880 pound gator killed on Trinity River in Leon County

This 880 pound alligator was killed near the Trinity River in Leon County during gator season. Dallas Attorney Levi G. McCathern II shot the huge alligator on a sandbar, but it rolled into deep water. The Alligator is among the five largest recorded since the 1980’s when modern records began being kept. Pictured on the left is Ryan Burton and on the right, Steve Barclay.


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11 Responses to 880 pound gator killed on Trinity River in Leon County

  1. Deanna says:

    I believe this is very scary. How many people have come up missing that have fell in the water or gone in the water , could have been eaton by an alligator ?

  2. Kevin says:

    Where did you get the information that the alligator was shot on land? According to NBC news in Dallas "McCathern got his shot when a monster gator popped his head up out of the water just long enough for McCathern to pull the trigger." The hunting laws in Texas are very specific. It is illegal to shoot an alligator in public water; i.e. the Trinity river. Shooting one on land is legal. This seems to be an issue of skirting the law, since I sincerely doubt the gator could "pop his head up out of the water" whilst laying on the sand.

  3. river rat says:

    I saw this monster several times while chasing sand bass on the Trinity. I would like to get my hands around the neck of the ambulance chasing pos lawyer who shot him. He was 25 miles from any where in his own home not bothering anyone.

  4. GCB says:

    Thank God this thing is no longer alive!!!

  5. George says:

    The gator was killed on private property, off the trinity river. All you need is the landowners permission and bang you have a dead gator………..

  6. melvin says:

    how long was this gator

  7. MikeyC says:

    I'm all for hunting gators, but this one would have been better captured live and brought to a zoo.

  8. v. cook says:

    to each is his on gators are on this earth for one thing to kill not to make friends, you can raise one from a hatchling and still they will grow up just large enough too kill and eat you…for you animal rights group its good to try in save a cat or dog but a gator, you will thing very different if you or a love one is in the mouth of one of these dinosaurs. you will be yelling like Troy off of swamp people "shoot him shoot him"

    • Czar says:

      Like that gator was going to eat that poor little lawyer sitting in his office in Dallas. When was the last time a person was eaten in Texas by a alligator?

  9. Steve says:

    Even if it was on a sand bar. the law states that you can not shoot from, into or across public water except for migratory waterfowl with nontoxic shot.

  10. Czar says:

    not according to the man who shot it.

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