5 Responses to Interfaith Alliance Criticizes New Rick Perry “Strong” Ad

  1. ANON says:

    You crucify Rick Perry but not Obama. WOW

    Your mentality and credibility are very questionable.

  2. Wendell says:

    I won't post anon Keith, but from reading your blog now for a long time, I get it that your a Perry hater. What I don't get is, if you agree with the, (what is it called?) Interface Alliance stand against Perry and what his message stood for? Do you REALLY think that Perry thinks he can get elected under the guise of faith instead of policy views? C'mon now. Stay away from these political bombs, your blog is more worthy than that. Let Barry post the stupid stuff.

    • Geeding says:

      Hey Wendell –

      What I think a lot of people forget about my blog is that just because I post something doesn't mean that I'm either against or support what the post is about, that is unless I specifically add my commentary or thoughts. So in this case, I didn't make a single comment about the Interfaith Alliance (which I'm not familiar with) or the Rick Perry clip. I just wanted to post it without any of my thoughts or opinions and see what others thought about it. I think you'd agree that my blog touches quite a bit about faith, and also touches politics from time to time, and things about our beloved state . . . and with all these elements included in this story, I thought it was BoN worthy.

      Now, when I do my Bag of Randomness, I certainly throw in my opinions and thoughts, but I would say about 90% of my non-Bag of Randomness posts don't carry any of my thoughts/opinions/commentaries – they are just things I post that I think my readers would be interested in and I let them interpret and think themselves.

      As for me being a Rick Perry hater . . . you're right, I'm not a fan of the man, but I don't like saying that I'm a hater. Hate is a very powerful word and I try to avoid it for the most part.

      And I'm not trying to hide the fact that I lean to the left, and I'm not here to claim that most of my posts are for one party or the other, I'm just saying that when I post something there isn't an agenda behind it other than bring something to my readers that I think they might find interesting, might not normally be exposed to, or just to get them to think a little.

      However, when I do add my thoughts and opinions to a post, I try to approach it reasonably and with an open mind, and above all, try to be rational – and being human, I do fail at that at time. But in this case, this was just nothing more than me just making a post.

      • Wendell says:

        Well I certainly took that post wrong. I agree, hate is a strong word, one that I don't use to often myself. I used it as a phrase used to typically describe the opposite of liking a candidate for office. Friend, don't get me wrong. I have read your posts enough to get a feel of which way you stand, politically and spiritually. Your faith amazes me, and had I at your age, taken a stand to what I truly believed, I wouldn't have lost out on 20 years of learning more about the Lord and the bible.
        One more thing, I got all wrapped up in this and didn't even comment towards the Pleasing Personality Disorder. I truly believe this about you, even though I have never met you face to face. Your good people and thanks for caring enough to respond.

  3. dan says:

    CNN did a story on this issue this evening. CNN noted the White House is filled with Christmas trees and President Obama gave a religious Christmas message at the lighting of the Christmas tree. They then went to the trouble of locating and playing Governor Perry's recorded Christmas message from last year. In the message Perry refrains from ever using the word "Christmas", always using "holiday" instead. As Romney would say, what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Since Perry is from our home state and is running for president, I don't see why posting this story on the blog is so outrageous.

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