Bag of Randomness


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  1. RPM says:

    I was very moved by the eulogy Stephen gave. Even more so by his "the show must go on" just like his Mom wanted. That had to be tough.

    Loves me some Blue Bell Blackberry Cobbler. I might have to fall off the no ice cream wagon for a few bowls.

    The Sopranos is arguably the best show ever made for television. James Gandolfini WAS Tony Soprano and has the Best Actor Emmys to prove it. He also did a lot of work with injured Vets. His documentary "Life Day: Home from Iraq" is very moving.

    I was surprised Staubach was Christie's reason for being a Cowboys fan. I figured it was former Princeton Tiger, Jason Garrett.

  2. Trey H. says:

    Here is why they know who Don Hensley is… Thanks to The Ataris!

  3. Doug says:

    Not a single episode of The Sopranos huh? Breaking Bad is the only TV show that comes remotely close to the edginess and total unpredictability of The Sopranos for me. I have a hard time thinking of any other TV shows in my lifetime that are on par.

    I've never felt so conficted about liking/hating a character.

  4. The Donald says:

    Hey, that's a great cover of The Boys of Summer – interestingly, quite faithful to the original arrangement, with just a bit more 'edge'.

    You're correct about The Heart of the Matter, though The Garden of Allah and My Thanksgiving are some other excellent choices. Waiting in the Weeds, co-written by Henley, on Long Road Out of Eden, is the English Lit Professor's heir apparent magnum opus successor to Hotel California – rich metaphors and fine musicianship.

    As a hunter with no great desire to hunt pachyderms, the evidence does appear to support, counter-intuitively, that managing, not banning, hunting of the mammoths' descendants is the best way to preserve herds of the animals.

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