World’s First Digital Camera

In 1975, Kodak released the world’s first digital camera prototype, a clunky-looking device that used casette tapes as the medium to store pictures. Each photo took 23 seconds to snap, producing a 100-line black and white image that could only be displayed on a television set.


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2 Responses to World’s First Digital Camera

  1. ideal says:

    this picture was to classic but it’s cool. It shows how the technology blossom in the short time for the best of man kind. Keep it up for the blog owner.

  2. Rev. Hart says:

    My uncle had one of these. Because it took so long to scan across the area being photographed, we used to line up 3 people and then have the first person scanned (on the right) run to the other side in time to be scanned again. In the photograph, it would appear that that person was there twice–once on each side.

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