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Toronto Maple Leafs fans finish singing US anthem after technical difficulties

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Man, that’s a lot of snow

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Bag of Randomness


  • I actually killed a mosquito in GeedingManor last night.  How the heck can they still be alive after all this cold weather?
  • While researching a topic in a technical manual I discovered that PDF stands for Portable Document Format.
  • ‘Modern Family’ made a Caine Mutiny reference which I didn’t connect with.  I’ve seen Brando’s Mutiny on the Bounty and I’m familiar with that as a pop-culture reference, but not the Caine Mutiny.
  • This Bill Cosby story keeps getting crazier.  Now Janice Dickinson come out as one of his victims, NBC and Netflix has cancelled shows on him, and TV Land has pulled ‘The Cosby Show’ from their lineup.  Man, this slope is slippery.  Everything is happening so fast, whether he’s innocent or not, I still think this is some sort of coordinated effort.  My guess, some kind of a social media company that specializes in making things go viral was in charge of that video of little known comedian Hannibal Buress’ routine in a small comedy club.
  • A perfect name for a self-driving car would be “automobile”, but that’s already taken.
  • has redesigned their website.  The message on the screen when I visit it on my work laptop tells me I’m one of the select few to get a special sneak preview, though I doubt it, but my Chromebook still shows the old design.  That surprises me as I only use Chrome as my browser and I thought the cookies all synced.  The bottom of the screen has a scroll, which I find annoying.
  • Per this article, hotcakes are a cornmeal type of pancake, and pancakes are no longer selling like pancakes.
  • For The First Time Ever, Americans Spend More Time Using Mobile Devices Than TV
  • Apps are no longer labeled as ‘Free’ in the App Store
  • I didn’t screen this video, but I know several deer hunters read this blog – You Can Skin A Deer With A Rope, A Golf Ball And A Truck
  • I haven’t used FireFox or Yahoo in years – Firefox drops Google as default search engine, signs five-year deal with Yahoo
  • View with caution – A supercut examining Stanley Kubrick’s use of the color red -  Vimeo
  • Regis was on Letterman last night with white hair, the man stopped coloring it gray.
  • Jon Stewart was a guest on ‘The Tonight Show’ and it was crazy to see the amount of people now working for Fallon that either have worked for or with Stewart when he had a show on MTV.
  • Than Bono bicycle crash was much worst than I imagined – Rolling StoneThe singer suffered numerous serious injuries, including a “facial fracture involving the orbit of his eye,” three separate fractures of his left shoulder blade and a fracture of his left humerus bone in his upper arm. The latter injury was particularly damaging, with the bone shattering in six different places and tearing through his skin. – The article goes on to say that Bono will “require intensive and progressive therapy,” which leads me think his guitar playing on the upcoming tour will be limited.
  • Even though U2 isn’t performing on ‘The Tonight Show’ this week I still decided to check out some of the uploaded lip-sync videos Fallon asked his audience for, and I think this is the cutest and most creative.
  • Happy birthday, Nathan.
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Peanuts Movie Trailer

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Surfing Lake Erie During a Blizzard

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Bag of Randomness


  • I’ve had a good bit of luck repairing my laptop’s oddly wired power harness and replacing my Chromebook’s screen by buying discounted parts off eBay and finding tutorials on YouTube.  So now I’m going to try to replace my phone’s cracked screen.  Last night I found a bunch of helpful videos and bought the replacement screen for only five bucks with free shipping.  Of course, now I feel like I’ve jinxed myself by talking about this beforehand.  “Well done is better than well said.”
  • You see a lot of local commercials for Dr David Kim for bariatric or gastric surgery.  One man used him for the gastric sleeve procedure and lost a lot of weight, mainly because to his surprise his legs were amputated.
  • If I’m correct, DeMarco Murray is in the last year of his contract.  It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Jerry doesn’t re-sign him after the season and get a newly reinstated Adrian Peterson for a bit of a discount as other teams avoid him for his recent transgressions.
  • If I’m reading the Cornell University website correctly, freshmen have to take a swimming test and if they don’t pass, have to enroll in a swimming course.
  • I wonder if “freshman” will change to a gender neutral term one day.  I’m not saying I’m for or against the idea, just wondering if it will change.
  • I’m not a fan of HOAs and I’m not a fan of my HOA charging a fee to pay our semi-annual dues online, means I write a check for it and send it snail mail to save a tiny chunk of change.  I think these are the only two checks I write a year.
  • Gross or genius? French officials announced a law change that will allow homeowners to install toilets in their kitchens and living rooms – It does of course remind me of a scene in Idiocracy.
  • Nome, Alaska is moving forward with plans to tax churches.
  • Top 100 places to work in DFW – 2014 – It was a bit surprising to see a church in the small companies list.  Moldy, I do believe that’s your church.  Well, not your church but the one you attend.
  • I’ve never used an emoji.
  • Florida man assaults girlfriend after she makes pancakes instead of waffles for birthday 
  • DART posted a time-lapse video of a rail replacement that’s actually pretty neat, but  it’s quite long – YouTube
  • Paddington Bear creator’s shock as film is deemed ‘unsuitable for young children’
  • ‘Runner’s high’ can turn into a real addiction
  • Happy birthday, Richard.
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Bag of Randomness


  • Yesterday I learned there’s a difference difference between upgrade eligibility and end of contract date when it comes to mobile phones.  Regarding my contract with Sprint, I thought it would end at the end of the month, but that’s just when I’m eligible for an upgrade, my contract doesn’t actually end until the end of September.  So the cheapest and quickest way for me to switch carriers would be to take advantage of T-Mobile’s early termination deal, but I’m not sold on their coverage, especially when it comes to East Texas. #FirstWorldProblems
  • NPR legal affairs correspondent Nina Totenberg did a Reddit Ask Me Anything yesterday and someone asked her what was the most quirky fact that people would be surprised to know about the Supreme Court.   She said Justice Ginsburg often works until 3 or 4 in the morning and then will come back to court in the afternoon.
  • The Bill Cosby rape allegations story is a bit weird.  It seemed everyone loved the guy and then a month ago comedian Hannibal Buress criticized him about the eight year old allegations.  Last week Cosby and his team tried to get his fans to create memes on Twitter about himself, but that backfired when a lot of the memes brought up the allegations, and now the main focus is on Cosby and his past.  I’m not saying Cosby should be defended or is in the right, but it seems weird how none of this was brought up and now it’s front and centered, as if it was coordinated.
  • WifeGeeding and I are catching up on ‘The Knick’ which lightly follows the case of Typhoid Mary, which caused me to look up her Wikipedia page.  I had no idea she spent almost three decades in isolation.
  • I thought Jimmy Fallon had a funny line on Bono’s bicycle crash saying it was a result of them riding a tandem bike.
  • My first thought was this was going to be something to like ‘Firefly’, and the cast seems almost too good to be true with the likes of Anthony Hopkins and Ed Harris –  HBO’s sci-fi western ‘Westworld’ is coming next year with an insanely good cast
  • The Sad Fates of the World’s Six Tallest Unfinished Buildings
  • – Ted Cruz Doubles Down On Misunderstanding The Internet & Net Neutrality, As Republican Engineers Call Him Out For Ignorance
  • Graphic Pictures Warning – –  Learning to Read Corpses at the Texas State Body Farm – The article states they don’t use bodies that have been through chemotherapy because is affects the insects and they don’t want the birds to get sick.
  • There’s a chance Aggies and Longhorns would play each other in the Texas Bowl.
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Bag of Randomness


  • WifeGeeding has a friend who decided to try on her high school cheerleading uniform, the first in about 14 years since she graduated high school, and it appeared to be a perfect fit.
  • An acquaintance of WifeGeeding is abusing the service dog program just so her chihuahua can fly in cabin and uncaged with her and be accepted at her hotel.  I may not be getting the full story, but it sounds like all she had to do was go online and fill out a form and pay $15o for a vest.
  • Local weatherman Pete Delkus has officially lost it with this tweet.  I didn’t think it was possible for anyone to have a bigger ego than Mike Snyder.  But there’s no competing with Dale Hansen of course, but he gets a pass in my book for some reason.
  • Some Longhorn fans were having a bit of a conniption on Saturday because the football team had metallic logo decals on their helmets which slightly broke with their traditional uniforms.  Heck, I watched a quarter of the game and couldn’t tell a difference.
  • There’s been a radio format change in the area, 94.5 is now playing classic hip-hop, which means it’s about to be a preset on my car stereo.
  • Speaking of the radio and what’s on my presets, NPR is selling temporary tattoos, ranging from panthers to skulls to mermaids.
  • SisterGeeding and her husband gave me a Squatty Potty for Christmas last year.  On Friday, Buzzfeed had a video that was actually a disguised commercial for the product.  On Friday night, the Squatty Potty was one of the pitched products on ‘Shark Tank’, and the creators (a man and his mom) mentioned that most are sold during the holidays for presents.  All that to say, their marketing department aligned things pretty well while trying to look like they weren’t advertising.
  • SNL thoughts – (1.) Pretty solid and funny this week. (2.) I don’t think Michael Che has made it through a Weekend Update segment without fumbling his words at least once.
  • Just a reminder for my fellow U2 fans – It’s U2 week on ‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’.  EDIT: Bono will need surgery on his arm after crashing his bicycle in Central Park, so the week long gig is cancelled.  I kind of feel for Fallon’s staff, now they have to try to book a week’s worth of guests on extremely short notice.
  • Something only my fellow Ticket fans will understand – The great equalizer decided to pay me a visit this weekend.
  • Guide to Spam-like Products
  • Smithsonian redesign hopes to give DC’s National Mall a futuristic facelift
  • GIF – Today’s dose of ‘MURICA!
  • @TexasMonthly – How does Baylor navigate a changing culture while staying true to its Christian roots?
    • My in-laws are big time Baylor supporters and this article helped me get an understanding of their concern during fundamentalist President Sloan’s era.  Per the article, he created a center for intelligent design, which is no longer in existence.  It also states that the biology department has a webpage with a statement about evolution.  For the heck of it, I look up Hardin-Simmons’ biology department’s webpage and there’s no such statement.  I do remember in one science class a few students arguing with the professor about evolution and how unreliable carbon dating was when evolution was brought up.  And yes, I attended Hardin-Simmons, not ACU.  Get it right, people!
    • I wasn’t aware that Baylor has required its professors to be Christian or Jewish.  The Christian part wasn’t surprising, the Jewish part was.
  • YouTube – Christian woman interrupts Muslim prayers at the National Cathedral
  • Orange County (Florida) Public Schools has allowed religious groups to hand out Bibles at their schools for years, but now that the Satanic Temple also wants to hand out copies of “The Satanic Children’s Big Book of Activities”, they are now reconsidering the policy.
  • Federal drug agents launch surprise inspections of NFL teams following games
  • An ESPN article on Texas football – 9 Exits on America’s Football Highway: A 540-mile stretch of I-20 reveals the stae of football – in all its joy, regret and insanity.
  • What Radar Guns Can’t Tell you About the Speed of Pitches
  • People are now drinking coffee out of a bell pepper.
  • It’s not the Adam West version – The first official Batmobile ever built is headed to auction
  • In Mandy Patinkin’s ’60 Minute’s’ interview, he stated that before every interview or big performance he recites the name of every person he’s known that has died.  He credit’s this behavior to a line in ‘Carousel’ – “As long as there’s one person on Earth who remembers you, it isn’t over.”
  • MomGeeding died eight years ago today.  In some ways it feel like yesterday, in other ways, it seems like twenty years ago.
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Bag of Randomness


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Bag of Randomness


  • I haven’t eaten sauerkraut in over twenty years, but last night I had a small craving for it.  After eating it, I don’t think I’ll have it again for another twenty years.
  • Jimmy Kimmel has Mike Myers and Tears for Fears for guests last night, for a moment I forgot what decade I was in.
  • ‘Modern Family’ made a The Miracle Worker reference last night, and I have a feeling that went over the majority of its audience’s heads.  I’m bet the water scene is the most memorable part of the movie.  To my surprise, that movie has a 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes.
  • Funny line from last night’s ‘Survivor’ from a contestant’s father, “Wesley’s a good kid, he ain’t been in jail yet.”
  • Our local Hallmark store sent us as Christmas card that arrived in the mail yesterday.
  • YouTube – A clip from “You Have to F**king Eat” narrated by Bryan Cranston
  • I didn’t think it would possible, in today’s world, for anyone to be elected to a high office without a college education, but it turns out Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker never completed his degree.
  • I wonder what percentage of Texas men own an actual pair of cowboy boots, 15%?
  • Buzzfeed seems to come out with some sort of Texas related post about once a month – 25 Things No One Tells You About Moving To Texas
  • Temping GIF of the day – Deer gets hit by a cop doing 90 mph
  • Dang, I’m impressed – So I ordered a lettuce burger thinking it would come on two pieces of lettuce..
  • How Much Money Big Cable Gave the Politicians Who Oversee the Internet
  • GIF – Not that’s how you win a pillow fight
  • Today’s dose of ‘MURICA!
  • Basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar writes on the exploitation of college athletes
  • For my fellow U2 fans that didn’t catch U2’s EMA peformance –
  • I finally got around to reading the Rolling Stone issue with U2 on the cover:
    • The journalist compared Bono to Kirk and Edge to Spock, which really is a great way to look at their friendship.
    • One part of the article talks about the Edge working on a secondary sound and modified guitar part for hours upon end.  Bono offered Edge some advice that didn’t really work out, but the next morning Edge states, “It was the wrong idea, but it lead to the right idea.”  I found a major life lesson in that.  Sometimes when working on a problem, what you think might be helpful doesn’t really contribute, but a good way to look at it is that overall, it helped you get to the right solution or destination.
    • Bono and Steve Jobs had a major falling out to the point “go f— was used” (by whom, it doesn’t say), but patched things up before his death.
    • I like how honest Larry and Adam are about their disappointment in No Line On The Horizon.
    • Bono mentions that when it’s all said and done, our loved ones will remember us not for our achievements and most profound moments, but for our least profound moments.  I’d agree with that, when I think about my mom and dad it’s always the little things that I miss.  Mom never used a fork and knife to eat her waffles.  She buttered the waffle and wiped it across the small pond of syrup on her plate.  Dad’s routine when he got home was to change out of his work clothes and I remember how meticulous he was hanging up his pants, making sure the crease was just right as he put them on a hanger.
    • Their next album, Songs of Experience, should drop in about 18-months.  The idea is to have the indoor Songs of Innocence tour jump outdoors then the companion albums is released.  I’m not sure what all that means regarding concert experience but I’m looking forward to it.  One of the songs is about a dialog between a younger and older Bono.
    • “I see love as a decision not made in the heat of the moment. I see it as an enduring that that doesn’t depend on feelings to verify it, though it’s great when they do.”
    • Bono’s wife is a big fan of The Fray.  They are with the band one evening and Bono toasts them ending it with, “In Ireland, it’s in every writer’s diary: Beware of the cradle at the bottom of the stairs. That’s all I’ll say to you.”  I have no idea what that means and even Googled that phrase to no avail.
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He Didn’t Have A Real Conversation Until Age 15

I may have shed a tear as I realized just how well I have it in life and just appreciating the attitude of the teacher in the video.

Patrick Otema, 15 was born profoundly deaf. In the remote area of Uganda where he lives there are no schools for deaf children, and he has never had a conversation. Raymond Okkelo, a sign language teacher, hopes to change all this and offer Patrick a way out of the fearful silence he has known his whole life.

More about this video:
This video supports a 30 minute documentary, 15 and Learning to Speak, in which Reporter, Kiki King, and Director, Daniel Bogado, visit Uganda where the work of inspirational sign language teachers is transforming the lives of profoundly deaf children and adults across the country who have never been able to communicate – until now.

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