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DaughterGeeding and the Ice Bucket Challenge

Ever since DaughterGeeding saw Kemit the Frog do the ice bucket challenge, it’s all she wanted to do.  Yesterday WifeGeeding saw her in the backyard without any clothes on and next to a container of cold water.  When WifeGeeding asked what … Continue reading

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Poaching an Egg Under Water View – GoPro

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Bag of Randomness

The Emmys had a real fun and loose vibe to it this year.  I don’t remember the BBC having so many nominations in previous years.  If I’m bummed about anything regarding winners, I wanted ‘House of Cards’ to at least … Continue reading

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OUCH! Ice Bucket Challenge Reaction Gone Wrong

If you are short on time, just skip to the 0:50 mark and watch from there. At least they had ice on hand, and you gotta love how her dog goes over to check on her.

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British Embassy Humor

Commemorating the 200th anniversary of burning the White House. Only sparklers this time! — British Embassy (@UKinUSA) August 24, 2014

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Bag of Randomness

You are reading the blog of a person that can make painting a laundry room much more difficult than it should be.  But then again, I’ve only used my paint sprayer and compressor once and that was about two years … Continue reading

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Gordon Lightfoot Song of the Day – If You Could Read My Mind

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Bag of Randomness

The local news had a story about Texas Woman’s University being so overcrowded they turned a Holiday Inn into a dorm.  The same thing happened when I was in college and I was hired as the resident advisor of the … Continue reading

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Richard Marx Video of the Day – Hold On To The Nights

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Slippery Squirrel

The Rock Squirrel has been raiding our bird feeder, carrying away pounds of seed. Nancy figured a quick solution. I don’t know which is funnier, the squirrel or Nancy’s narration. For anyone who is concerned about the squirrel, he still … Continue reading

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Make Up Artist Uses Her Lips As A Canvas For Characters

Below is a sample of Laura Jenkinson’s work, click here for more of her great work.  

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Bag of Randomness

There’s a rule at GeedingManor that all home improvement projects stop at the start of football season.  Yesterday I see several paint swatches taped to our laundry room.  I think WifeGeeding is trying to squeeze in one more project for … Continue reading

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