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New U2 iPod

What’s different? The new one is 30GB compared to the original 20GB version, and this one has a color screen so it can play videos.  An additional kicker is that it comes with 30 minutes of exclusive bonus video of … Continue reading


Bird gets hit by pitch

He took a pitching and kept on tickin’.  After he was taken to the dugout, he flew far far away. Video: Bird survives ‘bean ball’* Thanks, Nathan!

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Another Spreadsheet Quiz

Since the logo spreadsheet quiz got a lot of buzz, I thought I would give you another one.  All you have to do is name the movie . . . nobodymoviequiz.xls I’ll post the answers tomorrow. To get you started, … Continue reading


Tempting Video of the day

Boys jumping on a trampoline with a basketball goal nearby, one of them accidentally gets his leg though the hoop.  I don’t think he broke it, and it’s actually kinda funny.  Boys will be boys. Googe video.

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