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When Mama Isn’t Home Part 2

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It’s like a telescope type DVR

It’s “Groundhog Day” in the cosmos. In the 1993 Bill Murray movie, a weatherman finds himself reliving the same day over and over again. Now astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope say they have been watching the same star blow … Continue reading

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A ten-year-old boy has been hailed as a hero after clinging onto a moving SUV to rescue his sister from a convicted sex offender.

In Ireland . . . The criminal, who was on bail for robbery, attempted to abduct the girl (12) on the side of a country road near the village of Cullahill in Laois. She was playing with her two brothers … Continue reading

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Augmented Reality Sandbox – realtime topographic contour line generation

The goal of this project was to develop a real-time integrated augmented reality system to physically create topography models which are then scanned into a computer in real time, and used as background for a variety of graphics effects and … Continue reading

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Harrison Ford, Method Actor

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Bag of Randomness

I never heard of Flag Pole Hill until the last two winter storms, but from all the local news reports and Corby Davidson from The TICKET, that’s the place to take your kids when it snows. While channel surfing last … Continue reading

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I think TMZ was disappointed that Harrison Ford survived

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The Camera Must Have One Heck of a Battery to Keep a Charge That Long

Jonathon Keats wants to set a world record in photography that he won’t live long enough to see. Nor will his children, or his children’s children for many generations. It’s a project that won’t complete for a millennium. Keats plans … Continue reading

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Amateurish Video of DogGeedingII Hunting For Tennis Ball in the Snow

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Tricky Commercial

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The Satanic Monster Energy Christian Lady Appeared on Tosh.0

If you are offended by crude humor, skip the part from 6:53 – 7:14.

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Maunute Bol’s 14-year-old 6-ft-10-inch son

It’s interesting that his name is, Bol Bol. Article

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