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Jesus had a pet dog

I wasn’t aware of this: Did you know Jesus had a puppy that he loved very much during his time on earth? Yes it’s true, while Jesus was promoting love and dying for our sins he was blessed himself, with the … Continue reading

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There’s a joke in here somewhere. With the arrival of Japan’s rainy season, a mysterious type of green, glow-in-the-dark mushroom begins to sprout in Wakayama prefecture. The Mycena lux-coeli mushrooms, known locally as shii no tomobishi-dake (literally, “chinquapin glow mushrooms”), … Continue reading


2006 Mrs World 2006 Finale

Lots of weird stuff going on here.  First of all I think Alan Thicke is hosting the pageant, then a kid dressed like an angel is dropped to the stage from way above, and oh . . . they crown … Continue reading

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