The War On Christmas Starts Early

A Movie Trailer for Kirk Cameron’s Upcoming Movie Saving Christmas .

This Christmas, have your family join with Kirk Cameron’s family and dive headfirst into all the dancing, celebration, feasting, imagination, and traditions that glorify the true “reason for the season.” KIRK CAMERON’S SAVING CHRISTMAS is an engaging story that will leave the audience with an understanding of a biblical basis for our celebrations, and the inspiration to stand strongly against a culture that wants to trivialize and eliminate the faith elements of this holy season. So take in the splendor; take in the majesty; take in the story. Take it all in … and let’s put Christ back in Christmas! KIRK CAMERON’S SAVING CHRISTMAS is in theaters for a limited engagement beginning November 14.

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Taser Photoshoot

Photographer Patrick Hall films people’s reactions as they get tased with a handheld stun gun.

Photographer Patrick Hall examines the faces people make while being tased with a stun gun as well as those who administer the taser.

Go behind the scenes with photographer Patrick Hall as he explains the concept as well as the technical lighting of his project The Taser Photoshoot

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Those walls get pretty close

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I challenge Flanders, Lenny, and Flanders again

That line alone had me laughing or a good minute, and you’d only appreciate if you knew the history Homer had with Flanders. It kind of reminds me of when Homer called into a sports talk show just to gripe about how bad of a coach Flanders was.

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Footage right before that nine-year-old girl accidentally killed her instructor with an Uzi

Mohave County Sheriff’s officials released this video of shooting instructor Charles Vacca, of Lake Havasu City, moments before he was accidentally shot by a 9-year-old girl he was teaching. Authorities say the girl pulled the trigger and the recoil send the gun over her head. Vacca later died of his injuries.


That poor girl is going to be traumatized for life.

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Some pictures just get your attention

This one was found on’s The Big Picture - Sydney’s doll hospital: 3 generations of doll repair


Gosh, I HATE these kind of dolls and vowed my children would never have one.  Well, that was until my mother-in-law gave my daughter one and I just stood there silent and helpless.

I actually have a scary story about her doll.  Well, scary to me.  In the middle of the night I woke up hearing some kind of creepy rhythmic clicking.  I turned on the lights and walked over to the dining room where our battery operated baby swing was swinging away.  As I walked over to turn it off, I noticed that DaughterGeeding left her baby doll swaddled in the swing.  It was one of those dolls that closed its eye when placed in a horizontal position, and opened them when in a vertical position.  So when I looked at the doll as it rocked back and forth, it kept opening and closing its eyes as it swung, as if it was taunting me.

As for whether or night I slept the rest of the night with the lights on, I’ll neither confirm or deny it.


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Bag of Randomness


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DaughterGeeding and the Ice Bucket Challenge

Ever since DaughterGeeding saw Kemit the Frog do the ice bucket challenge, it’s all she wanted to do.  Yesterday WifeGeeding saw her in the backyard without any clothes on and next to a container of cold water.  When WifeGeeding asked what was going on, she said she was getting ready to do the ice bucket challenge just like Kermit and wanted her to film it with her iPhone.  She explained her clothes were off because she was afraid she’d get in trouble if her clothes got wet.  WifeGeeding agreed to record it but asked her to put a bathing suit on.

This is what transpired, and WifeGeeding had to stop recording because she couldn’t control her laughter.

Disclaimer:  Yes, I know WifeGeeding holds her phone to record video incorrectly, and yes I’ve told her many times.  But sometimes you just have to accept there are some battles you just ain’t gonna win.

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Poaching an Egg Under Water View – GoPro

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Bag of Randomness


  • The Emmys had a real fun and loose vibe to it this year.  I don’t remember the BBC having so many nominations in previous years.  If I’m bummed about anything regarding winners, I wanted ‘House of Cards’ to at least get one win.  And I was actually surprised that ‘Breaking Bad’ went out with such a bang, but it was well deserved.
  • The “In Memoriam” and transition to Billy Crystal speaking about Robin Williams was eloquently done.  Crystal seemed like he was going to break down a few times.
  • I’ll often tell DaughterGeeding “You don’t need [such-and-such], you just want [such-and-such]“.  Yesterday I heard her yelling that at her brother when they were fighting for the same toy after he said he needed it.
  • After cleaning out the lint in the dryer exhaust pipe, our clothes are drying at a significant faster rate.
  • A great point was made by a friend during an email exchange regarding the Simpsons marathon.  While the shows are fun and entertaining, we may be enjoying them more because it reminds us of where we were at certain points in our life when we first saw them.
  • A friend I haven’t talked to in over a decade will coach his first high school football game as a varsity head coach.  I regret not keeping in touch with him other than a Christmas card, so I sent him a handwritten letter yesterday telling him I’m proud of him and wishing the best of luck.
  • Yesterday Dan from The TICKET talked about lightning hitting his house which killed his HDTV.  He thought he lucked out since he bought the additional insurance on the HDTV, but there’s a lightning clause.
  • Try before you die – A business in Japan will let living souls try on makeup, outfits, and coffins for their future funeral.
  • Matt Damon accepted the ice bucket challenge, but instead of using clean water he used toilet water.
  • I learned from Reddit that the average toll to pass through the Panama Canal is $54,000, and the most expensive regular toll fee is US$375,600.  Wikipedia
  • Aaron Paul had a ‘Breaking Bad’ scavenger hunt.  You’ll never guess who was waiting at IHOP.
  • And I thought the NFL was a bunch of stiffs - The NHL wasn’t happy with Krusty the Clown vomiting into the Stanley Cup
  • WifeGeeding was talking to a friend yesterday about her daughter’s first day of school.  It was kind of a big deal because she transferred to a new high school.  She got sent home because her shorts were too short, something she could get away with at her old high school.
  • GIF – A cockatoo‏ pulling Milk Bones out of a box and feeding a large dog.
  • GIF – A cute dashcam moment
  • GIF – This horse is not camera friendly
  • – The Brazilian Bus Magnate Who’s Buying Up All the World’s Vinyl Records
  • Vanna White started on the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ turning letters back in 1982.  It wasn’t until 1997 that all she had to do was touch box for the letters to appear.  That’s a 15 year run of turning letters, and 17 years of just touching them.  So yes, she’s now been revealing letters by touch longer than she had turned them and I just find that interesting.
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OUCH! Ice Bucket Challenge Reaction Gone Wrong

If you are short on time, just skip to the 0:50 mark and watch from there.

At least they had ice on hand, and you gotta love how her dog goes over to check on her.

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British Embassy Humor

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