Working in Fear Day 2 – Conclusion

I’m sorry for the late update, but I got pretty busy and then went to SMU to watch Conan (details to follow in a later post) but here’s the skinny . . .

All of a sudden in the late afternoon I received a call from security at the front desk informing me that a manager from my consulting firm is here to see me.  It was a bit shocking because I wasn’t expecting any visitors, much less from any management.  My first thought was that . . . those QA-terrorists got them on this too.

So I made my way down there but didn’t see anyone waiting for me in the lobby.  I talked to the front desk and told them my name and that I received a call that I had a visitor, and she asked the other security person where did that manager from the consulting firm go and out from behind the corner appears WifeGeeding who presents me with another card.

Well, I may be dense, but I know what’s happening now . . . a surprise baby show.

To be honest, throughout this whole ordeal I didn’t think it would end in a baby shower because WifeGeeding was at school and this was going to be her last week of teaching before taking the rest of the year off, so since she was taking the rest of the school year off I didn’t think she had the flexibility in her schedule to make a visit.  Well, I was wrong.

So we make our way up to my desk where my entire team and others were there to great us with food and gifts.  I’m not use to being the center of attention, and I tried to deflect the attention to WifeGeeding several times, but as uncomfortable as I was it was really cool.  As my dad once said, “You only tease the ones you love.”

You know, I think I have to chalk this event into one of my top ten happiest events in my life.  Stuff like this just really doesn’t happen to me, and being the insecure guy that I am, I rarely think people actually care about me, so all of this was just really touching and such a great blessing.  And I was later forwarded all the emails that were sent in plotting this event, and it was quite extensive and elaborate.  It’s hard to believe that people would actually go through all that trouble just for me, and there’s nothing like feeling loved and accepted by your peers.  Well, most of them. 😉

And now that Stef’s kids have been released by the QA-terrorists, it’s a happy ending for all.

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