Bag of Randomness


  • Over the weekend WifeGeeding and the kids went to visit the grandparents in East Texas.  DaughterGeeding has a cute tiny suitcase she usually packs wither socks and undies, but this time she wanted to take her backpack to show her grandparents.  She decided to pack the backpack inside her suitcase.
  • Right before bedtime I was bathing DaughterGeeding when she looked at me with a pensive look on her face and ask, “Daddy, when am I going to meet your mommy?”  That curve ball was a tough one and unexpected, it came out of nowhere.  My answer certainly wasn’t a home run, or even a single, but I think I at least hit it into fair territory.
  • I got a call from the Verizon Fios installer on Friday and he said he was at my house but no one was answering, it turns out he was on the wrong street.  After he installed the hardware to my garage wall he said, “Uh, oh.  Not’s not good, your line is dead.”  It turns out that crew that worked up until 11:30 PM the night before forgot to connect something.
  • The Verizon installer did say he finished working on Dallas Cowboy Orlando Scandrick’s house before home to mine which is also in my neighborhood.  Who knew Lewisiville is so Dallas Cowboy friendly, especially with our modest homes.  I guess it helps this neighborhood is just across the Dallas County line so we have cheaper taxes.
  • I tweeted about my Verizon experience but never used their handle.  The ended up responding to me via Twitter asking if everything went OK.  I told them that the line they worked on was only partially buried and I’m concerned a lawn crew won’t see it and will cut it with a mower.  After a few direct messages they opened a ticket.
  • KTVT had a segment about people crossing the Mexican boarder and stated the alarming folks that are of South Asian decent.
  • People from India and Pakistan don’t look anything close to people from China and Japan, and both are considered Asian.  I think the title Asian is misleading and there should be something to differentiate the two other than adding the modifying South or East to the title.
  • I made a couple Costco trips this weekend.  On one of the trips I ran into a female church friend and we both noticed our carts had a box of, um, well . . . male contraception.  She just kind of smiled at me with a funny grin, and me at her, and she broke the awkwardness by pointing to the item in my basket and asking if that’s my first purchase of that product in bulk.  I laughing chuckled “no” and she said, “Well, that’s quite an accomplishment, no wonder your wife is always smiling.”
  • Here’s another complaint about the stupidity of college football.  Number one ranked Alabama played number sixth ranked Texas A&M.  That means that number one should beat number two.  Number one did beat number two, and number two loss just by a touchdown and all other game stats were neck to neck, and that barely loss makes them drop four spots to number 10?  Shouldn’t they just stay in the same spot or maybe even move up considering how close it was?  I understand you have to take into account the play of other ranked teams, but it still doesn’t make sense – a higher ranked team is suppose to beat a lower ranked team.
  • John David Crow won the first Heisman Trophy for the Texas A&M Aggies back in 1957, and they just now get around to retiring the 78-year-old’s number?  Aggie logic continues to boggle my mind, but at least they got around to it before Crow croaked..  BTW, the article I linked two mentions how cordial the Aggie fans were to Bama fans.  They don’t call us the friendly state for nuttin.
  • I kind of feel sorry for Aggie fans.  They love Manziel’s play on the field, but they all realize he’s punk and it’s hard to defend the guy.
  • It was weird seeing the Kansas City Chiefs in all red, but I do like the atmosphere in that stadium.
  • I finished the entire series of ‘Monk’ over the weekend.  The writers could not have made a more pleasing ending for their audience.  I doubt ‘Breaking Bad’ will please their audience entirety, and that’s a good thing.  But now that’s I’m finished with ‘Monk’ I’m a bit sad, that show was a bit of my good night ritual.
  • I caught the first part of that mini-series documentary over all the living White House Chief of Staffs.  Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney were a major part of it and actually come off very likable and I totally forgot their mentor/apprentice relationship.  It was quite amazing listening Cheney talk about spending the night in jail and then 12 years later becoming the White House Chief of Staff.
  • The TCU student newspaper has an article about their switching from one-ply toilet paper to two-ply and how it how the school spends about $100,000 a year on the product.  That’s some hard hitting student newspaper investigation if I ever saw it.
  • When going to a wedding or a funeral, I do my best to remember to take tissues and put them in my jacket pocket.  Nine times out of ten a lady will shed tears and they always end up being most appreciated.
  • I think it would be neat to have an Outdoor Basketball League where weather would always be a factor (wind, heat, cold), and home teams could choose their playing surface, like concrete, hardwood, and maybe even grass or dirt.
  • Man, those 49ers sure do get involved in mid-game delays.
  • Here’s the new co-anchor of ‘SNL’s’ Weekend Update.
  • Amazing that Bob Newman has never won an Emmy up until last night.  The ‘Newhart’ finale ranks as one of the best ever.  And whenever I hear the name Darrell I always wonder if there’s another Brother Darrell somewhere.
  • An interesting idea tv drama: ABC Present-Day Drama Project Set In America That Lost Revolutionary War But Still Fighting the British
  • A gif of how a coin setting device works.
  • A Boy Named Humiliation: Some Wacky, Cruel, and Bizarre Puritan Names
  • How the Owners of All 32 NFL Teams Made Their Money
  • 35 interesting/funny pics from the ‘Breaking Bad’ set – and one to grow on
  • ‘Breaking Bad’ thoughts:
    • For a very short second when the episode started I thought they were airing a rerun.
    • Beautiful cinematography.
    • I thought for certain Hank was dead in that shootout, they could have shot that a bit differently in the last episode to make it more believable.
    • Hank and Gomie buried in the money pit, the place where there was the only hard evidence.  Tell me that’s not symbolic.
    • Actually, when you think about it, Walt dug that hole first, which I guess means he dug Hank’s grave.
    • My jaw literally dropped when Walt confessed about Jane’s death to Jessie just to make him suffer.
    • I thought Walt would have noticed the gas that leaked out of his car after they drug Jessie out.  But I do love his reflection and the bullet hole.
    • As the audience knowing what went down in the desert, it sure was ‘entertaining’ to see Marie go to Skylar and gloat.  Once again, it’s all in the storytelling.  And did you notice that Skylar was in all white while Marie was in all black?
    • I love how we didn’t get to see Jessie beat, leaving it up to the imagination was better than any scene that could be shot.
    • Poor Walt Jr woke up that morning enjoying breakfast having no idea his life would never be the same.
    • Skylar could have made Walt Jr’s day worst by talking about her infidelity with Ted.
    • The one thing Walt wanted most was to be a family man only to turn into something that made his family turn against him.
    • The tension of the knife fight was insane, I had no idea if Jr or Holly were going to get accidentally stabbed or if Skylar was going to die and then Jr go into a rage and Walt killing his own son in defense.
    • Good guy Walt, he called Skylar knowing he was being recorded and wanted to clear her of everything by saying what he said.  But I wish he would have ended the conversation with “There’s always money in the banana stand.”
    • I’m glad we never get to see who the vacuum cleaner guy is.
    • I’m glad Walt finally learned that barrels roll.  Did you noticed his pants from season one made an appearance?
    • An interesting screen grab comparison of Gus and Walt.
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9 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. RPM says:

    Lots of loose ends being tied up. Walt told Jesse about Jane because Jesse caused Hank's death (in his mind). Walt thinks Jesse is a rat and wants him to suffer. There is no more Walt, only Heisenberg.

    On Talking Bad, Dean Norris said Hank's death scene was done with 3 cameras in 1 take and then he left ABQ on the next flight to start shooting Under The Dome. He didn't want to sit around mourning Hank.

    Walt, Jr reacted exactly like I thought he would. He's the only predictable character on the show. Even Holly is more unpredictable. I never expected her to start crying for Momma.

  2. Stefanie says:

    Our family really loved watching Monk together for years. I'm still sad the series is over. We now are making way through Doctor Who and having a blast! Unfortunately, many times we end up watching two episodes at a time so we are moving through it pretty fast. I'm REALLY going to miss that one. 🙁

  3. Forsaken says:

    Puritan Names: "No-Merit" and "Humiliation"… wow, tough childhood!

    I believe Cecily Strong will make a good anchor for Weekend Update. Kate McKinnon is also a versatile comedian, maybe they could eventually team up like Fey and Poehler.

  4. Dude says:

    GREAT acting from all the main characters last night. I had to go back and look at Walt's call because my initial reaction was that he was Heisenberg. Actually, I think he "broke" from Heisenberg mode when Holly started crying for momma, Walt had the epiphany. If you look at the phone call from that perspective, you can see that Walt was sending a message that Skylar "gets" right after she says "Bring back Holly". From that point on, when she apologizes you can tell that she understands that Walt is trying to not implicate her and saying goodbye… ironically, by becoming the ultimate bad guy, there's a chance that Skylar, Junior and Marie can repair their relationship.

    The brief preview of next week's episode is misleading. If you watch it, it's Saul telling Walt the "feds are going to come after Skylar if they don't have you". _I_ think that conversation took place AFTER Holly is left at the firehouse and BEFORE Walt climbs into the van to New Hampshire (Granite State). We'll see that in the beginning of next week's episode in a mini-flashback. Man, I hope Saul represents Skylar next week!

  5. Baylor Too says:

    All I can say about BB is that I don't want it to end. I almost wish I had stopped watching at the end of last season, before Hank went to the toilet.

  6. Ben W. says:

    Last night's episode of BB was undoubtedly the most powerful, gut-wrenching, superbly shot/directed, and expertly acted hour of television I have ever watched. And, to a person, the cast (and Vince Gilligan) have said that each of the final episodes only ramps up the emotional impact. I can't imagine that at this point. BB will go down in the pantheon of "best of all time," and deservedly so.

  7. Baylor Too says:

    Here's a little bit of BB trivial for you. Michael Bowen, the actor who plays Todd's uncle, played the character Tommy in the movie Valley Girl ('83). I am shocked!

  8. RPM says:

    Just read the scene where Holly cries for Momma was all ad-lib by Cranston. Holly saw her real Mom standing off camera and Cranston went with it.

  9. Susanne says:

    Wow; those TCU reporters certainly got to the bottom of things.

    Re: "Asians", you have a point, but we *do* tend to group people according to the continent they call home; Swedes are nothing like Italians, yet they're both European…and Russians are nothing like the *other* Asians. The same holds true for South America and Africa. I wonder whether people outside the US refers to "North Americans" or whether they divide us into subgroups: Canadian, American, Mexican…

    Now that I think of it, people from Minnesota look nothing like people from New Mexico, either.

    Didn't understand your comment about people crossing the border from Mexico; is there a word missing?

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