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Apple’s New U2-Removal Service

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Bag of Randomness

‘The Roosevelts’ thoughts: I always heard of FDR’s fireside chats but until yesterday I never really understood how he used it as a tool.  Before radio, all leaders had to orate or yell because there was no microphone, but radio … Continue reading

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Cat Toilet Poop Fail

And then he tries to cover it up.

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Bag of Randomness

My allergies beat me up yesterday, I felt weak and achy all day. Last night’s installment of the Ken Burns documentary of the Roosevelts felt like one of those character building episodes of your favorite drama.  While it didn’t provide … Continue reading

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Princess Rap Battle – Snow White vs Elsa

Technically, I think Elsa is a queen. Oh, and there’s one F-bomb to watch out for at the very end.

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Adding to the current trend of parental punishment stories . . . .

MONROE, Mich. (WXYZ) – A teaching moment for one local father turns into custody dispute. The child is currently with is mother, who is not letting the child go back to his father, after he made the four year old … Continue reading

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Spill Preventing Cup Holder

Quick film demonstrating basic spill-preventing functions that occur during driving with a Maksimatic Cup Holder prototype. Please pardon my error w/ misspelt word *acceleration at 00:45

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Dog Enjoys Sunroof

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Attempted robbery at gunpoint caught on GoPro

I was on a bike tour in a rough part of Buenos Aires (Argentina) in broad daylight when a thief attempted to steal my camera gear at gunpoint. I miraculously happened to be recording with a gopro on my forehead … Continue reading

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Bryan Cranston Performs One-Man MLB on TBS Postseason Show

Looking for a new challenge in his career, actor Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad puts on a one-man recreation of the MLB Postseason in this new commercial for MLB on TBS.

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Bag of Randomness

Powdered sugar is overrated. I have this haunting childhood memory of an event that happened in the second grade.  My mother always made me do my homework when I got home, before I could play or watch television, and this … Continue reading

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Bag of Randomness

I remember our elementary school principal walking around the lunchroom with a paddle as a form of intimidation to keep the noise level down.  He later became president of Weatherford College and I can’t think of one person that ever … Continue reading

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