Undercover at a Christian Singles Valentine’s Day Cruise

But seriously, I’d booked a “Christian Singles Valentine’s Day Cruise” through AllChristianCruises.com. Yet there was no trace of Christians, singles or cupid’s likeness. My heart sank when a server led us past tables full of attractive young adults toward the one where we would meet our group for dinner. This singles cruise was made up of about 25 people, most of them middle-aged women.

Nevertheless, we were on a mission and too far from the shore to swim. We’d need to be undercover. We’d need to fit in, at least a little, while still getting express permission to record the story as it unfolded. Fully aware of the false impression it would give, we said we were on assignment for a “Christian magazine.” Now, dear reader, sitting in your living room, or wherever you are, with you I will be candid: Geez sent Mike and me on a cruise to make it look bad. Really bad. But let’s keep that our little secret, shall we, as you come along and explore the weird world of a Christian singles cruise.

Full Article at Geez Magazine

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  1. abar says:

    Well I remember the two of you, and the two that wrote this article all they wanted to talk about was being gay, and us christians tried to give them the word that they didn't want to really hear!! So yes we were christians!!

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