Every Star Wars fan wants to marry her

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The Dolly Zoom: More Than A Cheap Trick

The Dolly Zoom is a bizarre cinematic effect, and it can do a lot more than just make you dizzy. Let’s take a look at some famous instances of the dolly zoom, see what they accomplish, and explore how it teaches a lot of principles of filmmaking.

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Tile Question

I want to retile our shower and found a version of this tile at Costco. The tile I purchased is from the same company and is the same material, just a different color. We were thinking of using it as accent tile or maybe having one whole shower wall covered with it.  The package and store display didn’t specifically state avoiding putting them in the shower, but the online description states, “Not recommended for installation around a fire place, in a shower or outdoors.

My tile knowledge isn’t very vast, but I don’t understand why it couldn’t be used in a shower if installed correctly using the proper grout, sealant, tile board, membrane, and so on. Thoughts?

Installing Golden Select Mosaic Wall Tiles is a great way to revitalize any space in your home. These affordable and elegant tiles are not only easy to install, but also easy to maintain. Golden Select Mosaic Wall Tiles will brighten your home and help you create the beautiful space you’ve been dreaming of!


  • A Blend of Glass and Aluminum
  • When installing tiles, mix and match tiles from different cartons for a natural look
  • Tiles can be installed on drywall or cement board
  • Not recommended for installation around a fire place, in a shower or outdoors.
  • For indoor use only
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Just about all you’d ever want to know about a fuel pump

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Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, June 21, 2017

  • That photo was taken today but back in 2003. I have nothing to blog about, so here are some other pics from that day.
  • It’s funny looking through these pictures and realizing how many friends we no longer keep in contact with.
  • This is us arriving at the reception, and I made sure the first song we were introduced to as a married couple was a U2 song, specifically “Beautiful Day”. 
  • Because of my Asian heritage, I specifically requested rice to be thrown.
  • Our flight was delayed, so we were just happy to finally be on a flight.
  • Per tradition, I carried WifeGeeding over the threshold. This is also photographic evidence of when my chronic back problems began.
  • Bonus: It appears I jumped the gun on my vows, but the pastor actually forgot to pause.

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Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, June 20, 2017

  • For some reason, I still have my first library card.
  • NBC executive must be disappointed all of Megyn Kelly’s shows have lost the ratings battle to reruns of ’60 Minutes’ and ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos’.
  • I got stuck in Star Blazers nostalgia yesterday and had to look up the backstory on this ship, which I thought had a bigger role in the series.
  • A little taste of Hell – Alarm Clock Stuck Inside of a Wall Has Been Going Off Every Day for 13 Years
  • I am sorry that at a time when Republican leaders are working hard for party unity, TIME would stoop to quoting nameless sources in an effort to destroy that unity.
    • That sounds like something President Trump might say in today’s political environment. However, that sentence was in a letter Governor Ronald Reagan wrote to the editors of TIME back in July 1967 about something he may have said about Richard Nixon.
    • I found that quote from the book I’m reading about the relationships amongst presidents. Also, remember last week when I referenced the current season of ‘House of Cards’ and then linked how “Elysian Fields” was inspired by real-life Bohemian Grove? Well, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle. I never heard of the place until researching ‘House of Cards’ and now Bohemian Grove is referenced in the book. It was there Nixon first met Dwight Eisenhower. Herbert Hoover was the one who introduced the two.
  • The Guardian – What is the future of the Texas cowboy?Being a cattleman is tough, and the job is changing fast: drones are now used, cowhands are hard to find, and Trump’s Nafta plans could harm exports. But bravery, hard work and solidarity still define this line of work
  • If U2 decides to tour again, I’m almost certain I’m going to watch them in a venue other that AT&T Stadium. They recently announced they will be adding Phoenix to their current tour, that would be a nice place to visit.
  • I recently was given a floppy drive which can be plugged into a USB port. I have maybe 15 floppy disks I’ve never thrown away and wondered what was on them. So far I’ve explored what was on three of those disks. Each disk had no more than two files on them. I’ve found an old resume, high school paper, and a spreadsheet which was basically a guessing game.
  • I had no idea Annette Bening was originally cast as Catwoman over Michelle Pheiffer. Bening became pregnant and the rest was history.
  • A Composite Photo Showing Just How Much Airplane Wings Bend During Flight
  • No spoilers – I think Jimmy McGill (Saul Goodman) likes to wear tears with a full Windsor.
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Bag of Randomness for Monday, June, 19, 2017

  • Those blocks in the image above were my favorite classroom toy in kindergarten. I always tried to build the “G-Force” plane with them. I’m sure only a handful of you remember G-Force or ‘Battle of the Planets’, but you can stream them all for free here. And if I recall correctly, the back of that plane had a mini-jet that could detach.
  • I’m thinking Voltron wasn’t a lot different than G-Force. Both had five main characters. Each had a kid. Each had a woman. Each had a fat guy.
  • The retired NFL lineman hasn’t been seen since he put a “For Sale” sign in his yard about a month ago, so I thought he already moved back to Wisconsin. Before the sign was in his yard, I spotted him loading up a horse trailer full of his and his wife’s belongings. I recently noticed the house is in a “pending sale” status and was expecting to see the new neighbors. However, on Friday, he was back, shirtless, with his horse trailer loading up more furniture and belongings. On one hand, I’m thinking he’s a multi-millionaire and can easily pay someone to move everything for him. But on the other hand, he’s retired and has “nothing to do” and he’s the down-to-earth guy that enjoys doing things himself.
  • We ate breakfast at Denny’s on Father’s Day. I noticed a woman, probably mid-seventies, order a chocolate milkshake at 8:15 AM. After the milkshake, she had eggs and bacon. She wasn’t obese or anything and looked like she was in good health.
  • The kids also made me “U2” cookies for Father’s Day. And, much to WifeGeeding’s chagrin, I shaved the mustache part of my beard off, embracing my half-Asian-Amish roots.
  • I’m not implying anything personal, but I’m curious to know the percentage of in-law-children who acknowledge their mother or father-in-law on Mother’s and Father’s Day.  You know, like a card, a phone call, or even a text saying “Happy Mother’s/Father’s Day”. I’m also curious the percentage of mothers or fathers-in-law who acknowledge their sons or daughters-in-law on those stated days.
  • Before marriage, I think everyone should live alone for at least one year. Solitude has many benefits, and you get to know how clean or messy you are and can’t blame anyone but yourself. You also learn independence and your true likes and dislikes.
  • We visited Nebraska Furniture Mart yesterday and they had a mini-donut stand in the parking lot. Let me clarify, the stand wasn’t mini, the donuts were mini. Also, a friend of mine who is obsessed with all things Disney spotted a hidden Mickey at the bottom of the stand.
  • Ted Nugent states he will be more civil and avoiding hateful speech, avoiding such things as telling Obama to ‘suck on my machine gun.’ I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, and if I were an advisor for the former president, I’d invite him over for a beer and provide a photo-op both can share on social media.
  • Buffalo-area district delays first day of school due to U2, Beck concert
  • History is never as you remember it. I’m learning that lesson, yet again, as I watch the ESPN ’30 for ‘ on the Lakers and Celtics. That also means you may be too hard, or too soft, on yourself, for mistakes of the past you dwell on. Which leads me to something I read on Twitter recently – if you are depressed, you are focusing too much on the past, if you are anxious, you are focusing too much on the future.
  • Tune in tomorrow – same Bagtime, same Batwebpage.
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Bag of Randomness for Friday, June 16, 2017

  • I had my third steroid epidural on Wednesday. Before I was given anesthesia, the nurse asked who was driving me home. I said, “My mother….oh, I’m sorry, I mean, my wife.” The nurse laughed a little and told me that I said the exact same thing the previous two times. My mother has been dead eleven years and I can’t recall her ever driving me home for anything health related in my teen or adult years. I have no idea why I would say such a thing unless I miss her more than I thought.
  • The bat-signal shone over L.A. in honor of Adam West. That’s pretty darn cool. When I was a child, I used to try to make my own with a flashlight but it never looked very good.
  • I have no issue with Megyn Kelly interviewing Alex Jones. But I think it was a horrible idea for her to pose for a smug picture with him. It can perceive as an endorsement and looks unprofessional.
  • No spoilers – If you watched Season 5 Episode 8 of ‘House of Cards’ and was curious about “Elysian Fields”, then you should check out this Wiki page on Bohemian Grove.
  • Earlier this week, the Battleship Texas had a huge hole, but no loose lips were found so it didn’t sink – Crews found a 6 by 8 inch hole about 15 feet below the water line that was patched up at about 5:30 a.m. Monday.
  • Sometimes I go through life and something will happen or I find a great comparison to such and such and I think it would make a great sermon topic. For instance, I was walking the dog and wondering if he had any idea that I only give him just enough leash he could handle if he could see out far ahead as I could of any potential dangers that lie ahead, and how I sometimes have to yank him back for his own safety even though he looks confused as all get out.
  • The San Saba football stadium was built on a graveyard.
    • The team volunteered to help families move the tombstones dating back to the 1860′s to a cemetery being developed at the edge of town. The players admitted they were more interested in getting the property ready for a new football field and didn’t make sure all the tombstones and corpses were moved. During various construction projects over the years, a number of tombstones have been unearthed and after heavy rains, bones have risen to the top of the soil.
    • The older I get, the more I think burial is just a bad idea. After three generations, you are most likely forgotten. I doubt many can trace their family roots that far back by memory or even visit the graves of those three generations ago. It’s hard letting go of a loved one right after a death, but really, there’s no practical need to preserve a body and take up space in the ground. Many cemeteries are forgotten and unkept. Heck, DART recently found that out the hard way.
      • A DART crew digging in east Plano last week accidentally unearthed the remains of a small child in the DART owned rail right-of-way near Davis Cemetery. Plano police believe the child died more than a hundred years ago and was buried without a headstone to mark the location in the historically black neighborhood.
    • Offhand, I thought Mexico would be at the top of the list, but a lot of folks from India are in well-paying technology jobs.
    • Women have it much worse than men when it comes to swimsuit problems. However, women may not realize the challenge of men finding the right pair of trucks that show a certain outline which is most noticeable when getting out of the water.
    • Amazon granted a patent that prevents in-store shoppers from online price checking
    • How Sex Is Orchestrated on Reality Shows Like Bachelor in Paradise
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That will destroy some self-confidence

Kid successfully jumps over 2 trash cans

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Military “Marco Polo” or Hide-And-Seek Champion

A US Navy sailor who was thought to have gone overboard seven days ago and was presumed dead has been found alive aboard the ship that reported him missing, the Navy announced Thursday.

Rescue teams from the Navy, the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force and Japan’s Coast Guard scoured 5,500 miles of the Philippine Sea over a span of 50 hours searching for Mims — ultimately suspending the ocean search on June 11.

The circumstances surrounding Mims’ disappearance are under investigation and no additional details about his recovery were provided by the Navy.

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Custom Car Horns for Various Situations

About 94% of my honks can be classified as the quick double tap courtesy honk.

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Complete Beginner Practices the Piano for 500+ Hours (18 Months Progression Video)

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