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  • Silly me . . . I had a Bag of Randomness set to post yesterday morning, but I chose the wrong date.  So what you have today is a collection of this and that from the past two days.
  • I finished “House of Cards” and I give it a big thumbs up.  I’d say it’s one part “West Wing” and one part The Godfather.  Just like the mafia, politics and power is all about favors.  Filming for season two starts this spring . . . not soon enough.    But I think I may give the original British version a try.
  • I’d be surprised if “House of Cards” don’t lead with Emmy nominations the next time around.
  • “House of Cards” was basically filmed all in one building, per IMDBProduction was based in a 300,000+ Sq. Ft. Warehouse in the fashion Industrial District in Joppa, MD. The set is actually part of an older Macy’s Distribution Center, and all the driving scenes were performed in a Green Screen Room, which served as a refrigerator for Fur Coats. Inside the building the following sets can be found: Oval House, The Underwood Home (Upper Lower and Main levels), House of Congress, Various State Representative’s offices, South Carolina Governors Office, various plush hotel suites. 
  • I eat at Fuzzy’s about once a week, I love their breakfast tacos, particularly the egg, bacon, potato, and cheese.  But I’m actually addicted to Jason’s Deli as of late.  My usual is the mangers special with a club sandwich, steamed veggies, and chips and salsa.
  • I always eat the skin on a baked potato.  When I was a kid I was told it was very nutritious and ever since I always ate it.
  • It took 147 years, but Mississippi will finally ratify the 13th Amendment.
  • Just a quantum physics professor in Columbia that decided to teach class by stripping down to his underwear, curling up into a ball with the projector displaying images of 9/11 and the Holocaust, while and two people dressed as ninjas impale a couple of dolls onstage.  Article
  • Katherine Webb is over exposed.
  • I’m so glad I stopped watching “Girls” on HBO.  It might be a sign of aging, but I just don’t get what everyone else sees in the show.
  • Mindy McCready, before taking her own life, shot her dog.  I bet if I search hard enough, there’s already an existing country song with this scenario.
  • I was one of those that actually had off yesterday for the holiday.
  • It was funny listening to Ticketstock and hearing how Norm doesn’t consider a bird an animal during the Family Feud skit.  But on his show on Monday, he was able to provide an explanation why – in the book of Genesis animals and birds are mentioned and created separately from each other.
  • David Chappelle is a psychic genius.
  • Historical Photos of Vietnam Superimposed Over Present Day Scenes [Thanks, Suzy!]
  • Oklahoma Man Burns To Death, Sheriff Not Ruling Out Spontaneous Combustion
  • I finished my taxes yesterday using TurboTax once again.  I usually have a great experience with the software but there turns out to be a particular bug in which a blank row is being inserted into one of the investment tax forms which causes the user to fill in data that’s not needed.  Other than that one blip, the first I’ve ever experienced since I been using the product for about a decade, TurboTax is a great product that makes filing easier.
  • For the first time in over a decade I actually have to mail my return in.  It’s all because I used up my existing Health Savings Account funds and didn’t contribute any funds to the HSA, which I couldn’t because I no longer participate in a High Deductible Health Plan.
  • I usually end up buying the Audit Defense option, just in case.
  • There is sure a lot of talk about the Cowboys’ new bus.  Yup, things are so bad the big news about the team is a new bus.
  • I think Senator Ted Cruz thinks he can run and win the presidency in 2016.
  • A very strange picture of Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen.
  • You can navigate from any single page on the web to any other page in a mere 19 clicks or less
  • Baseball plyer on a 6,500 calorie a day diet
  • FAU to name football stadium for prison operators
  • Caffeinated Hot Sauce
  • VW has an edible print ad
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  1. Steve says:

    Ted Cruz was born in Canada.

  2. RPM says:

    I just happened to stumble on Ticketstock Family Feud when I went to feed cows. I sat in the tractor for 1/2 an hour after I finished just so I could hear the end. Radio in the tractor, no radio in the house. Now there's a Jeff Foxworthy joke.

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