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When a strike isn’t a strike

Competing in the World Bowling Men’s Championships in Abu Dhabi, UAE, Team USA’s Bill O’Neill threw what looked like a perfect strike. However, one the pins bounced around and stood up in place, making it the strike that didn’t count. … Continue reading

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Bag of Randomness

Those hackers really have Sony on their knees, and I’m surprised they are caving in. I’m hearing good things about Syfy’s new series ‘Ascension’. Man, that Giselle Bundchen Channel No 5 commercial is on all the time, and seeing her … Continue reading

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Londoners break out in impromptu song on the Tube after Erasure gig

Most people seem they just want to keep to themselves up to around the 30-second mark. This is one of those fun songs to sing at the top of your lungs while in the car. Article

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Mom Scolds Pundit Sons on C-SPAN

A live segment on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal turned into a time-out for Brad and Dallas Woodhouse, brothers who fall on the opposite ends of the political spectrum, when their mother called in to air some family grievances. Article

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Visual Representation of Music

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Aviation Geek Has A Plane To Himself And Takes The Best Selfie Ever


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Bag of Randomness

BoyGeeding will only wear his Spider-Man underwear backwards because the graphic of the superhero is in the back, and he wants that in front. If you own a DeLorean and want to make it look like the car from Back to … Continue reading

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Jack Bauer Interrogates Santa Claus

Yeah, it’s about five years old, but oh well . . .

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Interesting animated time-lapse of a basement renovation

This animated time lapse of my basement being finished compresses 2 months worth of work into 60 seconds. 1000+ Photoshop layers were painstakingly cut from 27 panoramic photographs and then compiled and animated in After Effects. Here’s the making of … Continue reading

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Bag of Randomness

Our family was asked to light the advent candle at church yesterday.  Someone in the choir on nice enough to snap a picture.  In case you are wondering, BoyGeeding also got a chance to light one of the other candles. … Continue reading

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CBS News does a story on this Secret Santa every year, and I love it

I was particularly touched by Scott Pelley’s tear at the end, but WifeGeeding put together something I totally overlooked.  You see blacks hugging white law enforcement, and when you consider this story took place in Missouri, that same state where … Continue reading

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Gordon Keith: George Mason is my Texan of the Year

George Mason (not to be confused with the Father of the Bill of Rights) is the Baptist pastor of Wilshire Baptist Church and often spoke to the media for Ebola victim Thomas Eric Duncan’s fiancee, Louise Troh. Things that stood out: … Continue reading

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