Bag of Randomness

  • A Super Mario Bros wedding invitation
  • The number of pay phones in the United States has dropped from 2.2 million to 425,000 since 2000, but a company is buying them up claiming they see potential in them.  WSJ
  • Hugh Jackman once played Gaston in Beauty and the Beast and peed his pants on stage.  I can’t remember the last time I wet my pants.  That’s probably a good thing.
  • Can you guess who this famous person is?

    your answer.
  • Interesting: World population by latitude and longitude
  • Surprisingly, yet thankfully, WifeGeeding isn’t on this blog.
  • She also has not had anything like this happen to her.
  • I mowed the lawn yesterday, I’m guessing I’ll only have to do that maybe three more times this year.
  • A 70-year-old female school bus aid beat up a 14-year-old.  Check out the article and surveillance tape here.
  • A bit of R rated iPhone humor from Gizmodo – How To Use Siri on Other People’s Phones
  • WifeGeeding melted my heart the other day by asking me if we should get Star Wars sheets for the baby crib when our son is born.
  • She also suggested that since we are having a boy she needs to watch the entire Star Wars saga.  Now I think she’s plotting.
  • Thank you, Nordstrom, thank you.
  • I’ve noticed something new with YouTube videos, when you reach the end, a collage, kinda Brady Bunch-ish, of other videos display.  I think it’s kinda nifty.
  • A clip of Conan stopping by his old show and visiting Jimmy Fallon.
  • A short clip of Letterman stopping by his old show visiting Conan.  And another.
  • And a clip of Conan on Letterman.
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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Peggy says:

    Willie Nelson…..of course….

  2. scooter says:

    The great Red Headed Stranger!! Willie

  3. AndreaJN says:

    You're having a boy to go with your girl!! How wonderful! I think WifeGeeding wants to watch Star Wars to make sure you don't name the baby after a character… 🙂

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