Dutchman builds replica of Noah’s ark

ark.jpegSCHAGEN, THE NETHERLANDS — Some people think he’s crazy. His wife’s not exactly thrilled either. But like the biblical Noah, Dutchman Johan Huibers is steadfast in his mission: he’s building an enormous working replica of Noah’s Ark as a testament to his faith in the literal truth of the Bible.

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2 Responses to Dutchman builds replica of Noah’s ark

  1. Glubnutt Yurdy says:

    There’s an old saying… “It’s better to keep your mouth shut & look stupid than to open it & prove it”

    First of all, Noah & Co. could not have travelled the entire world and collected breeding pairs of all animals that exist
    on the planet. It’s impossible. Ask any animal poacher, zoo or zooligist, anyone with any international sailing experience,
    any cargo ship captain, any historian (who doesn’t also believe in “intelligent design”)…. or anyone with half a brain
    for that matter. Even if just for arguement’s sake he could have; He would have had to been an expert veterinarian who
    specialized in all exotic species with a complete stock of all related medicine & a fully equiped & staffed clinic in
    order to remotely hope to keep the vast variety of extremely diverse & highly delicate animals alive. Even assuming that
    he was capable of this, he must have lost inumerable species due just to illnesses & having only one breeding pair per
    exotic animal (suppose that the pair didn’t find each other particularily attractive). Secondly; He would have had to have the additional food storage capability for all the animal pairs on
    Earth for an entire year (actually far more than a year being that they landed & disembarked on top of Mount Ararat, an arid
    environment without vegitation with which to sustain the massive crowd of exotic & domestic critters. On top of that, most
    of the exotic animals require entirely different & vastly diverse menus, many of which rely upon exotic insects, roots,
    fruits, protein sources, vegitation etc in order for them to survive. That is, of course, if one can get the traumatized
    animals to even eat. Ask anyone experienced with handling exotic animals at zoos for example, and they will tell you that
    you can’t just plop down hay & dried fish (most likely what the Ark team had available in very limited supply) in front of,
    say, a Koala Bear & expect it to survive. This means that he would have had to collect more than a years worth of food
    native to each animal, transported it without spoilage all the way back and stored it at home base. This of course implies
    that Noah & Co. made all the round the world trips required to collect all the animals & the medicine & foods required to
    stock his ship. Unless he did all of that on one trip. Any person who is dim-witted enough to believe that an ordinary
    Middle-Eastern family from thousands of years ago had the time required to or was physically, historically or technologically capable of travelling to every single continent, to scour every
    single square foot of each (mountain top, desert, jungle, arctic tundra, marshland, plain etc), to capture, feed &
    transport every last wild exotic animal, insect, bird & fresh water creature (with all their specialized nutritional
    requirements) on the planet back to a, from an engineering standpoint, highly unbelievable wooden boat project he had going on in his backyard…. is…. has.. has a leaky plastic sack of
    decomposing moldy mixed vegatables in their skull instead of a brain.
    And, Dutchman Johan Huibers, any adult who pushes this insane idea as fact upon the immature & impressionable mind of any child anywhere, should be jailed as criminally insane. However, in your case Johan, I would expect you to prove that it could actually be done (sorry… no plastic animals this time). So have a nice trip. We’ll see you when you get back.

    Well… you asked for my opinion…didn’t you??! ….?

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