy, a God and science post.  There’s no telling what I may be setting myself up for.  I have to be careful with these kind of posts because people make the assumption that I may be attacking or trying to persuade, when my intent is to do what I always do – post stuff that may or may not interest you.  Some may call B.S. on this, and there’s nothing I can write to change your mind, so I guess that’s all Kool and the Gang.

Sidenote: I once sat behind Kool and the Gang at a Mavs game and didn’t know it until they performed after the game.  They got a kick out of seeing my face when they started to perform just as I realized they were the ones sitting in front of me and my friend.

Okay, back to God and science.  Where was I?

Nancy Ellen Abrams has a new book called A God That Could Be Real: Spirituality, Science, and the Future of Our Planet.  Rather than just cut and pasting what the book is about and who the author is, just click the link, and you’ll see why I’m posting about it.  Specifically that part that starts off with, “Many people are fed up with the way traditional religion alienates them:”.  In short, she’s trying to answer this question – “Could anything actually exist in the scientific universe that is worthy of being called God?”

Well, let me play spoiler by stating her answer to that question is “yes”.

It’s not so much the book that I find BagOfNothing worthy, but the first of her series of posts on NPR about the subject and book.

I think my Christian friends might benefit from these posts because it may give them a glimpse into a world they aren’t accustom to – how atheists and/or people of science process their thoughts and understand their perspective of what or who God is.  My Christian friends aren’t going to agree with hardly anything she states (especially the redefining God part), but it may help them forge a relationship with these kind of folks if they can better understand their way of thinking, instead of just going off assumptions.  And yes, that cuts both ways.

As for my non-Christian friends, this just might be an interesting read.  For my friends that are of both faith and science, it could just be thoughtful and enlightening reading.

I already provided a link above to her post(s), but here’s a sample to wet your whistle.

Does God have to be part of our understanding of the universe? No. But if scientists tell the public that they have to choose between God and science, most people will choose God, which leads to denialism, hostility to science and the profoundly dangerous mental incoherence in modern society that fosters depression and conflict. Meanwhile, many of those who choose science find themselves without any way of thinking that can give them access to their own spiritual potential. What we need is a coherent big picture that is completely consistent with — and even inspired by — science, yet provides an empowering way of rethinking God that provides the human and social benefits without the fantasy. How can we get this?

Science can never tell us with certainty what’s true, since there’s always the possibility that some future discovery will rule it out. But science can often tell us with certainty what’s not true. It can rule out the impossible. Galileo, for example, showed with his telescope that the medieval picture of earth as the center of heavenly crystal spheres could not be true, even though he could not prove that the earth moves around the sun. Whenever scientists produce the evidence that convincingly rules out the impossible, there’s no point in arguing. It’s over. Grace lies in accepting and recalculating. That’s how science moves forward.

What if we thought this way about God? What if we took the evidence of a new cosmic reality seriously and became willing to rule out the impossible? What would be left?

We can have a real God if we let go of what makes it unreal. I am only interested in God if it’s real. If it isn’t real, there’s nothing to talk about. But I don’t mean real like a table, or a feeling, or a test score, or a star. Those are real in normal earthbound experience. I mean real in the full scientific picture of our double dark universe, our planet, our biology and our moment in history.




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‘Game of Thrones’ Humor – Jon Snow Attack Ad 

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Last Night’s Classic Letterman Bit – 1995 L.A. Trip

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What Happens When You Combine Disney Music with 90’s Hip-Hop

Songs change about every minute . . .

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Bag of Randomness

Screenshot 2015-04-23 at 9.22.48 PM

  • For some reason, I just haven’t felt like I’ve been connecting or bonding with my kids as of late, so we made an impromptu family engagement at TopGolf.  I figured being able to lightly coach them might help things and that they’d enjoy doing something different.  This was DaughterGeeding’s first visit and she’s a lefty.  The ball may not have gone far, but she was making decent contact and most of them actually went straight.
  • I always do a double-take every time I see a new Chevy Suburban because it looks a hearse SUV, especially the back or rear of the vehicle.
  • One shortfall of my Samsung Gear Fit smartwatch is that it doesn’t adequately track my steps when I push my lawnmower, and I’m guessing that’s because both of my hands are on the push bar of the mower.
  • The local news had a story of an older elementary school girl who begged her father to let her walk to school alone, but unbeknown to her, he trailed her from high above using a live feed from an aerial drone.  A lot of people criticized him, but offhand I thought it was a good idea.
  • The ‘CBS Evening News’ reported that Oklahoma has now overtaken California for the state with the most earthquakes.
  • Former CIA Director David Petraeus was sentenced yesterday to two years’ probation and a $100,000 fine for giving classified material to his mistress. Yet, people in less prominent or lower rank positions that have carried out similar crimes actually got jail time.  Stuff like this ticks me off.  The rich and powerful simply get treated differently, more leniently, with white gloves.
  • I got another one of those emails from AOL asking me to confirm my email as a secondary email address.
  • Get ready to a lot more Tony Romo on TV – @darrenrovell Tony Romo & Andrew Luck sign multi-year agreements to endorse DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket, join Manning Brothers
  • GM, Ford, And Others Want to Make Working on Your Own Car Illegal
  • @OurPresidents: Clark Gable and Ronald Reagan in @USArmy during #WWII. Capt. Reagan signed Gable’s 1944 separation
  • From The Houston Chronicle – A Walmart in Midland, Texas will close for six months for renovations, however some skeptics say the closure is linked to a secret military training exercise called “Operation Jade Helm.”
  • This is going to break a lot of local sports hearts – Ralph Strangis ends 25-year career as voice of Dallas Stars – This part makes it sound like he’s depressed and having a midlife crisis – “My daughter is going to college, I’m single, I don’t have a house … I have a lot of different interests, and this will give me a chance to look at my life and try something different.”  When he was married and living in Coppell, WifeGeeding’s fellow kindergarten teacher use to baby and house sit for him all the time, and we were told he’s the nicest guy on Earth.
  • Buzzfeed – Parents Share The 10 Things They Wish They Had Known Before Having A Baby
  • Buzzfeed – What “Games Of Thrones” Characters Look Like In The Books
  • Buzzfeed – 21 Horrifying And Terrifying Disney Cake Fails
  • Macabre link of the day – What Winston Churchill Would Look Like Today
  • Just so you are aware, today is National Pigs-in-a-Blanket Day.  That’s what we called them in Mineral Wells and Abilene, but when I moved to the Metroplex I discovered everyone called them kolaches.
  • So you’re saying he’s got range – Actor who played Jesus in ‘The Bible’ now plays the devil
  • Today’s dose of TEXAS!
  • I wonder how many Texans actually know that the song “The Yellow Rose of Texas” is really about a biracial indentured servant.
  • WSJ – China Says Please Stop Hiring Funeral Strippers
  • If you are an Android user and a Twitter lover but may be strapped for time, Twitter has a new app for you called Highlights.
  • There goes my summer job – Abercrombie’s Hot Salesclerk Policy Is Over
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Dying Missouri man gets father daughter dance

Dad is 42-year-old Charlie Kwentus.

Charlie was diagnosed with Oligodendroglioma, a brain tumor. After years of surgeries, scans, and sickness, he recently stopped all treatment.

To that end, the entire family packed up the car and went on a three-week vacation all over the western United States. Maren and Zoe both said that it was important for all of them to be together.

“I feel like we’re building a bank of memories that will last a lifetime,” Beers explained. “They have to last a lifetime.”

But when the girls started realizing that their dad probably wouldn’t be around for graduations, proms, or weddings, a non-profit called Annie’s Hope stepped in to help.

Annie’s Hope has counseled countless grieving children and they came up with a plan to give the girls a page for the scrapbook of their memories.

“I won’t be able to walk them down the aisle but I will get this,” Charlie said.

After putting on the glitz at the salon, the girls came home to put on some new dresses. With dad in his tuxedo, they all climbed into a shiny black limousine. The first stop was for photos to capture this moment in time, then on to the grounds of the famed Westborough Country Club. Awaiting them, a delicious dinner with privacy and then something with poignancy. Their very own, father-daughter dance.

“It’s overwhelming. It’s like pinch me, I’m in a dream,” Charlie said.

And then a moment that proves there’s nothing bigger than a dad’s love for his little girls. A speech telling them how much he loved them.

Doctors can’t make Charlie’s tumor disappear, but for one night it did.

Full Article

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