Bag of Randomness

  • My kids have been sick with a viral infection for about a week, so when I got sick, I thought I had the same thing and had to ride it out, but no, on Saturday the doctor told me I have a bacterial infection.  I’m thankful for Saturday office hours.
  • One of my favorite Jello flavors is apricot, yet I’ve never eaten a real apricot.
  • Being sick allows you to catch up on the DVR and I finally watched Eight Men Out for the first time.  Can a presidential pardon help get Shoeless Joe Jackson in the Baseball Hall of Fame?
  • Within 24 hours Neil Armstrong died and Snooki gave birth, wouldn’t be horrible if Neil Armstrong was reincarnated into Snooki’s son?
  • I’d love to see Jason Garrett coach one game while wearing full pads on the sidelines, just because.
  • Surely someone is going to photoshop the head of Isaac the bartender from  “The Love Boat” as a hurricane sometime this week.
  • For the heck of it, I decided to visit and found out that it just redirects you to some kind of website dedicated to Hurricane Katrina survivors.
  • Twisted Root Burger Company sure does have some funny discounts based on attractiveness and/or attitude.
  • I’d like to know the percentage of Mormons that are not voting for Mitt Romney.  It’s say it’s less than the percentage of blacks not voting for Obama.
  • I wonder how the RNC will honor Neil Armstrong this week.
  • The Republican National Convention is one day longer than the Democrat National Convention, and in a effort to try to be fair in coverage, the major networks will only use primetime hours for the lesser amount of days.  Personally, I think the major news networks should cover the extra day of the Republican National Convention.  Perhaps the Democrats should have extended their convention by a day, and besides, the networks are only airing reruns.
  • I was talking to one of my good friends (hey you single ladies, he’s a real man’s man with a tender heart of gold and is good with children and loves him some Jesus) about the tropical storm Isaac heading towards New Orleans.  The devastation of such a storm is bad enough, but wouldn’t the folks of New Orleans feel really snake bitten if the storm messed up the Super Dome again just when they are going to host the Super Bowl?  Heck, it’s bad enough they have lost their coach for the year.
  • I wonder what Gov Good Hair is thinking about this week?
  • GetGoing is an interesting travel website in which you choose certain parameters but they choose the destination.
  • Revisit Apollo 11 by checking out GoogleMoon.
  • I was quite fascinated by this Tom Brokaw interview, but couldn’t help but stare at his dandruff.
  • World’s first jetpack wedding
  • More than 350 prostitutes currently occupy bunks in Texas state prisons
  • Shakespeare Insult Kit
  • Taylor Swift spotted on the highway
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  1. dan says:

    The Republican Convention: I was wondering how long before someone would link the convention, the hurricane, and religion together. It didn't take long. Ted Cruz did it today.

  2. JohnjpgJ says:…

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