Christian Men Who Love Skinny-dipping

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3 Responses to Christian Men Who Love Skinny-dipping

  1. Andy says:

    1) Skinny-dipping is awesome! Swimsuits are extremely annoying.
    2) There are Christians who skinny-dip coed and don't think anything of it. I am one of them, although I rarely have the opportunity.

    • G.A.S. Guys says:

      I agree. Skinny-dipping is awesome, and there are lots of Christians who think it's OK to do it coed. We are blessed to live in a nation on freedom of choices and beliefs, even though we don't all agree with those choices.

  2. G.A.S. Guys says:

    I wonder what's the big deal about our website lately? All of a sudden G.A.S.guys has become a center of jokes or debate. It's not like we are going to or think we are going to change the world. We just want to make a point that it's not a sin nor homosexual for guys to enjoy skinny-dipping with other guys. Ha ha ha ha! I'm glad God has a sense of humor. This is just funny. By the way, I like this Website. Cool!!

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