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Remote Control – Beads

Imagine a TV remote control combined with beads. You can do much better than pressing buttons, switching channels in hope to find something interesting. Shape your habitual time-spending in unusual form. More about it here.

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Top 10 Vehicles Owned by Billionaires

The cars and trucks driven by those in the Top 10 of the 2005 Forbes list was, in short, shocking. You won’t find a Bugatti, Ferrari or BMW driven by these billionaires. But you will find a Lincoln, a Mazda, … Continue reading

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Woman Charged With Killing Man With Vacuum Cleaner

ANDERSON, S.C. — An Anderson man is dead after being strangled with a vacuum cleaner hose, and his common-law wife is charged with his murder. Deputies said Pressley beat and strangled Powers with vacuum cleaner accessories. Read the article here.

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Alien Cow Abductions

A website devoted to cow abductions. Alien cow abduction. It’s a serious problem. Countless bovines have disappeared from dairy farms everywhere. And the numbers of missing cows are on the rise. I found the FAQ page quite interesting.

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