Bag of Randomness for Friday, April 19, 2018

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Bag of Randomness for Thursday, April 19, 2018

  • We didn’t plan on dressing alike.
  • BoyGeeding is going to be alright but he gave us a bit of a scare. He didn’t do anything to injure himself, but he started to experience severe pain in his left femur. It’s hard for a kindergartner to describe the type of pain he is in, but we thought it was a pulled muscle or one of those growing pains. However, it was worst the next morning and despite a great attitude, he really couldn’t walk so we took him to the doctor. The doctor ruled out sore muscles or any broken bones but sent us to an imaging facility to get x-rays and an ultrasound and then to a hospital to get a specialized blood test. The kid was a trooper, and I wish I could adequately express how proud I am of his manners as every nurse and technician complimented him on his respectfulness and politeness. In short, he’s got a case of toxic synovitis, which isn’t anything serious. It’s a temporary inflammation of the hip probably caused by a virus. But I’ll be honest, despite remaining calm or cautious or what have you, a lot of worse case scenario stuff was going through my head. I’m a prepare for the worst but hope for the best kinda guy.
  • That kid sure enjoyed being pushed around a wheelchair.
  • My kids may not be attractive, smart, or athletic, they have my genes to blame for that. But they will be respectful, polite, well mannered, work hard, and have a good attitude – that I can control.
  • One “silly” goal I had as a parent was that none of my children would cry when getting a shot or having their drawn blood for the first time (other than being a baby and not cognizant of what’s going on). Mission accomplished. I work hard at explaining and preparing them for that moment, earning their trust and setting expectations.
  • He got a little nervous, maybe even a little scared before his x-ray even though we were maybe ten feet away. He needed help with something and the nurse asked if he wanted his mom, but he said, “No, I want my dad.” I’ll cherish that moment for the rest of my life, kids always ask for their mamas.
  • This Medieval Italian Man Replaced His Amputated Hand With a WeaponArchaeologists have found a fascinating puzzle in the shape of a man’s remains dating back to medieval Italy. It looks like this guy went through life with a knife attached to his arm, in place of his amputated hand.
  • Chrome now mutes auto-playing videos by default
  • Senator Hatch’s office staff gave me a good laugh:
  • Solo: A Star Wars Story reminds us that no one knows how to say Han’s name
  • That bridge looks as flimsy as the one in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom – Video: This Truck Crossing A Tiny Bridge With No Guardrails Is Making Our Palms Sweat
  • This answered a lot of questions for me – How Southwest Flight 1380’s Pilots Landed With A Blown Engine
    • First, the pilots put on their own oxygen masks and make sure the air is flowing. Stored in consoles, these typically look more like what fighter pilots wear than the flimsy yellow cups that drop onto passengers. Then they start heading for the ground. People can breathe at around 15,000 feet, but pilots aim to get below 10,000 to be safe. They don’t want to push an already damaged airframe into a steep dive, but drop as quickly as possible.
    • The pilots don’t reach out to air traffic control until that descent is underway. “Something we teach students from day one is aviate, navigate, communicate—in that order,” 
    • The Southwest pilots landed at 190 miles per hour, about 30 mph faster than a typical touchdown. That’s because the pilots engaged the flaps at a lower angle than normal, to better control the damaged aircraft.
    •  A meteorologist was able to analyze weather radar data, and see the reflection of falling metal. Combined with estimated wind speeds, they correctly estimated where those bits would have landed, then went and got them.
  • We are having fun with the chicks WifeGeeding brought home.
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Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, April 18, 2018

  • WifeGeeding brought home some chicks last night, just not the kind of chicks I was imagining. Apparently, we are chicken-sitting until Thursday. Apparently, she doesn’t understand they tweet all the live long day and I work from home.
  • DaughterGeeding wanted a photo of me with DogGeedingII, BunnyGeeding, and several of the chicks. I caved. DogGeedingII seems scared of them but BunnyGeeding has warmed up to them.
  • One of the chicks is named Nugget.
  • I think it would be somewhat cruel to cook any chicken until they leave. I don’t know if a chicken can smell, but off hand, I don’t think any species would like to smell the cooked flesh of its own kind.
  • I’ve rediscovered Elvis and now I realize how much I miss singing the old gospel songs in church. All this contemporary church singing has worn thin on me. I’m not saying the church should only sing the gospels, just that we shouldn’t forget our past.
  • How Liberty University Built a Billion-Dollar Empire Online – With a hard sell to prospective students and huge amounts in taxpayer funding, Jerry Falwell Jr. transformed the evangelical institution into a behemoth.
  • What We Think Is Going To Kill Us Vs. What’s Actually Going To Kill Us, Visualized
  • The TICKET interviewed one of the passengers from that Southwest Airlines flight yesterday. He said he quickly grabbed his wallet to find a credit card so he could log into WiFi so he could send a message to his loved ones. I think he also said he lived streamed it on Facebook or something like that.
  • Unlike other airlines, Southwest doesn’t assign seats. Only one person died on that flight. I think it’s somewhat interesting how she chose that one seat out of all the seats she could have chosen.
  • No one pays attention to the flight attendants announcement:
  • Many would be surprised to know that was the passenger Southwest every lost due to a plane accident.
  • A fantastic obituary of Harry Anderson.
  • Amazon made an efficient Android browser called Internet, and it’s now available in India
  • Late-Night Ratings: Stephen Colbert’s Lead Over Jimmy Fallon Is Bigger Than Ever
  • GIF – Mommy muscle memory
  • A particular rough patch in Barbara Bush‘s remarkable life, who was a distant relative of President Franklin Pierce:
    • In September 1949, Barbara’s parents were involved in a car accident in which her mother was instantly killed. Since she was pregnant, Barbara was advised not to travel from California to the funeral, and the event left a lasting scar. Three months later, the couple welcomed a second child, a daughter named Pauline Robinson Bush in honor of Barbara’s late mother. In October 1953, the child, nicknamed “Robin,” died of leukemia, leaving Barbara and her husband devastated. It was during this traumatic time that Barbara’s reddish-brown hair turned prematurely white.
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The World’s Most Successful Megachurch Imposter

I’ve posted something related to this in the past, but VICE has more on the guy.

Joel Osteen is one of the most famous televangelists in the world. A Houston based pastor, Joel is famous for his arena-sized congregations, his globally broadcast sermons, and more recently, his refusal to open his church after Hurricane Harvey. Even Oprah is a fan. In this episode of Fame-ish, Vice meets Michael Klimkowski, a struggling comedian in LA with an uncanny likeness to the famous pastor. 

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Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, April 17, 2018

  • I desperately want to recreate this photo with WifeGeeding.
  • This past Saturday, HBO aired an Elvis documentary, Elvis Presley: The Searcher. The week before that, HBO aired the Joe Paterno film which starred Al Pacino and Elvis’ granddaughter, Riley Keough. April was a big month for the family of Elvis.
  • The documentary was long, perhaps close to three-and-a-half hours, but I enjoyed it.
    • Tom Petty provided a lot of commentary, as did Bruce Springsteen. They were fortunate to get Petty when they had the chance. You also never saw anyone providing commentary on camera, it was just their voices. If I didn’t have Closed Captioning on, I probably wouldn’t have noticed who was speaking.
    • I was surprised a bit disappointed the documentary didn’t mention anything about his impromptu visit to see President Nixon. Sadly, Nixon didn’t have his taping system installed yet so their conversation was never recorded.
    • I also hoped the document would lightly touch on Elvis earning a black belt.
    • I had no idea Elvis never performed outside the U.S. It was all because of his manager, Col. Tom Parker, who wasn’t a U.S. citizen was worried if he left he wouldn’t be let back in.
    • Springsteen mentioned that Elvis was only himself on stage and didn’t know what it was like to be normal at home, that he had to try to figure out what normal was when off stage. I bet that’s true of a lot of artists used to performing live.
  • When it comes to honoring a loved one a friend may have recently lost, I often pass on sending flowers and will make a donation in honor the deceased, and I try to make it relatable. In the case of my friend Jimi, Alcoholics Anonymous was a huge part of his life. I tried to make a donation in his memory but was surprised they don’t accept donations from non-members. When I try to donate I get this message, “In keeping with A.A.’s Seventh Tradition of self-support, we accept contributions only from A.A. members.
  • Hey, Bono, I know you are in town tonight. If you need a place to sleep tonight, GeedManor will be ready for you.
  • I loved ‘Night Court’. Rest in peace Judge Harold T. Stone. I love the story of how he got his appointment. The outgoing Mayor of NYC made a huge number of appointments on his last day (Thanksgiving, I think) and Harry was the only person on the judges’ list who was home and was able to receive the call and accept his nomination.
  • I don’t watch MSNBC, but they decided to no longer run a news ticker at the bottom of their screen.
  • How to Drink Tea Like a Royal, According to a Royal Butler
    • Add milk to your tea after you’re poured it from the teapot, never before.
    • And when it comes to stirring your tea, you want to do so in a back and forth motion rather than a circular one.
    • And don’t worry about holding your pinkie out.
  • A trauma surgeon explains the bloody reality of keeping gunshot victims alive
  • The New York Times has an article about what cheerleaders of professional sports franchises have to go through with fans. Here’s a snippet:
    • “We were taught, if someone’s getting handsy on you, how to navigate that,” said the former longtime Cowboys cheerleader. “We were told what to say, like, ‘That’s not very nice,’ To be sweet, not rude. Say, ‘Can I ask you to step over here?’ Use body language to help deter the situation. Never be mean. Never. Always courteous. Because if it’s not for the fans, we wouldn’t be here — that’s how we were supposed to think of this. Now I’m like, no, we shouldn’t be trained on how to handle that situation. We should be trained how to raise our hand and say, ‘Security, get this man away from me!’ I wish I could tell my 20-year-old self that.”
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Bag of Randomness for Monday, April 16, 2018

  • Loyal BoN readers know about my best buddy since kindergarten, Jimi. Saturday was his birthday, but the day before, Friday the 13th of all days, he contacted me and told me his father died. It was an accident on a construction site, a bad fall.
  • Jimi’s father was not really a part of his life growing up. As long as I’ve known Jimi his parents have been divorced. But over the last decade, they started to become closer. I doubt either would say they made up for lost time, but they were getting closer. As a matter of fact, Jimi was a few weeks away from moving in with him. About five or so years ago Jimi’s father had a liver transplant and Jimi helped out as much as he could financially and in any other way you could think of.
  • I’ve only met Jimi’s father three times. He took us to the city park in Mineral Wells when we were in elementary school. I met him once in high school or college, and one final time at Jimi’s college graduation. As you know, I’m half-Asian, so there was always a camera in hand. That half of me totally lives up to the stereotype, I always try to capture memories because I hold on to the past more than I live for the future. I asked if I could get a picture of them together, and they begrudgingly agreed. It’s a bit of a funny picture since you can see the uncomfortableness in their faces and the space they keep between them.
  • The Dallas Morning News story about Jimi’s father’s death was interesting to follow. I found it in the morning and it was very vague and didn’t list his name because they wanted to let the family know first. Then I checked it later in the morning and it provided the location of the accident. When I checked it later in the afternoon it provided his name and more detail. I tweeted the article and to my surprise, one of my BoN readers and now friend, sent me the following text.
  • Jimi would often tell me that his father relied heavily on his AA group and talk about how everyone just loved the guy, and how helpful they were during his liver transplant. He was funny, which is just like Jimi. People just felt comfortable around him and he liked to make people laugh. Again, that’s just like Jimi.
  • Jimi’s father was a big fan of Jimi Hendrix, hence the spelling. His sister is named Geneva because, well, I forget but I’m just going to say it has something to do with the city or that he was drunk while filling out the birth certificate and his handwriting was so sloppy that “Jennifer” was the most legible conclusion.
  • I did call Jimi and Geneva’s mother on Friday. It’s one of only two friend’s phone numbers I can remember from my hometown. They’ve been divorced for forty years and she was just fine; however, she said she just wanted to be around her kids and comfort them. When we ended the call, she told me, “Keith, now you take care of my Jimi.” After the call, she sent me a text. It was a framed picture of her and my mother which sits near the kitchen table. She tells me she looks and thinks of my mother every day.
  • In case you are wondering, I’ve asked both Jimi and the AA member if I could write and share what’s going on.
  • What I find weird is how sad I am about Jimi’s father’s death. I didn’t really know the guy, but I’m really sad that Jimi has to go through something like this, even though we all basically will lose a parent.
  • In other death-related news, R. Lee Ermey died. I first got to know him in the second Fletch movie where he played a corrupt televangelist. Most will remember him as the drill sergeant from Full Metal Jacket. I also enjoyed his History channel show called “Mail Call”.
  • In more death-related news, Barbara Bush appears to be very close to it. Her son, the former president, is scheduled to present Bono the George W. Bush Medal For Distinguished Leadership on Tuesday. My guess is that the event will be canceled or rescheduled, as it should so the former president could be with his mother. Our local paper did interview Bono about the upcoming event.
  • Hey Bono, in case you are reading this. The Mavs and Stars aren’t in the playoffs, so nothing is really happening at the American Airlines Center in the next few months. It sure would be really neat if you could schedule a concert there. Heck, start the tour early and launch it from there.
  • Hackers stole a casino’s high-roller database through a thermometer in the lobby fish tank
  • I don’t really know much about John Mulaney but I thought he had a great SNL opening monolog and did a great job hosting. Deniro was certainly a surprise. I’ve read how many SNL people don’t like working with him because he half-asses it through the show.
  • GIF – In Saving Private Ryan, a bullet goes through a medic’s canteen. Water first starts to pour out then blood.
  • Oh, I met a monkey over the weekend. That’s him on my shoulder. His name was Dallas. I’m kidding, his name wasn’t Dallas, I can’t remember what his name is.
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Bag of Randomness for Friday, April 13, 2018

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Bag of Randomness for Thursday, April 12, 2018

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Tour of the Moon in 4K

Take a virtual tour of the Moon in all-new 4K resolution, thanks to data provided by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft. As the visualization moves around the near side, far side, north and south poles, we highlight interesting features, sites, and information gathered on the lunar terrain.

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Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, April 11, 2018

  • Silly me, I forgot to schedule yesterday’s Bag of Randomness to post. So today you get a twofer.
  • Former Dallas Maverick Tyson Chandler peaked into Dirk’s press conference yesterday and snuck in some photos. I love that guy and will forever be grateful how he helped bring a championship to our fair city and a franchise that was the laughing stock of the NBA for so long. The Mavs made such a huge mistake not bringing him back the following year. I remember him getting involved with the community in his short time here and even wearing Rangers gear and tweeting photos of him cheering them on.
  • Here’s an example of how Tyson Chander is a great guy. Check out one of his recent Instagram posts which you can read in its entirety here:
    • So yesterday my Son came home from basketball practice & I asked him how it went, he replied it was ok . I asked him why just ok…He said because I think everyone looks at me & expects me to be a lot better than I am because I’m Tyson Chandler’s Son … I said come on let’s take a ride.
  • Mark Zuckerberg used a booster seat yesterday for his Senate testimony. This high-resolution photo will allow you to view his personal notes.
  • I like the conspiracy storyline that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all other social media are creations of the CIA as a way to get citizens to voluntarily give up personal information.
  • I recently discovered on mobile YouTube you can double tap on the right side of the screen to go forwards 10 seconds and on the left side of the screen to go backwards 10 seconds.
  • I had an evaluation during my physical therapy session yesterday. The therapist thinks I’m about 70% recovered, though he phrased it more professionally.
  • Andre The Giant
    • Man, I really enjoyed last night’s HBO documentary about him. It was a great trip down memory lane of my days as a young lad found of wrestling. But I found it lacking in certain areas, especially his health. For instance, they only mentioned he had back surgery but didn’t go into detail about it. That’s fascinating stuff to know about for a man that size. There are stories about doctors trying to figure out how to anesthetize him and guaging it by how many beers it takes for him to get drunk. Stuff like that was never hinted at.
    • Hulk Hogan usually thinks of himself as the alpha, but it was interesting listening to him speak in reverence. It was also funny hearing Hogan do impressions of Randy Savage and others. But I do think the documentary did delve into Hulkamania a bit too much.
    • The stories about Andre’s farts, especially the ones of other people being stuck in an elevator with him, were hilarious.
    • On long flights he couldn’t use the lavatory, he was too large. He used a bucket and it was dumped in the lavatory.
    • It appears he drank a lot because he was in physical pain. I was shocked at how physically incapable he was during the filming of The Princess Bride.
  • Web standard brings password-free sign-ins to virtually any site –
    Use your fingerprint reader or camera in a wide variety of browsers.

    • The functionality is useful right now in Mozilla’s Firefox browser, and should come to both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge in the “next few months.”

  • Fifty-five years ago yesterday, JFK signed a proclamation declaring Sir Winston Churchill an honorary citizen of the United States. Even though that booklet looks like a passport, it can’t legally function as one. Other tidbits of an honorary U.S. citizenship:
    • Eight people have been so honored, six posthumously, and two, Sir Winston Churchill and Mother Teresa, during their lifetimes.
    • Honorary citizenship does not carry with it the rights and privileges of ordinary citizenship, and such status does not confer any special entry, travel or immigration benefits upon the honoree or the honoree’s relatives and dependants.
    • On 28 December 1784, the Maryland General Assembly passed a resolution stating that Lafayette and his male heirs “forever shall be…natural born Citizens” of the state.
      • In 1932, descendant René de Chambrun established his American citizenship based on the Maryland resolution, although he was probably ineligible as the inherited citizenship was likely only intended for direct descendants who were heir to Lafayette’s estate and title. The Board of Immigration Appeals ruled in 1955 that “it is possible to argue” that Lafayette and living male heirs became American citizens when the Constitution became effective on 4 March 1789, but that heirs born later were not U.S. citizens.
  • I took BoyGeeding to get a haircut yesterday. I never like how he looks the first week or so after a haircut. But then again, I never liked how I looked the first week or so after a haircut.
  • I didn’t catch the whole conversation, but during an argument, BoyGeeding told his sister, “You gotta learn how to take a tease.”
  • Google Maps Timeline – A record of all your movements logged in Google Maps (if you’ve allowed the app access). My data has been tracked since June 27, 2015, and the first trip it ever tracked was a drive to Klyde Warren Park.
  • Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller put ex-doctor with 2 revoked licenses on rural health panel
    • In Iowa, Rick Ray Redalen’s medical license was first suspended when he was convicted of perjury in a case involving his marriage to his 15-year-old former stepdaughter. The license was later revoked for good for failure to report a malpractice suit, medical board records show.
  • Harvard Business Review – How to Respond When You’re Put on the Spot in a Meeting
  • GIF – Impressive ballerina balancing skills
  • Roofer charged after repossessing roof, police say
  • Why Are There Two Ways To Write A Lowercase ‘g’?
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Wind Turbine Blade Inspection Robot

Details and video

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